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How do I Reserve and Purchase a puppy?

Please know that we are not a business or Walmart.
We can not guarantee anyone will get a puppy or guarantee a go home date until the pups are born.
We do our best to provide everyone with the best information we have available at the time.
These are live animals and as such we are at the mercy of nature.
If during this process you have any concerns or questions, just ask us
and treat us, the same way you would wish to be treated... with respect :)

*You have read our web page and feel that we are the breeder that you wish to obtain a puppy from*


1. Fully read our contract to make sure you are OK with it.
and take a minute to fill out our APPLICATION and Please cut and paste into the body of an email.
At that time if I have any questions or concerns I email you for clairfication.
If you are "approved" then I will let you know right away.
If you are specific and or limited in when you want or can accept a puppy, then I will
let you know what month to get back in touch with me to put a deposit.
If you were approved and you are flexible in time frame for when you are able to accept a puppy, then I will send you
our paypal page for you to make an advance deposit on a puppy of sex and color you wish, which may take up to 12 months to obtain.
We will usually have spring and fall puppies and I take around 6 advance deposits, on each litter.

2. Review our tentative "go home" dates listed
on our under the available puppy page to make sure your life plans will accomadate puppy's arrival.
Tentative dates can vary up to 4 weeks or greater. Once the pups are born and thriving, we will have exact pick up dates.
This gives you approximately 4-8 weeks to plan for your puppy's arrival and will always be Mon-Friday (never weekends)

3. Examine our Shipping web page to make sure we can ship to the location you wish.
Shipping information constantly changes because of route changes and climate.
You MUST select a location listed on the Shipping web page that we are able to go to.
We do not go to any locations that are not listed.
In the event that we are unable to ship to you as we agreed, then we will fully refund your purchase payment
and shipping payment (minus any fees that paypal has already taken after 60 days)
WE handle all shipping arrangements.
PLEASE do not call your cargo or try to circumvent our arrangements.

4. Make sure you are registered with Paypal through a bank account
and NOT through your VISA, so that you won't run into payment issues or a hold on your account at the last minute.
For Canadians we will also accept an "e-check" or direct deposit after you are approved for a puppy and this is how we will refund you
should the need arise for any reason. A �200.00 "non-refundable" deposit through our Paypal web page will secure you a puppy.
We only send our Paypal payment web page out to people we have agreed to place a puppy with
We are always accepting advance deposits from those willing to wait up to 6 months to a year for a puppy.
When we expect a litter will be displayed on our Available Puppy web page, but is usually Spring and Fall.
If you are not registered with a bank account with paypal you will run into issues trying to pay us
and we will be UNABLE to refund you your deposit, unless you have paypal.
so please consider registering your bank account with them which will take up to 7 days.
This means NO money orders, NO bank drafts, NO personal checks, NO money wiring.
Please make sure to give us your phone number on your application for our records and in order for us to book shipping.
Please also read this entire web page to get all of your questions answered.
Links to our entire web page appear on our LINKS Page.
~ Bijou Poodles reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone and at any time at our discretion ~

5. We will only contact you again when we have a puppy available for you, in the colour and sex that you put a deposit on.
We only take around 6 advance deposits on our litters to best ensure that everyone will stand the best chance
of getting a puppy. Our moms do have litters of 4-13 puppies just depending on the mother.

6. We will try to give you an 8 week "heads up" on when your puppy will be available to go home.
If you are unable to accept puppy when we have one for you, you will get a refund, minus your non-refudable deposit.
We are NOT Flexible on when we are able to ship the puppy.
This is because we have many variables to deal with.
Unfortunatly you will have to work around "our" schedule for puppy shipping dates, as we have to coordinate
Transportation to airport, Flights, Vet for health certificates, plan around our job and plan for puppy baths.
We also only ship Mon-Friday not on the weekends and we ONLY ship using Air Canada Cargo out of Toronto
but we do try to give you as much of an advance opportunity to arrange your lives
to accomadate your new family member.

7. You can view how our pups develop from conception to birth by Clicking on ~Pregnancy~
Click here to see what we do after the pups are born.
We spend years planning and researching each of our Breedings to provide us with the perfect puppy for us
to show and trial and enjoy as our well cherished companion. The public benefits from our dedication
towards breeding for the breed's "ideal" because we can't keep every puppy we produce
and so on ocassion we are able to offer some of our pups, as pets.

8. At 4 weeks of age Puppy will get another Groom and their nails clipped again.
Puppy must be paid for in full including shipping if applicable at 4 weeks of age.
If puppy is not fully paid for by 4 weeks of age you forfeit your puppy and your deposit.

9. At 5 weeks of age we will "try" to continue to send updated photos or video every week on the Litter's web page, for you to see the pups mature.
(Click to see sample Puppy Page here)
At 5+ weeks of age we are usually VERY busy with the pups so we have less time for photos and contact.
At 5-6 weeks of age you will know which puppy we will be keeping and which we have assigned to offer to you based on
your application and what you stated were qualities that you wanted.
Pups will just be starting to show their little personalities at this age.
We choose which of our pups to to which families based on preferences
indicated on our people's application. Of course anyone may decline a puppy
that is offered to them, but they will loose their deposit. It is very easy to see
what we produce on our red or brown page as well as our references.
And at this age we will have already turned away prospective homes.

We have decided on this method because In the past we let people select their own puppy
and what we found was that we ended up spending hours and days agonizing with them over the choice
and after all that time and effort they would always choose the biggest to smallest puppy.

Because of our diligence in puppy raising, there are only very small if any differences
in personality. On ocassion we have had an "old soul" and we have also had a "wild child"
which might actually be normal energy for most breeders, but we would find at the high
end of energy for any of our pups. In that case we would only place that puppy in
a very experienced dog home that we feel could best channel that energy.
But these two are really the only differences we have ever encountered although
we do feel each of our pups are special and unique and truly only we get to know
our pups from birth to the day they go home. Puppy people see a small window in
their day to day activities and life.

10. At 6 weeks of age puppy gets another Groom and their nails clipped again.
We will not clip their face and feet unless you tell us you wish this done.
Most people prefer their puppy looking all fuzzy and cute like a teddy bear.
Their personalities are pretty indicative to how they will mature to be at this time.
Because we are so diligent with our puppy raising Techniques there is only very subtle differences in our puppies personalities.
All our pups will be exceptionally outgoing, affectionate and desensitised to loud or sudden noises.
The biggest difference in our pups will be size and or shade of colour and your preference should be listed on your application.

11. At 6 weeks of age "WE" will arrange ALL shipping and send you the booking information (waybill number) and a web page for tracking.
It will be up to you to verify the waybill number is going to the correct location after we send it to you.
Shipping is �350.00 (in North America subject to change) and includes an International Health Certificate,
Up to date Vaccination and deworming and a Cage that you keep
For more information about shipping please read our Shipping Web Page.
After we book the shipping, we will send you the information which you can track here Cargo Tracking
as well as the flight information to verify by clicking on Flight Schedule
you should also register for *change of flight plans notification
so that you will be notified automatically if flights are delayed or cancelled.

12. At 6-8 weeks of age, your puppy will also receive a full groom again and be microchipped.
You will receive a printed sheet called "Health Record" of all medical care we have done. Bring this to your Vet
and ensure your puppy does not receive another vaccination within at least 3 weeks from when we vaccinated.

13. At 7 weeks of age Puppy then goes to see our Vet to receive an International Health Certificate (clean bill of health) and be spayed or neutered.
We have done our research and WE are paying for the proceedure to be done at our Vet which is included in your purchase price.
Click here to read more about "Pediatric Spay/Neuter".
Should our Vet discover any health problems preventing puppy from being enjoyed as a pet, you will get a full refund.
I think it is also important and another thing that sets Bijou Poodles apart is the fact that our pups arrive clean
without ticks or fleas or worms. I feel I have to mention this FACT because although I consider this a normal
and responsible way to raise and send puppys home, not all breeders are the same.
This is another reason why I try to send "WEEKLY" video and or photos of your puppy, so you can be rest assured that your puppy doing well.
I am mentioning this, because I want to assure you that Bijou Poodle pups are clean, healthy and raised as house pets in our designed Puppy Training Box
and there is a HUGE difference between a puppy raised the way we do with daily Stimulus, Interaction, Training, Cleaning SEVERAL times a day
and a puppy raised in a barn, or even in the house in an ExPen in the living room, pee'ing and poo'ing where they eat and sleep, creating "dirty" puppies.

13. At 7-8 weeks of age your puppy will have received their first Vaccination from us and this date will be on your Health Record we provided
We ship out of Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) with Air Canada Cargo Mon-Friday NO EXCEPTIONS
The day of shipping you will go to the airport with ID and waybill number and pick up your puppy.
You will need to go to the "CARGO" area listed on the Air Canada web page Cargo
Customs or Cargo may have a fee of �25.00 - �50.00 which they may prefer you to pay for with debit or visa or cash, be prepared.
The Cargo people will either hand you your puppy, or hand you paper work to clear with customs and then you return to pick up puppy.
Customs and Cargo may not be in the same location. They may be miles apart. You may also have to pay for parking and also
park a distance from where you will pick up your puppy. You would be wise to bring a "cart" with you to put the puppy's cage onto
to transport the puppy and the cage to your car and or to a safe area to let the puppy out to potty.

It takes 30-60 minutes for airlines to unload the puppy so do not worry about being exactly on time to pick puppy up.
Matter of fact I always show up 30 minutes after the puppy is supposed to arrive and I still may wait a few hours.
You should always sign up for flight notification or check the flight status before heading to the airport to pick up puppy.

When you go to the airport you may wish to bring garbage bag, clean newspapers or blanket, lysol or baby wipes, bottled water, dish.
This is in the event that puppy messed in the cage (rare, but depends how long of a flight) you can do a quick tidy and offer puppy some water.
Do not feed the puppy before you drive home as puppy may be sick in the cage. Instead offer them a Busy Bone
or Pedigree Denta Stix for them to knaw on, during their journey home.
If puppy is arriving after 11:00 and you have a long drive home.
then you may wish to offer a bit of tin food such as Prescription Diet i/d Canine Gastrointestinal Health
as will be easy for them to digest without upsetting their stomach

You keep the cage (size 20"W X 27"D X 19"H) is the cage size you need for Puppy's first day
and the size that puppy will be shipped to you in and as was included in your shipping fee and should last 2-3 weeks to raise puppy in.
You will find a collar and leash, Puppy Package and Registration underneath the puppy in the cage.
or taped to the roof of the cage or on the top of the cage in an airline bag.
Your puppy will be sent to you in "spotless" condition. However their cage can be next to other "critters" so
make sure to look them over and feel them for any ticks or fleas that may have hopped on board.
We do not have ticks or fleas at our home and our location, so if you wish to treat your puppy, we have put together this web page:
Vaccines and Parisite Control

14. If you are picking your puppy up at our home, you will need a cage (size 20"W X 27"D X 19"H) or a lap, to transport puppy home.
Puppy comes with every document and things you need to cross the border and to keep puppy comfortable.
*Click to see an example of our Puppy Package and also take a minute to read The Bijou Difference for more detailed information.

15. If you are flying in to pick up your puppy to fly home with you in the cabin, then you will need
to book your flight for an 8 WEEK OLD PUPPY and a Sherpa type soft cage
that will fit under the plane's seat. You will also need either newspapers, pee pads or newspapers to line the cage with.
You "may" also need 2 dishes that can attach to the cage (tie wraps)
We have had MANY people choose to fly here to pick up their puppy and there have been no problems flying their puppy home.
Cost to fly with your puppy in the cabin is usually an additional �50.00-�125.00 depending on the airline with Air Canada being cheapest.
We prefer our people to get the soft carriers as they are larger in size. For Air Canada their sizes for under the seat are these:
Hard-sided : Height: 23 cm (9 in) x Width: 40 cm (15.5 in) x Length: 55 cm (21.5 in) such as Petmate Kennel Cab Fashion Series
Soft-sided: Height: 27 cm (10.5 in) x Width: 40 cm (15.5 in) x Length: 55 cm (21.5 in) such as Deluxe Medium Sherpa Bag Pet Carrier

If you are considering Travelling with your puppy here is some information:
Air Canada
West Jet...West Jet Cargo Locations
North West Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Delta Airlines
More Delta Info
General Information on shipping

16. Puppy arrives with a "starter" collar and leash. The collar was first put on the morning of shipping
WE do not put collars on our pups before this time, as it is dangerous as other pups will chew it off and or strangle each other.
The airline also does not 'usually' allow collars on pups being shipped for safety reasons as well.
We also leave the little "ribbon" on the puppy for those that do scrap booking and also to help us identify the puppy.
When puppy is first put outside, you may see puppy scratching at the collar (he does NOT have fleas) but is irritated by the new sensation around his neck.
If you wish to test if scratching is just due to the collar ...just take off the collar and you will see scratching stop.
Puppy is NOT leash trained so if you try to walk puppy on a leash, you will have a bucking bronko.
The leash and collar are JUST provided to give you some control over puppy while you allow them to pee on a grassy area
after picking them up from the would not believe how fast a puppy can run when you least expect it !!
Make sure to toilet puppy as soon as you can. Even if cage is dirty they will still have to go as they will hold it
as long as they possibly can. These are clean puppies and they will be very upset if they have messed in their cage.

17. Puppy will be hungry when you get home. TO avoid stomach upset you may wish add warm water to the kibble until it
is soft kibble and ~then~ offer it to puppy.
This will also be like comfort food to a new puppy.
When your new Standard Poodle puppy first comes home, s/he may not eat too much for a few days.
This is, in part, due to the change from our home to yours, so do not panic
It is also, and maybe more so, due to the fact that the puppy now does not have the competition
of it's brothers and sisters beside him/her at the feeding bowl. Do not worry, the puppy will begin eating normally.
Keep water available at all times and check our our food page: Food and Feeding Options
Click here to read more about Food and Feeding
Click here to read more about what to expect with a New Puppy

18. WE advise you to take your puppy to your Vet to be examined and provide you with peace of mind.
We have had vet's point out spay incision site and claim it to be an embilical hernia. So be prepaired to provide some education to your Vet.
If your Vet does find anything of concern, please contact us right away BEFORE you make any health care choices.
Do not forget you can always return your puppy to us, at any age and for any reason.

Take a minute to fill out our "Puppy Application Form" IF you are interested in a puppy.

Buying long distance is a VERY uncomfortable feeling. We know this as we have done it ourselves.
We are always available via EMAIL to answer any questions you may have to ease this process.
We are sorry but we just do not have the time to speak on the phone to everyone interested in our pups.
We would also appreciate any feedback on how we can make this a more pleasant experience for you.
This web page and information contained within is a result of a great deal of feedback we have recieved over the years :)


A �200.00 non-refundable deposit will hold the puppy of your choice,
by way of Color, Sex, Price and for Pet or Breeding purposes before the puppy is born
providing such a puppy is available. In the event that we do not have a puppy
born for you that you put the deposit on (colour, sex, pet and or breeding purposes),
your deposit will be ~ fully refunded by Paypal only ~
Bijou Poodles reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone and at any time at our discretion.

Deposits are "non-refundable" should you change your mind about getting a puppy.
This means you will loose your �200.00 if you cancel your purchase of a puppy.
Deposits help breeders be assured someone is serious about their purchase.
When we receive 4-6 deposits on a litter we start turning away a lot of interested people,
your non-refundable deposit will compensate us for additional expenses and time that
a cancellation causes us.

Bijou Poodles reserves the right to keep one of their puppies at any age, which would then be 1st pick of the litter.
Selection or picks of the litter would follow in order of deposits received, after our selection.

When we receive your deposit, your name will be added to
our waiting list by way of your choice of colour and sex, in order for which deposits are received,
as soon as we have a puppy suitable for you, you will be notified and given opportunity to accept puppy
As soon as you have accepted your puppy option you will be sent your litter's web page with your first name
and last initial and your location and where puppy will be shipped to appearing on your Litter's web page
(Sample Litter page)

All our puppies are beautiful, socialized and happy-go-lucky by the time they are ready to go to their new homes,
so 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.pick is not really necessary. No one knows our pups like we do
so we will be able to offer you a suitable puppy based on what you
have said you wished on your puppy application.
IF we feel that for what ever reason upon maturity that puppy is not a good match, we will let you know.
We will post videos and or photos weekly of the pups for you to follow.

We spend hours a day with our pups to ensure all of our pups are of equal confidence and socialization
we conduct BIO-SENSOR conditioning, exposing puppy to various surfaces,
smells, handling and other stimulus, each having a positive outcome.
This way your puppy will be desensitized to most environmental sights, sounds, smells
and puppy will instinctively react confidently to all new situations and experiences.
It is up to you their NEW PACK LEADER to continue this expectation
and to build on the solid foundation that our pups go home with.
Puppys will change an adapt when introduced into their new pack (your home)
as their new "pack" will have different rules and expectations than what we have.
No amount of evaluating or puppy testing will change that.
We will not give you a false sense of security by providing this trendy tool,
because it is of no value beyond the moment.

Our poodles adapt and will fit in to that new environment whether your household
consists of a quiet single person or a house full of kids.
Basically you will get more of what you already have ...
as that is your family's norm (pack norm) and is the behaviour that you allow and encourage to happen.
With clear, consistent rules and praise, your puppy will continue
on the path we have set out for your puppy (even before conception), to become a great canine companion.
You can read more about what you should be doing to continue our building a confident puppy, at the bottom of our Puppy Development Page
Our Puppy Owner's Manual and our Obedience Page introduces you to our concepts and explains our commitment and success,
in providing well adjusted healthy, happy puppies, to families around the world.
Our Reference Page is also testament that our Practices work.

Puppy must be selected and paid for in full by 4 weeks of age
by emailed photos or videos unless you are able to come to our house in person to do so.
After 4 weeks of age, pups are weaned from mom and require many hours of human care a day
to properly socialize, keep clean and do desensitizing.
Our video and photos after that age will be more limited, as we are VERY busy with the pups.
Our time spent with the puppies ensures that you get the most well adjusted and healthy puppy.

Puppies are to go home at around 7-8 weeks of age, depending on when mom weans the pups.
The date of pick up will be posted on our web page the day the pups are born.
We will board pups beyond the pick up date for �15.00/day for up to 7 days and �20.00/day
for up to an additional 7 days (total of 14 days).
Pups need to be in their home for the imprinting/bonding as soon as possible.
We do not wish to board our pups beyond the pick up date for that reason.
Please review our tentative go home dates prior to committing to a purchase from us.

We know you may be frazzled and after picking up puppy may have a zillion questions
I know you will want these questions answered quickly and probably not between 9-5pm so
I put together a web page called New Puppy to address the most common concerns we get.
Of course I am always available via emails and I will answer within 24 hours but this way you may get your question answered instantly.

Do you sell your pups with a non-breeding Contract or Guarantee?

We sell our pups with "limited" registration unless otherwise agreed to prior to purchase.
Along with our Purchase Agreement Contract.
Limited Registration means that you have agreed that the puppy you are purchasing will be unable to be bred
and will be enjoyed as a loving family pet and will be registered in "your" name.
Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration.

If you wish to breed, you should purchase a puppy with "unlimited" Registration
sold with our Breeding Agreement Contract.
so that your puppy will be able to be bred and that all resulting pups will be able to be registered.
Unlimited Registration does cost a lot more because of the increased value
of the puppy as a result of the ability to be bred.

We "Encourage" and "Recommend" on our Purchase Agreement Contract that our buyers spay and neuter
after puppy either before puppy leaves our home OR has physically and mentally matured around 1-2 years of age
for various health reasons that your vet can explain,
but we know people will make their own choice as to if they are going to spay or neuter
their puppy and at what age and no contract can enforce that choice.
Please read our "Purchase Agreement" before you consider a purchase from us.

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