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Grooming Your Poodle


Russell (J&H) owned by Cheryl M. - BC, Canada

You can, bath and or clip your puppy
as soon as you get them home, but I would prefer
you give them at least 24 hours, to adjust to their new home first.
Your puppy will be bathed the night before being shipped or the morning that you picked them up
so we do suggest waiting a night before bathing them again.
We use dish soap (fully rinse out) or Griminator shampoo and
Pantene Human shampoo or conditioner, just a dot in the palm for the entire body
and make sure to rinse it all out fully
Your puppy will have had 2-3 baths and been blown dry 2-3 times
and had underpads shaven, by the time you get them.

I actually use Pantene brown shampoo on them
As for amount to use, we use the size of a Tooney in our palm, to get them lathered.
The main thing is to make sure it is rinsed out 100% as shampoo left in is what causes problems.
You can wash "around' and wash the ear hair outside the ear.
NEVER EVER get water inside the ear so what you do is hold the ear cannel closes and be careful.

The important thing to remember is when you are done dry and clean the inside of the ears.
NEVER EVER put powder in the ears as it just builds up and causes infection.
Ears should also be kept clean of debris, wax, extra hair so wax/moisture can drain out.
Your puppies toe nails will have been clipped and or dremeled every week and will need to be
done ever other week, if you wish for them to remain shorter.

6 month old Red puppy before being groomed (coat had never been cut before) ......... Red Puppy after being show groomed


6 month old puppy with no products or spray for UKC show ................. Same puppy after being "show" groomed with products for CKC show
The difference maybe subtle, until seen side by side.
In UKC we are not allowed any product, colour, or switches, like handlers use in CKC or AKC
However, the photos above do illustrate how a skilled groomer and loads of product, will make the world of difference on the same Poodle

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*Click here to read more about Laurie Rollins grooming process

This is Copper in a "Teddy Bear" clip

This is Mister in a "Teddy Bear" clip

Gretel and Gertrude sporting their new Spring feather look

Leading Edge Dog Show Academy

Tips and tricks to make the grooming process easier for both you and your poodle.
An online tutorial on how to show groom a Poodle, along with DVD's
Poodle grooming classes, taught by one of the most sought after, winning Poodle Handlers
All breed handling classes and Junior handling classes.
Allison also gives you feedback should you have any questions.
All online to learn at your own pace with interactive feedback.
Bijou Poodle receive discount by clicking !!

List of Canadian Professional Pet Stylists

When starting out you will need a good clipper and I do LOVE this cordless light weight Wahl® Pet Grooming Kit Starter
Available everywhere and also at Costco
You will have to charge the battery but the blade is an all in one blade with just moving the switch
An alternative would be any one or two speed Andis or Oster Clipper with #40 (for under guards and feet)
#10 for face, #7 blades for body shave downs
NEW 2017 !!
I have bought and am using the
Wahl Pro Ion Lithium Ion Rechargeable Pet Cordless Clipper Set
because this can be plugged in to use if the battery dies and the lithium battery has no memory
so if I have not fully discharged it, it will still fully charge and I won't loose battery memory
Clipper Blade Adjustable blade sizes 10-15-30

PLEASE, use a proper grooming table !
You will need a minimum 36" size table and a 48" grooming arm and a noose.
USE THE NOOSE !!! It is not cruel and will save your puppy from jumping off of the table
and keep their head up and away from you clipping their feet or nails.

As soon as you get puppy home get them used to being on the table with their head in the loop
and having their nails dremelled every week. Sunday is our nail day.
Nail dremels you can buy at Home Depot. You will need a course dremel sanding band.
Make sure to also buy the DREMEL® EZ SPEEDCLIC
Battery operated dremels are quieter however will not last as long.
You don't need a whole kit but we use a regular Dremel and not the cordless as they don't seem to hold a charge.
I got mine at Home Depot and it has been 2 years in use. I would highly reccomend that you wear a mask and safety glasses.
There is a product on the market called "Pedi Paws" that has it's own sheild for debris, but we have heard mixed reviews about it.

How to Trim Your New Puppy's Nails

WE now use a dremmel to do the dogs nails as we can get them shorter
without hitting the quick and making them bleed.

*Click to view how to Clip Your Poodle's Nails

Grooming the Poodle's Tail

Grooming the Poodle's head or cap

*Help for Poodle's Ears with Yeast Infection

*Video of Cleaning your Dog's Ear

Beau getting his teeth brushed
Some people will brush their Poodle's teeth and tongue daily
Supplies available at Petsmart or your Vet

Video on Cleaning Your Dog's Teeth

About your Dog's Anal Gland

Expressing Your Puppy's Anal Gland

Beau got sprayed by a skunk (while my husband was holding the leash)
at 10 pm on a Sunday. Nothing open to buy deskunking shampoo.
I tried this recipe and modified it slightly and it worked 1st try.
He does not even smell when he gets wet. I had a cat get sprayed awhile ago and used a commercial product
and every time she got wet she smelled till she dried again even after lots of different shampoos it took months to go away.
Here is the recipe tried tested and it works better then the expensive shampoos out there:
I doubled the recipe and added a few shakes of Borax to the mix. I didn't see a deskunking recipe on your website
so perhaps you may want to post it or keep just in case. Below is the original recipe
(not doubled, but to do a standard poodle with a bit of coat 2-2.5 x the recipe for a dog who is entirely skunked will be needed).
Beau has more reddish highlights from the peroxide now, but at least he smells nice !
This comes from this web page: http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2011/01/natural-de-skunking.html You will need:
1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide (this is the kind you find in the first aid section of your average grocery store or dollar store. It is very cheap.)
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1-2 drops of liquid dish soap
2-3 drops lemon essential oil (optional-but adds extra deodorizing power)
This is the only ingredient I didn't have on hand, but he smelled like Dawn after since I used the dish soap.
Rubber Gloves (optional, but highly recommended)
Put on your gloves and gather everything you will need.
Once you mix the ingredients, the solution must be used immediately, so there won't be any time to go searching for the dog, etc!

I did this outside and tied the dog up to a post so my hands would be free.
I also had a hose handy. I suppose you could do this in your bathtub if you had to, but I wouldn't unless I was very desperate!
They have public dog washes at some car washes and this might be an option for some people.
Mix together the peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap.
Stir well and then quickly apply to the DRY dog being careful, not to splash any in his eyes.
Thoroughly work the solution in his coat. It should cover and permeate as much of the hair as possible.
Allow the dog to "soak" for around 5 minutes.
A chemical reaction is occurring which actually neutralizes the odor.
This is why you must use it before the peroxide and soda are finished with their reaction.
It can not be made ahead of time and stored.
After the waiting period, thoroughly rinse the dog with water.
You may have to repeat the process, but I only had to do it once and we were skunk free !
Ashlea S. - Toronto, ON


~ Grooming Area ~
100% ALWAYS ALWAYS groom your poodle and clip their nails on a 48" grooming table
using a 48" grooming arm and a noose for control and safety.
My husband has bad allergies and the poodles fine hair clippings would go through the house.
So now I have half of his wood working shop to set up a grooming area.
I bought a Booster Bath, 2 laundry tubs (I added PVC pipe to the legs to make higher)
*Click to see more details


~ New 2015 ~
We updated our Grooming Shop to include a $4,000.00 US Stainless Steel Shor-Line Versa shower tub
I found used on Kijiji for $1500.00
It was just missing rubber stripping around the door entry ($60.00)
steps ($900.00) and raised grid flooring ($90.00) and the back tie bar ($50.00)
I opted to not use the sprayer attachment, preferring my own washing machine hose and garden hose nozzle
I will be putting dry-deck rubber grid on the tub floor to finish it off.

I bought new Thorinox double stainless steel sinks (restaurant store) to replace my plastic laundry tubs
I will be adding on higher legs so less bending over, into the sink, for me to clean dishes.
On the grooming shop floor I also added rubber grey "G-Flooring" from Walmart (free shipping to store)
putting the ribbed side "down" for ease of cleaning. So much nicer to stand on to groom and much better looking.
I'm still searching/saving for stainless steel drying cages to replace my plastic cages
I am still using the Ultimate Dog Wash system which also makes bathing so fast especially big show coats
I just fill one side of the sink with soapy water and the other side with rinse water, so does not recirculate
instead I get clean fresh water for every dog.

On one laundry tub, I added a Heavy Duty garden hose nozzle & washing machine hose (long) to withstand hot water (need brass adaptors).
Gas on demand water heater, so never run out of hot water and takes up very little space, garage cabinets on wheels for grooming supplies
2 grooming tables with 48" tall arm and nooses, Double K stand dryer, forced air dryer, cages to dry in


Heavy Duty garden hose nozzle & washing machine hose (long) and also a double female connector
Beneficial as you can set your temperature
at your taps and shut off with the adjuster between soaping up
so you don't have to keep readjusting your temperature.
Get the 6' long hose, long enough to reach your tub.
You will have to buy a Laundry Faucet Adapter for your tap spout to fit the washer machine hose onto

Ultimate Dog washing system
I have to admit with working full time I don't always have time to groom my poodles and for sure I don't
do any show grooming. I leave that to the professionals. As a result my groomer was complaining about
how slow bathing was and how much she would appreciate a better system.
This inspired me to research and build the Ultimate Dog washing system
for myself and
because my groomer LOVED IT and it worked so well, I thought I would offer this affordable system to the public.
Of course any Bijou Poodle owner can get a discount on the purchase of this system !!

Double K Groomers Edge GRIMEinator Shampoo
These are the grooming products that the professional Poodle Groomers use !
Make sure to properly dilute this if you have concentrated jug.
Of course professional groomers also use "dish soap". PLEASE make sure you rinse any and all soap
out of the coat. My Ula also has allergies to the Griminator Shampoo so we use human shampoo (Pantene) on her
Available at PetEdge, Amazon, Cherrybrooke.

All Systems Color shampoo Red-Brown

Will NOT work on a puppy. Wait until they have their adult coats
This will stain skin and clothing. I put on and leave it on in a cage for 20 minutes
Rinse out very well. Not for every day use, only for special occasions.

We use Pantene Hair Shampoo on our poodles for routine grooming.


Vet Solutions Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo by Vet Solutions
Soothing soap free shampoo with moisturizers for Allergies, normal, sensitive, or dry skin.
This shampoo works effectively without removing your pet's natural skin oils.
This product is for dogs & cats. Make shampooing a soothing experience for your pet by purchasing this product.

Vet Solutions Aloe & Oatmeal Skin & Coat Conditioner by Vet Solutions
Ideal for pets with allergies

Groomer's Aprons
Great to wear while using dremel or washing dogs.

Booster Bath is a great alternative to bending over
a tub or squishing a larger dog into a laundry tub.
You will still have water everywhere with this system
as the dogs do hang their heads over the sides.
I do like mine and use it.
You can buy these at Costco "Booster Bath" $159.00
Booster Bath is also at Walmart : $179.95
Or at their web site: Booster Bath for $179.00
You can also buy accessories for this such as a ramp and leg extensions to make higher.
I believe ramps are cheaper at Petsmart.
I now blow my guys dry in the tub with the Laube force air dryer and finish on the grooming table

I wanted to keep my booster bath as I can move it around.
But I didn't like water going everywhere so I took a plastic corrugated sheet
split it so that I could wrap it following the tub's contours and fastened it to the booster bath.
Now all the water stays in the tub ! Not pretty but it works perfectly.

I have metro and The Kool Dry Dryer by Chris Christensen Systems (total garbage)
nothing compares to the velocity or force of the Laube forced air dryer. I love the new longer hose too.
After you towel dry you will use this to blow the majority of the water out of the coat.
*NOTE replacement hose is $155.00 so take care of your hose

Dog Hair Blowers
I only use a stand dryer to put up against my dog cage that my dog is in
to dry them when it is too cold for them to run outside and air dry
*NOTE if you do this method set a timer so you don't forget about your dog !!!
You don't need an expensive hair blower, but it sure will be easier to blow them dry with a free hand to brush with
It makes a HUGE difference when you blow them dry (always towards the head) than if you let them air dry.
I don't usually have the patience to blow and brush dry, so my guys air dry unless I'm showing them.

From Walmart ...Andis Company 7-Piece Pro Pet Clipper With Professional Blade: $55.54
If you are thinking of trying to groom yourself then you may wish to get this inexpensive quality Clipper.
It comes with a #10 which is ideal for clipping the face.
You will need a #30 for feet and a #7 for the body.
If you wish to use what the pro's use and spend a bit more money
then you are looking at Oster Golden A5 Single-Speed Clipper which usually comes with a 10 or 40 blade
The cheapest place to find grooming products is at Pet Edge
I would reccomend just getting a simple one speed as doesn't get as hot as the 2 speed
A good name brand is either Andis or Oster

I suggest you buy #7F to do the body with
#10 Blade for doing Face
#40 paws and under any clips/guards
What ever clipper you use, it is best to match up the same name brand of blades
#05 or #07 Blade for short suede like body
The higher the number of the blade
the shorter the hair will be. #40 Blade is often referred
to as the surgical blade as it is the one Vets will prepare with.
Pet Edge
Ren's Pet Depot
Clipper Blade Information Answered
Clipper Blade questions Answered
Clipper Blade size Answered

Wahl Stainless Steel Clip Comb Attachments 8 pc Set
Wahl Stainless Steel Guide Comb Attachments are an inexpensive and versatile way to clip coats to any length.
Wahl® Stainless Steel Attachment Guide Comb Set features: Narrow blades move easily through coat for a smoother finish.
Smooth tips ensure snag-free grooming, and eliminate the risk of scratching skin.
Universal, self-adjusting combs feature a four-sided fit for secure attachment.
The combs are color-coded for at-a-glance identification, and are also imprinted with the length and comb number.
Set includes a plastic storage tray. Works best with #30 blades.
Wahl Stainless Steel Combs fit Andis®, Conair®, Master Grooming ToolsTM, Oster®, Wahl® and Laube detachable style blades.
Not intended for use with ceramic blades.


ButterCut Shears-Geib Entree Shears
I'm not a pro groomer and it was suggested that I start out with the 8.5" straight and curved
the price was $69.00

~Scissor Style ~ Nail clippers & Kwiki stop for nail bleeds.
ONLY if you are not comfortable using a dremel for the nails.
NEVER EVER EVER... clip nails the day before the show as if you go too short the dog could limp.
We now use a Dremel which keeps the nails shorter and has no bleeding.
YOu can get these at Canadian Tire or any hardware store for under $50.00.

Kwikstop Styptic Powder, 0.5 oz
Available at Walmart : $6.17

#1 All systems combs
I don't believe in paying a fortune for combs however I have found that a nice wide tooth comb
like the dematting one has been great for a matted poodle. I also really liked the Perfect Poodle comb.

Master Groom Undercoat Rakes Millers Forge Undercoat Rake
OK ... NEVER EVER use this on a show coat !!
However I will use this if I have a stubborn knot, being carful not to touch the skin
as it can do damage and hurt your dog if you scrape them.

Universal Slicker Brushes - Hard Slicker Brush
You will need to comb from the
body outwards, from the root of the hair not just the top.
I have tried MANY slicker brushes and these red handle hard slickers on adult poodles has worked the best for me
I am always careful of the pin needles around the poodles skin. Do be careful and try on your own arm to see how sharp they are.

Fashion Grooming Tables-Blue/Pink/Purple Regular table
Low Legs (Medium dogs) - 36 x 24 and 30" high for short people like me at 5'3"
High Legs (Medium dogs) - 36 x 24 and 32" high if taller to save your back
Any style or type of grooming table will do however I liked the height option on the Fashion one.
You can change the color of the top of the tables by using the non-slip cabinet drawer liner laying on top
Please note that most tables do not come with grooming arms (although may be in the photo)
the tables that do come with arms, the arms will be too short usually at 36" and you will eventually need 48"
You can't go too big, but you are out of luck if you get one too short

48" Grooming arm either regular or a collapsible as seen at ProGroom
48" Grooming Arm & Clamp and Noose/Loop: $47.58 each

Precision Heavy-Duty Grooming Tables
36" Grooming Table, arm and noose from CherryBrook
Precision Table from Ren's pet Depot
Midwest Pets 36'' Grooming Table with Arm from Walmart
Grooming tables often come with 36" arms which are too short for standard Poodles you will need a 48" arm
The best way to groom your dog for the ring is to use the table and save your back.
Make sure you bring a few towels.
I found bath mats are ideal to line crates with.
Make sure to put your name and contact information on the bottom of the table incase you leave it behind


Please keep in mind that if you buy from the USA you will have to pay exchange, shipping, duty and taxes.

Whitman Sharpening for grooming supplies

Pet Edge

Jeffers Pet Supply


Needs N Desires

Cherrybrook show Supplies

Coscto Pet Supplies




Ren's Pets Depot:






TSC Stores:


Pooch Canada Pet Supplies:


Four Paws Only:


JB Wholesale Pet Supplies

~ Best Grooming Instructions Online I have seen ~

~ Click here to Learn About Proper Poodle Structure ~

*Click Here to view The Best Grooming Web Page

This web page contains great information about grooming your standard Poodle.
Not being one to "reinvent the wheel" I am putting this web page link here for you to look at

I am not a professional groomer.
I did do the grooming on these 2 dogs pictured below.
If I can do it so can you !
I have listed everything I use below.

Black Standard Poodle Before and After grooming.

Before & After Groom
Brown Standard Poodle @4 months 1st hair cut
You can clip your poodle as early as 8 weeks of age.
Or keep them shaggy looking for as long as you wish.

This is how my poodles look when not being shown

Grand Champion, "Bijou's Ooh La La", CA, CAX, CAT, URO1, URO2, RN
UKC's #4


Poodle in a modified Puppy show clip
Modified as it has no top knot

Puppy Show Clip worn by Poodles "under" 1 year of age.

Continental Show Clip seen at the dog shows on dogs over a year of age.

Sporting Clip for UKC

English Saddle Clip

Hunting or modified Continential Clip for those poodles that have a Hunting title
The difference with this is there is a scissored no top knot
not long head hair held with elastics.

Dutch Clip

Poodles in a "Sporting Clip".
Legs are left longer than the body and neck.
We show our poodles in UKC in this clip

Creative Dog grooming a "robot dog" & "bufallo dog"

Any clip you want. You can even dye your poodle's coat
(with specialty dyes or food colour)

Super Groom 2007 click to see funky poodles

Example of Wiggies or Switches that the pros put into their Show Poodles Top Knots
to make the coat look thicker and more even, for grooming.
Kind of like temporary hair extensions humans wear.

OK so you are thinking about showing AKC or CKC,
Great you are every Poodle Breeders dream owner.
The Poodle in the above photo is how your poodle needs to look.
How is this achieved ?
Skilled grooming for certain, Daily coat conditioning and of course Wiggies or Switches (fake hair).

According to this poodle's groomer, the poodle in the photo above had 4 wiggies woven in her top knot.
You don't weave them in, you place them in the bands on the head as you are banding up their topknots.
Since bands are only allowed to be placed back to the occiput for show poodles, generally you won't find any wiggies beyond that point.
The dog's natural hair must be about the same length as the wiggies for it to look ok. They are there to provide body and thickness.
On this particualr dog the groomer tried to show her once as an adult without wiggies, and she said "you could basically see right thru
her topknot when it was all sprayed up. She doesn' t have the natural thickness to pull it off without the switches".

And before anyone says this is not possible...YES I have seen pro-handlers/groomers do this at a CKC dog show.
The before and after is way too amazing to describe. You would have to see the difference extra fullness and height makes in person.
If done properly the judges will not feel them, because they are banded in with the elastics holding the real hair in place.
Yes it is forbidden and you would get disqualified if found, but because "everyone" does it, judges have been conditioned to
overlook it and not say anything in AKC or CKC show rings.

Handlers/pro groomers may also dye their dog's coats to brighten the coat, correct colour and or hide mismarks.
Noses and lips and eye rims can be dyed and or tatoo'd black if the pigmentation is incomplete
Missing, misaligned or broken teeth receive dental care, whitening, braces and or bonding to correct.
Hair is enhanced with numerous products left in, to thicken and coursen the coat.
Eye drops can be used to dilate the pupils on a light coloured dog.
Gaits are analysed with hawk like precision and videos to figure out the correct speed for that individual dog to obtain that perfect gait.
There are MANY more "tricks of the trade" that are used to show dogs and especially poodles.
You can have the best poodle in the world but how that 2 feet of show coat is presented, will soon seperate a novice from a pro.
Coupled with the fact that Poodle Pro Handlers have been doing grooming and showing often since the time they could walk
really has the novice at a disadvanage, especially with the Poodle breed and even more so with a rare colour like red or brown.
Of course NOTHING is ever impossible. You can certainly do it yourself but I feel it is important to not disallusion anyone to the
amount of daily work involved and what you will be up against so you can prepare yourself.

In UKC shows we are not allowed hair spray, chalking, or any of the usual grooming products used to spruce up Poodles and or any breed.
If anyone is caught using any "products" they will be disqualified.
Owners FINALLY have a venue to show their poodles in a natural state
and with other owner handlers, because UKC does not allow any professional handlers.
However, this being said, more and more poodles are showing up in UKC that have "Continental" Clips
with owners who had hired pros to champion them in AKC or CKC and now want the opportunity to show their own poodles to a title
These same owners are used to using products and other enhancements, so we may see some "switches" and sprays
being used soon in UKC soon. It will be up to the "BETTER" judges to set a president that this will not be tolerated.
If one judge lets is slide then the others will as well. However if one judge disqualifies this then others will take notice as will exhibitors.

Banding your poodle's precious hair will be required if you are growing in coat for show.

I can't say enough about this AMAZING Grooming web page by Ridgewood Poodles !!


Leading Edge Dog Show Academy

Tips and tricks to make the grooming process easier for both you and your poodle.
An online tutorial on how to show groom a Poodle, along with DVD's
Poodle grooming classes, taught by one of the most sought after, winning Poodle Handlers
All breed handling classes and Junior handling classes.
Allison also gives you feedback should you have any questions.
All online to learn at your own pace with interactive feedback.
Bijou Poodle receive discount by clicking !!


Cillas Canine Coiffure
Groomer: Priscilla Suddard (AWARD WINNING GROOMER !!!)
756 Albert Street, Oshawa ON, L1H4T6
Phone: (905) 432-1806

Bryson Academy of Grooming/Dogs (AWARD WINNING GROOMER !!!)
Groomer: Nancy Bryson
15964 Airport Road, Caledon East ON, L7C1K5
(905) 584-9908

Brielle Poodle Grooming
Michelle and Peter Scott and Katheryn Murray - Professional Handlers and Groomers
RR#3, 56 Gilmour Rd.
Guelph, ON, N1H 6H9
Phone: (519) 763-1689

Stephanie Poot
Ancaster, ON
289-339-4717 email steph.mocoa97@live.com
Show groomer and handler

Expert Grooming and Handling
Michelle A. Therrien - Pro handler/groomer
9 Bishop Road Welland, ON L3B 2V4
Specialize in all coated breeds
905-732-2192 or info@miteebichons.com

B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy
23 Conservation Drive or 8460 Torbram Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Z 4R3
(905) 840-0499 or 905-792-3093

Simply the Best Dog-Gone Salon
Groomer: Valerie Weston
135 Avenue Rd (2nd floor) Toronto, Ontario Canada M5R 2H7
(416) 964-1213

Byron Pet Salon
1304 Commissioners Road West
London, ON N6K 1E1
Telephone : 519-473-3214

Groom 'n' Style
2 Wignall Cres (on Hwy 7)
Unit B, Markham, ON L3P 1C1 michelle@groomnstyle.ca http://www.groomnstyle.ca/

Groomer: Kelli Gilliss
547-981-2275 (BARK)

The Puppy Spa
Groomer: Jodi Murphy
Great Meadows, NJ 908-637-0388

The Dog From Ipanema
Groomer: Jarbas Godoy is Copper's Groomer
7230 SW 57th Avenue
South Miami, Florida 33143
(305) 663-1712 or yodog1951@aol.com

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