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!! AVAILABLE PUPPIES !!..... Meet Our Poodles

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What Can I do with my working Bijou Poodle ?


Bijou's Working Poodles Doing what they Love to Do :

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Field work.................Obedience...... Alter.......Conformation.....................Agility ................Carting/Drafting

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Rally Obedience.............Weight Pulling.......................Lure Coursing.....................................Dock Jumping

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AKC Farm Dog Certificate.........AKC Trick Dog Title.....UKC Nosework...................UKC Barn Hunt

Cadence (Faith x Price) at 6 years of age
and her owner Shelley W. of New Brunswick
competing in "Canicross Racing"

"Some people dream of success
while others wake up and work hard at it."

Special Needs or Service Dogs

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UKC Nosework

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Barn Hunt.....

Crystal and
Finnegan earn a PROTECTION "Schutzhund" Title (now called IPO)
They are only the 5th confirmed Standard Poodle team
to earn this prestigious IPO Title in the WORLD !!
and of course the first RED STANDARD POODLE !!

Niko completing the Green Mountain Iron Dog Competition
put on by the Vermont Police Canine Association

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(Ula #4 and Dare #9)
2011 UKC's Top 10 Standard Poodle Award
(not 1 but 2 of our Poodles placed in UKC Top Ten and accomplished this as puppies !!!)

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(Reva #1 and Glory #6)
2013 UKC's Top 10 Standard Poodle Award
(not 1 but 2 of our Poodles placed in UKC Top Ten and accomplished this as puppies !!!)

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2014 UKC's #3 Standard Poodle in the world Glory with very limited showing
Notably the ONLY Standard Poodle in Top Ten with Working titles too ! Not just a pretty face !!

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Our 12 Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Champions we "PRODUCED as of 2017
Shown at all ages, and both puppy and continental clips, with Best of Breed and Group Wins
I hate having our Poodles in these ridiculous "hair do's" but, we had to prove our Poodles
were of quality to Champion in any Venue, and well, we did it in less than twelve months
with the help of Team Allison Foley, and our groomer Laurie Soutar
Don't worry these "glamour" kids still do all the working events !!

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UKC Total Dog Award
Same show, Same Day a dog has to win in a Dog Sport Ring and in a Show Ring
Something very few dogs are physically or mentally capable of doing.
Course Bijou Poodles usually do 1-3 Dog Sports, Temperament Test and then the Dog Show.
Bijou Poodles really are, "ALL THAT"
A Total Dog displays equal parts Function, Temperament, and Structure.
UKC Total Dog philosophy places an emphasis on dogs who shine in multiple venues,
such as displaying the gait appropriate for their breed type while in the show ring,
and then using that superb construction to effortlessly run full speed in a Lure Coursing race.
A sound, well-bred, well-adjusted dog can easily transition from the show ring to a performance event.
They have the looks to excel as a proper specimen of their breed,
while also having the brains and ability to perform athletically in a variety of sporting events.

Beau and Aero doing UKC Rally Obedience and scoring 1st and 2nd in Class their first trail !!
Click to read more about Beau, Click to read more about Aero

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Socialized Pet Obedience Test (SPOT)

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Lautrec (brown male) and Karat (red female)
both earning an AKC Star Puppy Certificate

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Ruby, Valor, Joy earning their
Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title

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Finnegan and Aero
earning their Canine Good Neighbour certificates

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Special Needs Therapy Dogs

Temperament Testing Title in AKC, CKC, UKC

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AKC, CKC, UKC, Rally Conformation or Performance Titles

The Buddy System Leash

Hands free jogging or walking leash.
Our Poodles love daily jogging with their owners. Raven does my 6km a day when I was training.
Available at Amazon or buy direct at their web page. Buddy System
I really love this product and I will be using it for Skijoring and sled pulling along with a harness

("Cooper" enjoying this sport with his owner)
Salty Dog Canvas Skijoiring
Skijoring Information
Getting Started
Ruff Wear Omnijore Joring System
We also know that serious sled dogs use the cheaper cordura dog boots very effectively.

Mushing Poodles in the Iditarod

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Rika (red standard Poodle male) sheep herding

Finnegan passing the Herding Instinct Test

Bijou's Olive learning Tracking

What Can I do with My Working Bijou Poodle ?


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Starting in 2013 Poodle Racing Association of Canada
Poodles can now race with CARA !!!
This means your Poodle (toy, miniature, Standard) can race competitively against other Poodles for titles !

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Bijou Poodles making AKC and UKC history, with the First Lure Coursing Standard Poodles
Come and join us at the shows, we do it all !!

Every year we like to encourage our working Poodle People to come out to a show and enter their dog
in Lure Coursing, Rally, Obedience, Weight Pulling, Conformation/Showing or Canine Good Citizen Testing
I will pay for the first show entry fee and then it is up to the owner if you wish to continue.
Owners may choose to show themselves or hand their puppy over to me to show for them.
Owners may even drop off the puppy on a Thursday and pick up puppy on the Sunday at my home or the show.
Choice is up to the owner how involved or how much they wish to participate.

Bijou Poodles also offers CASH Incentives !

Make sure if your Bijou Poodle accomplishes anything that you take a photo and preferably with the judge
you will just never get that moment back later and so many people have regrets for not taking the time to get a photo.

~ CLICK HERE, to see what is new with BIJOU POODLES ~

What you need to bring to a Performance Event:
Put your name on everything to avoid confusion or loss
A comfortable chair
Poop scoop baggies
Cage for Puppy (yes be a good owner. All our pups should be trained to be content in a cage)
Water jug for your puppy/water bucket (we like 2 quart size with narrow hook)
6 foot leash and a flat collar as some Judges do not allow choke collars
If the event is outside, then you may wish to bring a 10'x10' straight leg canopy
A reward, either toy or treats

What you need to bring to a Conformation Show:
All the above
Grooming Tools to fluff and primp
36" Grooming Table with 48" arm
Show lead and collar
Of course you could bring more which we have listed here: Showing

If you come to a show with us, we will provide everything else that you will need, such as grooming and show tools.
If you are planning on showing your puppy yourself, then you will also need to bring attire similar to
what you would wear to a job interview or to church. Basically you will need to appear professional
Also shoes that are plain and blend with your clothing that are flat and comfortable to run in.
If you are going to do Lure Coursing, weight pulling or Obedience then you will need comfortable "layers" of clothing
Mornings are cold and wet and usually afternoons are dry, humid and sunny.
We will have drinks and food, but you could also bring your own cooler and water for your dog.


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Come and see us at the shows !!

*Video about finding your passion with your dog
worth the effort to share time with your dog

Why Title your Dog

by Sandy Mowery

Not just a brag, not just a stepping stone to a higher title, not just an adjunct to competitive scores;
a title is a tribute to the dog that bears it, a way to honor the dog, an ultimate memorial.
A title will remain in the record and in the memory, for about as long as anything in the world can remain.
And though the dog herself doesn't know or care that her achievements have been noted,
a title says many things in the world of humans, where such things count.
A title says your dog was intelligent, adaptable, and good-natured. It says that your dog loved you
enough to do the things that please you, however crazy they may have sometimes seemed.

In addition, a title says that you love your dog.
That you loved to spend time with her because she was a good dog and that you believed in her enough
to give her yet another chance when she (or you!) failed and in the end your faith was justified.
A title proves that your dog inspired you to that special relationship enjoyed by so few.
That in a world of disposable creatures, this dog with a title was greatly loved, and loved greatly in return.

And when that dear short life is over, the title remains as a memorial of the finest kind
the best you can give to a deserving friend. Volumes of praise in one small set of initials after a name.
An Obedience (Weight Pull, Lure Coursing, Rally, Barn Hunt, Nosework, Agility) title is nothing less than the true love and respect
given and received and recorded permanently.

What are the initials after the dog's names ?

We show in AKC, UKC, and various other Associations whose titles are not recognized by AKC or UKC
AKC titles will not appear on UKC registration Papers and UKC titles will not appear on AKC registration papers
We do these activities with our Poodles, because they love these sports, and it also show cases our Poodle's abilities

CA - Coursing Aptitude (UKC Title)
CAX - Coursing Excellence (UKC title)
Lure Coursing Web page

CARA - Canadian Amateur Racing Association
PRAC - Poodle Racing Association of Canada

URO1 - UKC Rally Level 1
URO2 - UKC Rally Level 2
URO3 - UKC Rally Level 3

UCD - UKC Companion Dog title
CD - AKC Companion Dog title

RN - AKC Rally Novice
RA - AKC Rally Advanced

AKC CA - AKC Lure Coursing Title

WP - Weight Pulling Title
WPCH - Weight Pull Championship

National Working Dog Association weight pull title

PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, PT5, NCC, NN1, NNV, NNE - UKC Nosework Titles

RATI - UKC Barn Hunt Title

CH - UKC Championship
Poodle must earn 100 Points, under 3 different judges and at 3 different shows

GRCH - UKC Grand Championship
Poodle must be a Champion, win five Champion classes with competition at five different shows, under at least three different UKC-licensed Judges.

Poodle must earn a competition win in Conformation (show) and qualify in a performance event
same show, same day.
Very rare for dogs to be able to run from the show ring and into obedience and qualify the same day.
This is an unofficial title right now. Bijou Poodles enter up to 4 events the same show
and we have earned many Total Dog Awards.

Each Calendar year Standard Poodles earn a point for every Poodle they beat when they win Best of Breed
At the end of the year the Standard Poodle earning the most points by beating the most Poodles, across the World
will win #1-10th Top Poodle for that year.
Bijou Poodles has won 5 Top Ten Awards, including #1 Standard Poodle for 2013 all with Poodles we have "produced".
UKC holds shows in 50 US states and 25 Foreign Countries.

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