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Red Male: $5,045.00
Red Female: $5,045.00
Brown Male: $5,045.00
Brown Female: $5,045.00
Black Male able to produce Brown/Red: $1,545.00
Black Female able to produce Brown/Red: $2,045.00

*price subject to change

Bijou Poodles gets over 10 emails a day with people wishing to purchase a puppy for Breeding.
Less emails from people looking for Pets. We don't wish to see anyone get involved in breeding
that will experience any of the hardships or difficult learning experiences we had to go through.
We want to make sure that you have realistic goals in mind to avoid any disppointments.
We want all of our pups in loving happy homes where they will spend their lifetime.
If you are just thinking about Breeding as a hobby please take a minute to read Breeding

We do not sell our pups for breeding purposes to just anyone with the money to buy the puppy.
We want to know about you and why you wish to purchase a puppy for breeding and what your goals are.
We also want to know the basics, such as where you are located and more about you and your family.
We would like to know what lines you are breeding to or incorporating in your breeding program.
We want to see you accomplishing all of your goals for your breeding program,
so that you will be happy with your Bijou Standard Poodle puppy.
We feel we can best do this by offering our insights and opinions and letting you know if your goals
and or breeding plans can be accomplished with a Bijou Standard Poodle or not.

If after reading our contract below you wish to still proceed with a purchase then feel free to email us
to be considered for purchasing a Bijou Standard Poodle for breeding purposes.

Bijou Standard Poodles Breeding Contract

(Unlimited AKC Registration)

Definitions used herein include:

"BUYER" shall herein be defined as :___________________________________________________

"BREEDER" shall herein be defined as: :___________________________________________________

"PUPPY" shall herein be defined as: A PUPPY, with litter registered with the American Kennel Club. Puppy is required to have a registered name starting with the prefix of "K-LAR" if brown and “BIJOU” if red puppy: ___________________________________________________.  

AKC Kennel Club AKC Litter Registration Number:_____________________ Chip# ________________________________

In agreement on the purchase of a standard poodle PUPPY we voluntarily enter into, and agree to all terms delineated in this contract as witnessed by the signatures below.


Color: ______________________ Sex: ____________________ Litter ID# _______________________________

Sire: AKC# ________________________/ Reg Name:__________________________________________________________

Dam: AKC# ________________________/ Reg Name: _________________________________________________________

Pup as identified above is guaranteed to one (1) year of age for the congenital defects affecting the standard poodle breed that we have DNA tested the pups parents for.  The parents of this PUPPY may have had x rays to establish that they are free of Hip, Elbow Dysplasia, Cardiac and Patella Luxation normal, via OFA.

I The BREEDER should the PUPPY be diagnosed with any genetically derived medical disorder which we have tested the Puppy’s parents for and is attested to by two unassociated veterinarians one of them being BREEDER’S Vet, thereby causing both the BUYER and BREEDER to agree that the PUPPY cannot ethically be bred, the BREEDER will, upon provision of veterinary reports and, where applicable, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) report,  provide the BUYER with the following option.

a) BREEDER will offer BUYER a replacement breeding quality PUPPY with BUYER keeping original puppy.
The BUYER must pay the pet price of $2045.00 for their replacement puppy and any shipping or miscellaneous charges,
associated with the transport of the replacement PUPPY.   BREEDER Upon receipt of spay/neuter certificate reflecting the microchip ID number, and payment for puppy and shipping costs,
the BREEDER will provide a replacement breeding quality PUPPY as soon as such a PUPPY is available to the BREEDER provided the Puppy has not been already used for breeding purposes.

b) BREEDER will accept back at any time at any age, any of their puppies with BUYER paying any expenses involved in returning puppy.

The BREEDER shall not be held responsible for the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, or disorders, which are due to the BUYER's negligence, chance, or environmental conditions such as adult teeth, Cancer, Addisons, Digestive disorder, Bloat, Allergies.
The BUYER is responsible for any & all medical or legal costs for puppy, as of this day of purchase. BUYER agrees that the BREEDER is not responsible for the BUYER'S actions including any medical care or proceedures, legal issues, or anything effecting this puppy once it leaves the BREEDER'S possession. The BREEDER is not liable for any costs that result from BUYER'S actions or choices. All provisions in this contract are designed to safeguard the dog, the breed in general and/or the community. BUYER will not issue any statements, in letters, phone, emails, forums, message boards or post anywhere on the internet, alluding to, insinuating to or stating anything that would harm or cause damage to the BREEDER'S reputation. Failure to comply with any provision in this contract will result in the guarantee being void.


I the BREEDER guarantees that the PUPPY is in perfect health, was seen by our Veterinarian and a Veterinarian Technition and received an International Health Certificate attesting to the state of good health of the puppy within 10 days of purchase. Dewormings and vaccinations have been completed as per schedule for the PUPPY's age. The BREEDER will provide the BUYER with a health record detailing the treatment the PUPPY has received under the BREEDER's care, and outlining future care the BREEDER feels is essential to the PUPPY's well-being.


I, the BREEDER strongly recommends that the BUYER attend obedience classes with PUPPY and provide proper socialization opportunities for the PUPPY.


The BUYER agrees to either:
(a) allow the BREEDER the right of first refusal should the BUYER decide to sell, relinquish or transfer the PUPPY
(b) allow BREEDER to assist the BUYER in finding a suitable home for the PUPPY.

2. BREEDER will register the PUPPY
Buyer agrees they will accomplish a title on PUPPY before Puppy is bred.
Breeder shall hold papers and be listed as a Co-owner until Puppy has accomplished a title.
Once a title has been accomplished and proof sent to breeder by way of color copy certificate and show photo
Co-ownership will be terminated.

Title is considered to be a Conformation Championship OR a working title in either Agility, Rally Obedience, Obedience "OR" Field/Retrieving title
in "either" American Kennel Club, Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Canadian Kennel Club or United Kennel Club
and we would hope that every breeder would try to get an AKC Canine Good Neighbour Certificate on their breeding dogs.

BREEDER's photograph will consist of a professional 8x10 original show photo of the win or award with the judge
BREEDER'S prefix of "BIJOU" for red puppy and "K-LAR" for brown puppy is to remain on PUPPY'S AKC registration papers with BUYER providing the actual name for the puppy.

3. BUYER agrees that neither PUPPY nor PUPPY'S progeny will be sold, transferred, given, or sent to Ontario, Canada, unless it is to BREEDER.

4. BUYER agrees to provide BREEDER with a photograph of such quality that BREEDER can use the photo for advertising purposes at 1 year of age, along with any show or win photos.

5. Should BUYER enter any shows and achieve any titles or wins BREEDER will reimburse BUYER for the standard show photo taken with the PUPPY and the Judge upon receipt of an Original Photo and the original bill.

6. BREEDER would like to be kept up to date on PUPPY’S life and would welcome emailed updates at any time.

7. Should the BUYER choose to break any of the covenants of this Agreement, the Agreement will be considered null and void, and the BREEDER will have the right to repossess the PUPPY at the BUYER's expense.

8. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the BREEDER and BUYER with respect to this sale. BUYER's signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all of the conditions of the Sales Agreement and Contract of Sale.

The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this Agreement as of this day of____________20__




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Phone: ______________________ Business:______________________ Cell:___________________

BREEDER: _______________________________________

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