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We have a purchase agreement, so that you can read in full PRIOR to purchase what we are willing and or not
willing to do given any situation. The terms are CLEAR and easy to read and not
a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that neither you or I will be able to understand.

Our Agreement, is a living breathing document.
Over the years we have modified this Agreement numerous times to better address the concerns of all parties involved.
IF you have any questions about my Agreement, ask me. I'm more than happy to help you understand
why something is written and I'm always open to hearing suggestions to better protect Owner and Breeder.
I am not out to mislead anyone with a "lifetime" guarantee which when you read the fine print doesn't really
protect against anything, or rip anyone off with statements I'm not willing to follow through with.
My Agreement is here for the world to see .

As responsible breeders we would like you to contact us if puppy is said to require any surgeries
during puppies lifetime, BEFORE you agree to anything !!! but especially before a year of age.
Often, we are able to offer insight and alternative
solutions which may save you money and also stress on one of our precious pups with unnecessary treatments or surgeries.
We also wish to know if anything is wrong or happens with any of our pups
and at any age, because we want to know how our breeding program is doing.

We are also available to aid you in solving common puppy training issues.
While we did our best to screen puppy people, to only those with ability, support and experience with new puppies
however despite our efforts, we do understand that puppy energy/behaviour, can be very overwhelming and we can aid you in finding
a more suitable trainer, to help you modify your behaviour, so puppy continues to be happy and welcome everywhere.
NEVER EVER medicate one of our pups to modify their behaviour, as that can cause permanent brain damage
and does not solve the OWNER issue with the actual behaviour. I would rather take the puppy back, if issues are that bad.

Please also remember you can return your puppy to us at any time, any age and for any reason.
We do offer a "buy back" program, because we want to ensure none of our pups end up in shelters.
This means you will get your purchase price, minus your non-refundable deposit and any
expenses, such as medical, or professional trainer costs, we have to pay in order to re-home your puppy/adult.


It is PARAMOUNT that people view Veterinarians not as Doctors but as Sales people, with a product to sell you.
This means that Pet Owners need to be very educated on what procedures or treatments they want their animals to have.
Pet Owners buying from an educated proactive responsible Breeder are going to be way a head of the game, and well armed.
Vet's unlike human Doctors in Canada, only make a living and pay their bills, by dispensing products and offering services
or by encouraging many unnecessary health investigations on your animal.


I network with animal health care professionals ALL the time and I am constantly, updating my knowledge base.
With my over 25 years of experience of Breeding and Training and with my knowing my own lines better than anyone else
I will be able to assist you in some manner, so do give me a chance to help you out with one of my precious pup's health.

~ But please do realise in advance.... that I refuse to be held accountable, for the choices YOU make for your puppy ~

Dr. John B. Armstrong "All dogs (and living organisms) are carriers
of multiple mutations. If a genetic disease is produced in an animal,
it is not necessarily the result of poor breeding practices,
but is the nature of inheritance as a random event.
There is no such thing as a perfect animal". (Mutt, Designer breed or Purebred)

I would be remiss if I did not remind the public, that there is no Mutt, Designer Breed
or Purebred or lines of Poodles, or colour of Poodles
that are free of disease or "issues", however Bijou Poodles does hope by intelligent
breeding practices and participating in the development of
DNA tests and using ALL the Health testing and screening tools that are available
AND as they become available and using only healthy Poodles in our program,
that we stand the best chance at producing the healthiest pups available,
acknowledging that we are still at the mercy of mother nature,
or as one person adequately said, "sometimes shit just happens"


Please do not struggle in silence or blindly trust a Vet.
You purchased from a long time, respected Breeder, so let me be there for our puppy.
The reason I say this, is because I know, if there is an issue of concern come up
it is because your Vet does not have the knowledge base or ability
to properly discover/diagnose or care for the puppy.
I know that what puppy is experiencing, is something innocent that we
can easily discover and manage because we have generations of healthy poodles
as well as pups from the same breeding that we have kept without any problems or concerns
and I can not help our puppy long distance, while you rack up thousands of dollars in ineffective care.
Examples of this ineptness, are too many to list, some are listed on our Vet Page



On each of our Poodle's individual web page, is a link to their OFA and DNA health screening
*Click to view example of testing
We also individually list each health test on their page below that link
Please view them to know what your puppy is protected against getting or having wrong with them.
After your puppy leaves our home, we have no control over what pesticides (i.e. flea, tick and heart worm)
or vaccines (laden with metals and other harmful chemicals, Lepto, Corona, Bordetella, Lyme)
poisoning our pups with yearly vaccinations against current Protocol's ie Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol
Sustaining unseen injuries at dog parks, day care centers
(running into other dogs, trees, people or kids sustaining head trauma, kicked by horses)
falling down stairs, slipping constantly on hard wood floors or tiled floors, causing hip or knee injuries.
Radiation from hydro, ingestion of chemicals, or bad Food/Feeding choices causing maldevelopment
or even abuse (Groomers, Visitors, Children) leading to head injury, throat injury or even neurological issues.
Feeding inadequate diets, some causing taurine-deficient dilated cardiomyopathy DCM
Choices and incidences caused by Owners that can harm our puppy and or adversely
effect the maturity and health of our otherwise healthy pups.
WE offer extensive information, and lifetime support, to aid our puppy people
in raising healthy Poodles and this still gets ignored.
As a result, we will not be held responsible, for any illness or disease we can not
DNA or OFA health screen their parents for.
We have kept pups out of each of our Breedings AND for generations, which is a true testament to the
Looks, Health, Size, Colour, Temperament and Longevity of our Poodles, if raised following our protocol.
Bijou Poodles are not responsible, for any medical bills you choose to agree to.

In over 24 years we have had some very strange dealings with people.
At first these were totally unexpected and anticipated.
We had one couple call us crying on the phone over the loss of their 1 year old poodle that suddenly died.
I totally believed them and I felt horrible, I mean who would think someone would go to these lengths if they were lying.
They said they buried the puppy in their backyard so did not have an autopsy report or death certificate or record of disposal.
They demanded a replacement puppy. We found out later from a neighbour (we will investigate) that their Poodle was alive and well
and they were just trying to scam us for a free replacement Poodle.
We have had fake death certificates sent to us (yes, we will call your vet to confirm),
we have had death certificates for breeds we don’t breed and death certificates from people we have not even sold to.
Of course this is only a portion of the wacky ways people have tried to scam us it would take pages to list all the various creative ways people try.
These are the same people who seemed totally normal and nice and some of whom even sent many references from Lawyers, Vets, Ministers.

So while we do understand that loosing a dear friend is traumatic and that the last thing you want to think about
is offering proof of death or medical reports to the breeder, but please try to understand that
As a reputable breeder, if we have any 'suspected' health issue crop up,
we also want conclusive evidence of what the issue was, because the findings will drastically effect the future of our Breeding program and choices we will make
and testing we invest in promoting and perfecting.
Lastly, as the breeder of any Poodle that has any suspected issues, we do take it hard personally.
This is a precious creature that we planned for and brought into this world
and cared for hourly for 8 weeks of it’s life.


2)    Buyer will send Bijou a photo of the puppy at one year of age, which will be of digital quality that Bijou can use for advertising purposes.
Understand that unless you specify otherwise, all photos sent to us
will become our property and may be displayed on our Facebook album or web page.

We ask for a photo because it is paramount that we know how our breeding program is doing. We want to know if our pups are maturing the way we expect physically. We also want proof that our pups are well cared for and in good health and this is at least one method to accomplish this. We may even use your photos and comments to display on our web page.


3)    The Buyer agrees that if at any time or for any reason they cannot keep the pup/dog, they must notify Bijou Standard Poodles who will always take the puppy back or offer to aid in his/her placement.

We know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances may lead to the possibility
that you can no longer care for your Bijou puppy. We want first opportunity to get our puppy back so that we may find them a suitable home. We never want any of our pups to be put in a shelter or given to a friend or family member that is not prepared to care for our puppy.
We will also BUY BACK any of our pups or dogs if found 100% healthy by our Vet, for the price we get in rehoming, after our expenses
and minus our $200.00 deposit.
Pups under a year of age usually command the same price as what you paid.
Pups older, will command a bit less. Payment will be sent to owners AFTER puppy is re-homed.


4)    Registration papers were provided at time of purchase either in hand or
is in rare cases we will keep until proof of spay/neuter is sent to us before 12 months of age.
It is up to Buyer to transfer the papers into the Buyers names should Buyer wish to do so.
"K-Lar" prefix is to remain on our brown puppies and "Bijou" prefix is to remain on our red puppies. All our pet puppies are sold with "limited" registration papers. Bijou is not responsible for any further registration process costs, or in obtaining any other organizations registration papers.

We have had people from all over the world wishing their own countries registration papers. It is up to buyer to check this out for themselves. We also have had people wish to enter events offered by various associations which require a membership or registration for them. We have to draw the line somewhere so we offer registration papers from 1 registry only. We also wish for our prefix to remain on pups we produced so that we know that the puppy is one of ours. This is also your way to receive cash rebates for any tittles you may obtain listed on our incentive page.


5)    Buyer will not vaccinate for Rabies in combination with any other vaccine. Buyer agrees to never vaccinate their puppy with a Rabies Vaccine before 6 months of age. Buyer agrees to never Vaccinate within 1-2 weeks of the puppy having any kind of surgical procedure, or if there is even the slightest question that puppy may be ill.
Buyer will notify Breeder immediately should a Vet say puppy is in need of any surgery or medical treatments are recommended BEFORE surgery or treatments are done.
Agreement will be void, if owner Vaccinates puppy yearly, vaccinates yearly for Rabies
or vaccinates for Lepto and or Corona (SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS)
We follow Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol on Vaccinations: Vaccines

Believe it or not we have had one of our puppy people vaccinate their puppy 3x in one week at their Vet’s by mistake and the puppy seizured.
We have had one of our pups over vaccinated suffer from a reaction and despite our advise revaccinate the following year and develop
Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia (AIHA) because of THEIR choice for their puppy's health care.
Be aware of what your Vet is doing to your puppy at all times.
Over vaccination can result in Vaccinosis which can cause permanent damage to your puppy’s health.
Vaccinations have caused thyroid problems, epilepsy, cancer, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, allergies and behavioral problems just to mention a few.
I would recommend that you do your own research. We have put together this web page to assist our Puppy People learn about
Vaccines the choice is yours but we will not guarantee pups vaccinated yearly.
Ask yourself if you honestly think the veterinary medical industry, is that far behind the human medical field
and we all know Humans do not need yearly vaccinations
Flea/Tick, heart worm treatments are "pesticides" so also consider
or weigh the pro's and con's of using these poisons in or on your puppy or what is the least damaging.
This is why we will also require puppy’s health record (record of inoculation) to examine should you have any health issues with your puppy.
Puppy Parent's dedication and concern for their puppy can sometimes be exploited and or fueled by unscrupulous people and even Veterinarians.
90% of the time we are able to provide answers for what puppy is experiencing (which is usually normal) and or alternative solutions
to unnecessary surgery or treatments. If you have any doubts, always seek a second clinic's Vet's opinion.
Your puppy and my puppy's health is at stake.


6)    Buyer agrees to provide routine veterinary care for the puppy including vaccinations as per Dr. Jean Dodd's protocol
but no vaccinating for Leptospira, Lyme, Coronavirus, use of any oral pesticides (for flea/tick/heartworm)
or our Vaccine protocals, routine worm checks and to keep records of such care should Owner have to return the puppy for replacement. Owner understands agreement will be void, if owner fails to provide routine veterinary care, if puppy is sold, bred, transferred or injured by accident or neglect or if any of the terms of this agreement are not followed.

We have heard of instances where a puppy was returned to a breeder that had a broken leg. We have had a puppy returned to us and soon discovered something was wrong with it and our Vet discovered it had a brain injury from a blow to the head. As a breeder the only control we have over our pups care to ensure they are treated well and cared for properly is when they are in our own care. The next best thing is to receive records from your Vet that will at least offer us some sort of record of what medically owners have done for their pet.


7)    We highly recommend Buyer take and graduate from a Basic Obedience Class taught by an accredited Trainer (CAPPDT) or School and by AKC or CKC or UKC Clubs and or trainers who have AKC, UKC or CKC titles on the dogs that they own.
The Owner will assume any further medical and legal costs involved in caring and maintaining the puppy as of the day of purchase. We would be happy to review any online information for schools or trainers you are considering.

We will provide our puppy people with a Confident, happy, vet checked healthy puppy. Our puppy people have seen their pups develop and grow weekly in videos and photos that were provided. Buyers receive a puppy ready to mold into the perfect companion. From this moment on, any behaviour good or bad is contingent upon the puppy parent’s skills in raising a puppy. This means they can sail through training or struggle with the basics such as how to stop puppy from nipping or jumping. Totally up to Puppy Parent’s and their training skills how well a puppy behaves. This is why we strongly suggest our Puppy Parent’s get professional help, to ensure they will not struggle with learning how to teach puppy the basics. We want our puppy parents to succeed and we want our pups to be raised properly, continuing along the same path that we started with them.


8)    This guarantee does not cover any common puppy ailments such as worms, coccidia and or giardia, vitamin deficiencies, ear infections, any viral, bacterial diseases, disorders brought on by parasites, the development of disqualifying faults, diseases, or disorders, such as cryptorchidism
missing or misaligned adult teeth, or anything brought on, due to the BUYER's negligence
or environmental conditions such as Vaccinosis (yearly vaccinations)
Cancer, Addisons, Digestive disorders, Bloat and Allergies.
The BUYER is responsible for any & all medical or legal costs for puppy, as of this day of purchase. BUYER agrees that they understand that the BREEDER is not responsible for the BUYER'S actions and or decision making in regards to Puppy’s care, including any medical care or procedures, legal issues, or anything effecting this puppy once it leaves the BREEDER'S hands on care. The BREEDER is not liable for any costs that result from BUYER'S actions or choices.

We can only guarantee against known diseases and issues we can test the parents for. After a puppy leaves our care, we have no idea what they will be subjected to. Have they ingested anything along walks (causing renal failure or Lepto), what have they come into contact with while at a puppy day care (communal dishes, bedding, elimination, correction), or if they have sustained any injuries (such as a blow to the head) broken or sprained limbs leading to other complications, fed fast foods filled with steroids, supplemented with too much of a good thing, daily walks on pesticide sprayed fields or living near or under hydro towers, or are the Puppy parents smokers. Have they been wrongly or over vaccinated once or over the years. Was puppy really stressed and or exercised and then fed. Was puppy coddled when scared or encouraged to be aggressive, either intentionally or not. As you can see the list goes on and on. It would be difficult as breeders to guarantee against anything we do not have full control over and what we are willing to guarantee for is listed in our Purchase agreement.


9)    The Breeder has provided daily care for pups and mother since birth including proper nutrition, mental and sensory stimulation through various toys newly introduced daily and environmental surfaces, as well as Biosensor stimulation to help ensure that our pups are all happy, confident, socialized, adjusted pups. Breeder had puppy Vet inspected healthy and received a Health Certificate to attest to this fact, that was issued within hours or 10 days of receiving puppy. Breeder has permanently identified puppy with the RFID Microchip which are the latest ISO standard FDXB format approved by the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club and The National Companion Animal Coalition. Breeder has provided Buyer with web page link to extensive Puppy Raising Information, Registration Papers on our Altered pups. Breeder is always available for the lifetime of the puppy for any questions, Buyer may have.

Bijou Standard Poodle Sales Agreement

I, the Buyer have read this contract and understand fully the contents thereof and acknowledge receipt of it. We are not relying on verbal statements not contained herein. Should the BUYER choose to break any of the covenants of this Agreement, the guarantee will be null and void.

PUPPY’S DATE OF BIRTH:_______________________ PRICE:___________________ SEX:______________

BREED:__________________ COLOUR:________________________ PURCHASE DATE:________________

MICROCHIP NUMBER: ___________________________________________________

SIGNATURE OF BUYER:________________________________________ DATE:_______________________

SIGNATURE OF BIJOU BREEDER: _______________________________ DATE: _______________________

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