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Contact us: brownpoodles@yahoo.com

Standard Poodle Puppy Application

I have owned Standard Poodles since 1967.
Owning, loving and working Standard Poodles is my Passion
and I hope you will also enjoy sharing your life with a Standard Poodle.

After I receive your application I review it.
At that time if I have any questions or concerns I email you for clarification.
If you are "approved" then I will either let you know what month to get back in touch with me
OR I will send you are paypal page, for you to make a deposit or purchase with.
Only those with a deposit on a puppy will be contacted for any availability.

If you are NOT approved I will reply to you and let you know why you are not approved along with
some suggestions for alternate breeds or perhaps just even a way to better prepare yourself
for a dog or puppy later down the road.
Please keep in mind that I ONLY have our puppies best interest in mind
and of course I want you to be happy with your puppy as well.
I will not push a puppy onto you,
if I feel that you will not be a good match for one of our pups,
or we feel we do not have what you want.

We expect that everyone that is filling out our Application
and especially those that send us a deposit
have fully read and in agreement to our CONTRACT
and has also read our web pages:
Steps in Purchasing
Bijou Difference


Please copy and paste this into an email
send application to "bijoupoodles@yahoo.com"
If you are unable to "copy and paste" then please include your FULL address and contact information
and just answer questions numbering 1-25 along with full contact info an email.

1. FULL name:
Address (street, City, State/province, Zip or Postal code):
Email: (please use only "1" email when corresponding to save confusion
What is your facebook page under:

2.     How did you find us, or who referred you to us ?

3.     Why have you decided to purchase a standard poodle?

4.     Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

5.     What color poodle puppy do you want to have in order of preference?
For information about our colours read:
~ About our Browns
~ About our Reds
~ About Colour Breeding

6.     Would you take a different sex or color if your first choice is unavailable ?

7.     Are you willing to wait up to 6 -12 months for your puppy ? Or what is your time frame ?

8.     What physical and or personality qualities are you looking for in your puppy ?
Please give as much detail as you can, as we use this information
to select your puppy for you.

9.     What does your weekly routine entail ?
what does your weekend routine entail ?

10.     Would you be willing to contact us if you are ever unable care for your puppy any longer at any time during lifetime ?
Bijou Poodles will ALWAYS take back ANY of our pups at ANY age should they need a home,
WHAT EVER THE REASON... please do not put a poodle in a shelter we will help you rehome !!

11.     Do you have the patience to go through the trials and tribulations of puppy hood which can last up to 18 months of age
(please take a minute to read this web page: Problems with a New Puppy) Puppies do not come trained.
You will have to teach them to be content in a cage and
such behaviour is NORMAL for puppy to try.
You are expected to physcially correct, undesired behaviour.
If you are not able to, or do not have the skills to correct an 8 lbs puppy from doing this,
please consider a Toy dog breed, OR plan on what obedience school you will be using.
Dogs doing undesired behaviour is a PEOPLE problem, not a puppy problem.

12.      Are you planning to drive to pick up your puppy ?
(We are located near Niagara Falls)
Pet Transporter within Canada may be around $800.00
If you are not able to pick up your puppy
at our home near Niagara Falls

2020-2023 Lockdowns have changed a lot of transportation options.
Prior to this and for over 30 years I was able to send my pups across North America
Since the lockdowns USA people will need
to arrange to pick up your puppy in person at my home.
I may be able to arrange to meet you in New York, but would not be my preference.

As of 2024
Citizens of the U.S. who are members of the NEXUS program
may present their membership card as proof of identification
and as a document that denotes citizenship, when arriving by air
(when coming from the U.S.), or land, or marine modes.

Americans with an Enhanced Identification Card (EIC) or Enhanced Drivers License (EDL)
from Washington State, Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, New York, or Vermont
can be allowed to travel to Canada without a Passport.
Enhanced Driver's Licenses are only valid for land and marine crossings.

As an example, I have had people from Miami choose to fly into BUF airport, rent a car and
(drive the 1.5 hours from there to my home).
Pick up their puppy and return with puppy, as a flight carry on
all for under $300 booking Frontier Airlines
(www.flyfrontier.com) directly from their website.
Frontier charges $99 to carry the pet in the cabin.
Wait times at the NY border, have been 10-15 minutes.
Others have chosen to fly into Detroit and drive the 3 hours to my home
Flying home with puppy as a carry on and or driving home with puppy.

Those planning on coming to my home crossing Niagara Falls I really do
encourage you to do some site seeing on the Canadian side, if you have never been to Niagara Falls.
There is helicopter rides and in summer a ride on the Maid of the Mist is suprisingly enjoyable.
AND there are places to see such as the Wax Museums, Butterfly Conservatory and Bird Kingdom
Of course Niagara Falls Region is famous for its many wineries and tours

13.      Do you know about the special grooming requirements and the costs involved with owning a Standard Poodle ?
take a minute to read this web page: Grooming

14.      We only place pups as Pets unable to be bred. This means if you purchase from Bijou Poodles
you understand, and you have agreed, that you are purchasing a pet, for our pet price.
Your puppy may be spayed/neutered prior to leaving my home to ensure this.
By placing a $200.00 non-refundable deposit, you are agreeing to these terms.
If you are searching for a puppy with ability to breed, or breeding rights or "unlimited" registration
I will not have that for you, unless you are willing to AKC show your puppy to Championship Title
and puppy would be sold on a co-ownership until terms are met.

15.      On average how many hours will puppy be left alone during the day?
Please note that if left loose, a puppy WILL pee inside, every 20 minutes - YES THEY WILL !!
If confined in an appropriate sized cage: at 6 weeks,
a pup can hold his bladder about 4 hours, by 8 weeks = 5 hours, by 12 weeks = 6 hours
and by 5-6 months a pup should be able to hold it for an 8 hour work day.

16.      If you live in a town house or Condo are you going to be able to get the puppy outside every 2 hours
initially to facilitate toilet and house training ?
Do you know your condo rules or retirement community Rules on the size of dog you are allowed ?

17.      Do you have a fenced in property ? Or what means do you have to keep the puppy safe and secure while in the yard ?

18.      Where will the puppy be kept when you are not at home ?

19.      Where will the puppy sleep ?

20.      Do you plan on taking any training classes ?
(we have an extensive Obedience web page to help you out)

21.      Who will the puppy be sharing their home with ?
(Please list all humans and or other animals)

22.      Is anyone living with you needing special care or disabled in any way ?
*Poodles for Special Needs

23.      What has made you consider a purchase from Bijou Standard Poodles ?

24.      Have you owned and or raised a Puppy before ? and where are they now ?

25.      Do you agree to contact us, PRIOR to any doing any surgeries or
expensive, intrusive health investigations ?
(we may not have all the answers, but please give us a chance, to offer you alternative solutions)

26.     What Vaccination Protocol, Flea Products, Heart Worm Products would you consider using on our puppy ?
Please keep in mind that these "products" are Toxins, extremely harmful and cause some
serious adverse reactions some of which are listed here: Vaccines

27.      Because of changing times, we will only accept CASH on pick up.
This means no checks, MO, or any other form of payment other that CASH.

28.      Do you have any questions for us that are not contained on our Web Pages Below feel free to email me: *The Bijou Difference (Why should you buy from Bijou Poodles ?)
*Our References
*What Can I do with My Bijou Poodle
*History Of Bijou Poodles
*Finding a Reputable Breeder


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