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Flea, Tick and Heart Worm Medications

Flea, Tick and Heart Worm Medications

Are flea and tick products safe ?

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I get asked all the time "what product do you recommend for flea, tick and heartworm".
IF you need a product that one dose will take care of everything, then you should consider Revolution.

What is Revolution?

This once-a-month topical (on-the-skin) treatment is truly a revolutionary idea in parasite protection.
Revolution protects against heartworm, roundworms, hookworms, fleas (ALL 3 life stages),
ticks, and even mites when used as directed.
Vets wish to have a blood test done before they will give you Revolution. Make sure that if you are on this product that
the following year you don't pay for blood work to be repeated since you were never off of the product why would you
test for heartworm before you get your product renewed (save some money..).
Revolution is alcohol based and air dries quickly.
~ Bijou Poodle's prefers this product ~

A lot of our puppy people have been asking about this product so here is what we found out:
In 2012 Novartis, the company that makes Interceptor and Sentinel has stopped shipping them to veterinarians.
The products were also recalled because the labs that were packaging for them (and human medication)
produced packages with mixed up medication and missing medications. Here is a statement from the website:
NCH is taking this action as a precautionary measure, because the products may contain stray tablets,
capsules, or caplets from other products, or contain broken or chipped tablets.

As a result, the plant which makes these products (including the veterinary products) is closed and is currently being inspected.
Sentinel Flavor Tabs contain milbemycin oxime, which interferes with the worms nervous system,
eliminating the immature stage of the heartworm larvae and the adult stage of hookworms, roundworms and whipworms.
Sentinel also contains lufenuron, an insect development inhibitor, which breaks the flea life cycle by inhibiting flea egg development.
Sentinel is also a greasy product to be applying to the dog's coat because it is oil based.

I want people to keep in mind that applying products and administering vaccines is putting POISON
into your puppies system the same time you are compromising their immune system.
That being said, if you live in a location where fleas and ticks and mosquitoes can harm your puppy
you do need to come up with a solution. So we recommend that you do not vaccine when you are
administering other medications. Break it up if at all possible. Also never give Rabies the same time as other vaccines.
Please do not "bombard" your puppy with toxins if at all possible VETS DO NOT ALWAYS KNOW BEST !!
Vaccinosis, Cancer, Autoimmune issues, Seizure and death can occur with any toxin you administer to your puppy or dog.

Bijou Poodles do not have a flea, tick or mosquitoes issues where we live "yet".

Poodles raised by BIJOU STANDARD POODLES are raised FREE of Medications, Treatments and Toxins.
Because our Poodles are breeding, we feel this is important for the health of the puppies they produce, to be toxin free.

Our friends at Royal Standard Poodles use and reccomend natural spray of a cedar product
in their yard and house to lesson the chance of flea and or tick infestation in high risk areas.
It is good to know that there are natural yard products out there and available and perhaps in
particularly high risk areas someone could choose to alternate natural for chemical products or use both
to lesson the need for heavy chemical use.


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*Click to read more information on Flea products from Fosters Smith
Bijou Poodles does not have our Poodles routinely on flea or tick products
we do not have parasites on our dogs or in our area.
IF we did have an issue with fleas I would only administer it until the fleas were gone
as it is important to me to not have too many toxins in our Poodles systems.

Heartworm Medication

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Bijou Poodles does not give their poodles Heart worm medication.
Because our Poodles are being used in a breeding program we do not want them to be bombarded with toxins
There are many negative side effects to any "medication" or foreign substance you introduce into your dog's system.
Heartworm medication, vaccinations, Flea medications are toxins that are absorbed into your dog's system and can be
VERY hard on the liver, stomach and even contribute to Cancer, especially if given at the same time.
it is up to "YOU" the owner weigh the pro's and con's of using any products or chemicals on your puppy.
We did find this great article that hopefully can assist you with deciding about Heartworm Medication:

1% injectible cattle wormer with the trade name of Ivomec

Getting To The Heart Of Heartworm

by Charlotte Walker
Risk Assessment - for each question there is only one answer, "yes" or "no".
Each question has a value placed next to each answer.
Take the test, add your score and find where you fit in with Charlotte's results.

Is there a high incidence of heartworm in your area? Yes = 0 No = 4
Does your animal get a heartworm blood test every year? Yes = 5 No =2
Do you live near a swampy area? Yes = 1 No = 5
Do you live on a farm? Yes = 2 No = 5
Does your animal have sort hair or lots of exposed skin? Yes = 1 No = 4
Doe he sleep outside at night? Yes = 0 No = 5
Do you apply a natural bug repellent to your dog during bug season? Yes = 5 No = 3

Score: 19 - 33
Your animal is most likely at a low risk for heartworm. He probably doesn't need preventative medication.
Score: 11 - 18
There is some risk of your animal being infected.
Keep him indoors at night and apply natural bug repellent to your dog when he's outside.
Score: 0 - 10
Your animal is likely at high risk for heartworm.
Do everything you can to protect him from mosquito bites and talk to your vet about a preventative program.

Charlotte added a little information about heartworm:

"Heartworm has been found just about everywhere in the U.S. and Canada, but it's especially in the southeastern regions of the continent.
In the States, the most cases are found along the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys, as well as along the Gulf coast and into Louisiana.
Southwestern Ontario accounts for around 90% of all heartworm cases in Canada, but the disease is also found in other provinces,
notably southern Quebec, southern Manitoba and B.C.'s Okanagan Valley.

Trichuris vulpis, commonly known as whipworm does bring on the same symptoms as Addisons...
intermittent vomiting and Diarrhea, dysorexia, weakness, and weight loss.
infections are reported as causing hyponatremia and hyperkalemia and reduction of the cardiac silhouette
with fecal smears negative for whip worms.
The syndrome mimics Addison's disease in every way except that testing for Addison's disease
is negative and deworming yields a complete recovery. In one documented treatment the dog was
treated with oral administration of milbemycine oxime (0.70�EUR?mg/kg bw; Interceptor Novartis AH)
and i.v. administration of 800�EUR?mL of saline solution (Na+Cl�^' 0,9%) and discharged.
Read more on this here Pseudo-Addison Disease
Some topical treatments may kill whipworms, regular monthly doses of Interceptor or Sentinel are GUARANTEED
to wipe out the new adults at the time of each dosing but they can live up to 5 years in soil or grassy areas.