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"Puppy Feeding and Food"

~ AS OF 2018 ~

and this means you
!! RAW !!

But what I have learned, is shared with you here.

I have chosen RAW because so many dogs were getting ill on kibble.
So many food recalls, kibble with poison or medical waste in them too.
Feeding RAW will also help to avoid Bloat and Megaesophagus caused by Kibble.

OK... feeding RAW can be as simple, or confusing as you make it.
Easiest way, is to give them a quality formulated premixed
Patty(s) 2-3x a day = done.

Feeding RAW daily should cost you the price of a Star Buck coffee

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(Congo RAW food comes in a box, just like frozen human hamburg patties )

If you buy prepackaged, prepared frozen RAW patties
there is Freeze Dried RAW, in which you add hot water and mix
that is pretty easy, to feed pups 2x a day or ideally 3x a day as a puppy.
Frozen or Freeze Dried, the companies have the
nutritional balance, all figured it all out for you.

In Canada these are the two companies I would recommend:
Congo Raw
Big Country Raw

OR... go to your butcher's for RAW meat on sale.
I don't mix my own and can not advise on grinders or what blend to mix
for that information join a facebook group on the topic :)

*DO NOT FEED Dehydrated Food
as nutritional content is compromised.

Feed 10% of puppy weight 3x a day
and adjust as needed, to not be too skinny or fat, USE COMMON SENSE
I prefer our pups, to be chunky, as they can drop weight FAST when growing.

Do not ask me about food options in person
as I have them all listed on this web page half way down
and even I refer to this web page.

My dog gobbles like he is starving
Dogs will gulp RAW up usually within 5 minutes or less, DONE.
DON'T WORRY they are not starving, this is normal, for dogs eating good food.
Myself if a puppy is lean, I FEED MORE each meal.

My puppy has Food allergies
OK stop and think about it.
What, and how many diseases, have you chosen to inject into your puppy (ie vaccines) ?
Are you applying flea/tick/heart worm pesticides ?
(NEVER EVER give oral flea/tick poisons, dogs die on that)
if you answered yes, you are poisoning your dog with pesticides and you believe
instead, that it is the "food" causing issues ? REALLY ?
Well, lets go with that thought. Try Feeding a different protein one without feathers
ie not poultry and no eggs and see if you get an improvement in 6-8 weeks time.
Choices would be beef, pork, venison, rabbit, anything without feathers.
DO NOT believe the vet and go on their junk food diets $$ and pills $$ that totally
ruin a dog's GI system, and the problem will now snowball until they send you to a specialist
and or recommend doing a GI biopsy which "surprise" shows inflamed bowel (well duh).
Then you will wish to return the dog to me
I shake my head that my advise was ignored
I take it off ALL the medications and kibble and crap the Vet had them on
put the dog on RAW, and we have no more problems. Been there had this happen 2x now !

My puppy has weird Poop
When switching to "your", RAW diet, expect wonky mucous poops
for 2-7 days while puppy gets adjusted to your food.

*Please note: one adverse effect of Vaccines, is diarrhea.
If you are concerned, take a photo and email me the photo of the poop.
we really recommend your first and only vaccine for puppy's first year
be at 16 weeks of age, OR Titre at 16 weeks of age, to see if puppy needs vaccine.
Treatment for Vaccinosis symptom of diarrhea: Silica, Thuja (you can give as a preventative)

My puppy is not drinking water
Puppies also drink WAY less water on RAW, as RAW, is already hydrated.
If you are concerned and wish to interfere, you can add water to the mix

My dog is having reflux or puking on RAW.
Well here is the thing. RAW digests fast and puppies on a routine
anticipate when their meal is coming, and so does their body.
Their little tummy's start to gear up and produce acid, to get ready for that meal.
SOLUTION feed at different times each day, every day, so puppies body does not anticipate.
You can also feed smaller meals, more times at different times a day.
Myself I found feeding BIGGER meals 3x a day solved this with my one girl.
I also leave kibble out (she is an adult not a puppy) for her to graze on.
and she will nibble around 9:00pm but not enough for a meal just to fill that munchy.
Many RAW feeders are totally against kibble, so I'm probably really rocking the boat by
saying this... but once the pups are potty trained reliably... leaving kibble out 24/7
has been helpful for me. The rest of my kids won't touch the kibble
instead preferring to wait for that RAW meal.


(if links do not work then "google" the product)

(ie FDA food inspections ect) to ensure they are still quality foods.
Answers dog food
BARF World
OC Raw Dog Food
Primal Pet foods
RAW Bistro
Raw Paws
Steve's Real Food
Tucker's Raw
Vital Essentials Raw

NRG Freeze dried
Steve's Real Food
Primal Pets
K9 Natural

Canadian Options I like and have used on my adults are:
* Click to view Congo RAW
*Click to view Big Country Raw
When in doubt, or if you have any questions
call the manufacturer (not the kids working in the store or the butcher at the shop)

Also ask about giving puppy treats of:
Chicken feet, Chicken neck, Rabbit Ears, Raw bones

(Congo Raw commercial RAW food you can buy)

From one of our puppy people, Ashlea S. who feeds raw
and is now using this product and loves it.
This is how the food comes in the box 25lbs in a box (bulk order).
You can see the patty in the bowl.
This is a chicken patty and contains the appropriate ratios
of meat, bone, organ, and fruits and vegetables.
I also have other patties which are richer in organ and tripe (to help digestion).
This is an example of a reasonably priced all in one 'puck'
of food which is a huge time savings.

$66.30 for the 25 lb of chicken dinner
I feed 2 pucks / day = 1lb /day
Therefore 1 box for 1 dog would last 25 days
so you would be paying roughly $70 per month for a 60ish pound dog

Chicken is the cheapest protein available from this store.
This box also contains 2 patties each of beef, salmon, duck and lamb.
Each patty is 8 oz. (so I don't worry about anemia or healthy fish oils)

The REALLY interesting thing is that for my guys weight 66.4 and 64.6 Lbs they should have 1.25 lbs to maintain weight
(rule is 1.5-2% of body weight to maintain wt for active dogs).
But these patties are so dense Beau is becoming a porker on 1 Lb/day !
I think my other supplier, added water to make the patties heavier.
When they use to defrost they would be in a puddle of dilute looking blood.
Instead these patties are densely packed with meat and hardly any liquid comes out when they defrost, so I am feeding less to maintain their weight.
You can buy some really shady dog meat because no one regulates it.
Ashlea S. (Beau and Aero's owner)

* Click to read what "Dog Food Advisor" has to say

~ Click to go to Facebook page "Carnivore Carry out" ~ RAW delivery and resource

~ Click to view Getting Started on RAW ~

~ CLICK TO VIEW Facebook Page on RAW ~


For the last few years, we have heard of so many kibble food recalls it was getting scary.
Our puppy people also looked to us to recommend and resolve many food issues.
We fed and recommended the best kibble we believed we could find, but this was not always
accessible to everyone, and people still continued to believe their Vet's and poison their pups
with vaccines and pesticides in form of heart worm, Flea, tick products,
to top off feeding processed Veterinary Kibble food.
People remember one adverse effect of Vaccines is diarrhea.

Next we looked at what we "could" control to best keep our pups safe and healthy.
The solution was to feed RAW. People could still continue to poison their pups
with vaccines and pesticides, but at least feeding RAW and having them continue
to feed RAW was going to give our pups, the best chance
at being healthier and surviving today's toxins. Of course we continue
to advocate limited vaccination protocols.

The difference we have found so far is BIGGER healthier pups.
Thicker darker coats, and no loose stools EVER.
Transition to pet homes was easier as no diet changes, as RAW is RAW
The beneficial results are undeniable, though feeding RAW for us is more expensive
and a ton more dishes to do and cleaning to do each meal
for our pet people, feeding RAW is only marginally more costly,
because there will be less health issues, which means less "Cost" in the long run.

*Click to read the Leerburg site on BARF and RAW Diets

A lot of owners believe their dogs may have food allergies.
And in some breeds such as Irish Setters, there is a real disease
called "Celiac disease" in which their dogs
cannot tolerate gluten, a protein present in wheat, barley and rye.
Eating those grains causes an abnormal immune response that attacks the small intestine.
Irish Setters are the only breed known have to true celiac disease
but many dogs are sensitive to glutenous grains.
This allergy can lead to skin problems, including hair loss, bumps or lesions,
itching and flaking, dry skin. The lesions usually show up
on the dog's feet, head, neck, ears and stomach.
Other signs include secondary skin infections and chronic ear infections.
Dogs with food sensitivity can usually tolerate corn, rice, gluten-free wheat, dairy foods.
Several manufacturers make wheat and gluten-free dog foods and treats.
Of course some owners prefer to make their own RAW or BARF diets to avoid any problems
In Poodles the main source for food sensitivity is Poultry and Egg.
If you suspect allergy then DO NOT FEED POULTRY
(anything feathered such as turkey or chicken)

~ 2013 ~ THE PAST but also a good option for people
From Ashley P. "This is a picture of the variety of raw I feed my guys:"
Salmon (with bone) fillets, Whole Mackrel, Beef wind pipe, Beef cheek cubes, Lamb brisket, Ground meat etc
I feed 2% per lb of body weight of meat with about 5% veggies a few times per week
I am less precise with veggies since they are low calorie
Daily my guys eat 1.25-1.5 lbs of meat a day
Unprepared raw is definitely cheaper than the all in one 'pucks' you can buy
For more information on the 'natural way' to raise dogs. Lori my supplier has a facebook page too:
Shes out my way just in Whitby.
UPDATE: September 2015
In case some of your east end puppy owners are asking about raw food or holistic products check out these websites:
I switched dog food to Congo Raw http://www.congoraw.com/ - they supply all over Ontario
My dogs love it and the 25lb mixed meat box goes for $ 2.25/LB (very reasonable for raw).
They come in convenient 8 0z patties and have the right proportion of meat, bone, veggie
( At my previous supplier for $2 + / lb depending on the meat, I had to add in all the other ingredients- so it was so much more work which I don't have time for these days).
I still buy green tripe and couple times a week add in a vitamin called Nutrify http://biopaw.com/nutrifypetfoodfortifier300g-p-542.html?cPath=33.
My new supplier is called BioPaw and she seems well educated on holistic animal care - her home office is located in Pickering http://biopaw.com/

When we get our pups back from the dog show handler,
the reds are really under weight if not skeletal.
I had heard and seen the positive results of dogs on RAW
and especially puppies, so we started our kids on 2 patty's each morning
leaving Costco Salmon and Sweet potato kibble available 24/7
They soon start gaining weight
(also from building muscle from running again) and no loose stools.
I believe feeding RAW helps build up their stomach flora
enabling their bodies to better digest food
as well as the RAW is just easier to digest in general.
Once they are on the patties and gaining weight well
I then move to RAW ground chicken and organ meat
($.99 lbs nd organ meat 0.25/lbs)
mixed by me, each morning, still having kibble available 24/7.
Eventually my kids just leave the kibble and wait for
and enjoy eating only RAW food.
This method has allowed me to get my Poodles
back in good health, without any GI upset
and well you have seen our deep dark colour, on healthy Poodles

~ 2017 ~

Our pups will be raised on RAW diet and RAW goats milk and RAW bones
This means your puppy each morning, has had whole ground chicken or beef
mixed with organ meat and RAW unpasteurized Goats Milk around 3.9% fat

(example of "free feeding" with water and food always available 24/7)

Kibble... oh boy, if you just insist, choose the more "ground to mouth"
least processed food you can get, the better.
I have to admit, my kids still have Costco chicken and rice
kibble available to nibble on, but they won't eat it if they are getting enough RAW.

IF you feed kibble. NEVER EVER EVER EVER... restrict your dog's kibble food intake.
We have seen so many of our adults basically starving with hips sticking out and just too thin because owners want to control
their dog's food intake ! Poodles do not eat their emotions, they eat what they need to be healthy and grow healthy
so make food available to them 24/7, because Standard Poodles are "grazers", they will nibble all day long.
ALWAYS Have fresh water available except during the night if in a cage.

If your dog does not free feed then they risk not getting enough to eat
If that happens then their body will start to eat at MUSCLE !!
The heart is a big muscle, that will be adversely effected including but not limited to rhythm irregularities
Starving your Poodle (sorry I mean "controlling your poodle's diet) will also cause GI upset and sensitivity.
Constantly switching up your kibble choices will also cause GI problems.

If you refuse to continue to feed the food that our puppy has been on, and adjusted to for 8 weeks with us
then expect itchy skin, loose stools, even vomiting while puppy gets adjusted to your new food choice.

If you refuse to free feed your puppy and keep a routine (weekends/holidays/work days)
then you can expect to experience bloat, torsion, lack of appetite, loose stools, skinny, unhealthy puppy.

It will take 4-6 months for puppy to get adjusted to a new food choice.
You would not feed a child candy all day every day. Well Treats are Candy for dogs.
Your poodle should eat enough that it is leaving food behind in the dish.
If it is not... add MORE FOOD and or Switch to RAW !!!
*Click here to view an underfed Poodle.
This Poodle male was 50lbs and should have weighed 75 lbs
Free feeding also aids in avoiding bloat and or torsion like we do.
IF your dog is still slim and eating properly and very active
then they might need a higher calorie diet AND FOR SURE CONSIDER A RAW DIET


(pups should always have kibble left over in their dish)

2019 we switched to Proplan Sport because of the higher calorie count and because
it's fillers were not harmful products to our breeding program
(does not contain peas or flaxseed)
Our breeding dogs are on RAW diet with Kibble available 24/7,
but they choose to wait for RAW.

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Costco - Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice & Vegetables Adult Dog Food
2017 - 2019 we switched back to this food as pups got enough calories with this food and were doing well on it
Also Costco will deliver this food !

Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance Venison and sweet potato
However for those that can afford it we highly recommend
Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance that has had great reviews and no bad reactions.
IF you switch to this food your puppy will have loose stools for a month.

*CLICK TO READ Best Probiotics for dogs

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If your puppy is having Digestive issues, use a pre- and pro-biotic to aid them in digestion and or a good supplement.
I have featured some of the better known supplements with enzymes for you to research yourself.
So many foods are processed in such a way, that the dog's digestive system, is not working properly
and nutrients from food, is just not being absorbed properly.


This kit might save you a lot of money and energy by testing your dog for food sensitivity
I do advocate anyone with GI upset learn about and switch to RAW diet, either pre-made patties
you can buy (talk to the manufacturer for their recommendations) Or prepare your own using a guide.
YOUR PUPPY MAY VOMIT UP their first RAW feeding, because it is so good they gulp it down
(makes sense right ? but you will need to stick with it.
HOWEVER, some people, with various breeds and ages found this kit gave them instant answers
Nutriscan - Dog Food Sensitivity Kit
Does your dog have itchy skin or an irritable bowel ?
NutriScan tests for food sensitivities and intolerance through a simple saliva test


We have had owners who felt their pups might have food sensitivities and this food has ended any loose stools.
(stop all treats... worse thing you can do for your dog is feed treats like a pez dispenser)
It is important if you choose to give treats, that you don't sabotage your puppy's nutritional intake with treats or cause GI Upset
If your puppy has very bad loose stools you might also wish to consider feeding RAW and adding
Purina probiotic FortiFlora
OR a tablespoon of 100% "pure" pumpkin (not pie filling with added sugar and spices) at every meal to aid in digestion.
Read more about ~ Diarrhea click here ~

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Hi Laura,
Thanks for all your advice. I wanted to wait till I was sure everything was resolved before writing to you.
After tons of worming, antibiotics for a UTI, metronozole, etc and another diarrhea episode
we switched to Natural Balance venison and sweet potato ( including matching treats)
and a Purina probiotic the vet suggested at dinner and a tablespoon of pumpkin at every meal for fiber.
Malarkey has been perfect for a week. He was immediately better as soon as we started on all this
so I am confident we are on the right track. The dog food has no grain in it, so I have no definite way of knowing
if it was the chicken, the grain, or both, but I don't care as long as we can relax about the diarrhea.
Kathy H. and Malarkey