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!! AVAILABLE PUPPIES !!....Meet Our Poodles
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Welcome to our Red Heads Page !

(photos are at the bottom of this web page)

~ AKC Breed Standard ~ States: Standard Poodle Size :
The Standard Poodle is OVER 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders.
Any Poodle which is 15 inches or LESS in height shall be disqualified from competition as a Standard Poodle.
~ There is no limit for how tall a Standard Poodle should be ~

Physically: Our Red poodles tend to be 22"-25" in height and also 35-60 lbs.
Our reds are thicker boned and more muscular than what you will typically see.
This is because our reds are Working Dogs, and need to be physically capable to work.
Reds are refined, "pretty" in their looks and VERY athletic, running like the wind.
Reds we keep, are dark Irish setter red which we breed together.
We will usually get dark Irish setter pups always with correct dark brown eyes almost black
and jet black noses and eye rims commonly referred to as "points" in our litters
*Read more about colour.
Darkest of red is still VERY rare to produce with only around 10 breeders in the WORLD breeding them
~ Red Poodle History ~

Photos of our reds just do not do them justice, as they are so much darker than they appear in video.
Every colour will fade at some point and at some degree
as of 2018 we have accomplished preventing and prolonging
fading from happening by Select Breeding and furthering our Education.
Our dark red pups will generally stay Irish Setter Red or medium red depending on diet and coat care.
Our lighter red puppies can lighten to a medium red or dark apricot with age
we can let you know at a couple weeks after birth which red shade of colour is likely.

~ Our Red Standard Poodles ~

Best guarantee that your puppy will stay red is to have dark red Parent(s) with a solid red pedigree.
Of course you have to see both of the parents in person or in current photos and videos.
Our reds are athletes, very FAST... Lots of wind and can out race our browns in a game of keep away or tag.

Temperament : Well if you have seen Velcro on shoes... you will know what I mean when I say
our Reds are like velcro dogs. They want to be everywhere you are, even in the bathroom.
Reds are total devotion, dedication and adoration and huge cuddlers.
All our poodles have calm laid back temperament as we breed for that specifically.
Our Poodles have NO hyper pacing, needless barking or anxiety issues.
Our Red Poodles are Special Needs Dogs and doing Pet Therapy, Protection work
Physical Helpers, Medical Alert Dogs and will do any dog activity you need them to do.
Red Males are more laid back content to rest on your feet
Red Females wish to be on your lap and also wish to know
where everyone in the household is and what they are up to.

We often get asked about the temperament of our Red Standard Poodles.
Let me introduce "OUR" reds by saying that they are very, very CALM and LOVING.
This is what we looked for and what we are world famous for, along with the dark red coats.

Our Poodle's completed "12+" OFA and DNA health testing which appears on their individual web pages
and can be verified 24/7 on the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) web page
In over 25 years we have NEVER owned a Poodle that has had bloat or torsion
and we have NEVER produced a Red standard Poodle with SA or with Addisons.
Our Poodles have GENERATIONS of healthy poodles behind them,
to best ensure healthy, happy Poodle Puppies.
Our Parents also have their Grand Championship Titles
and a Working/Performance Title proving they have Beauty and Brains
which they will pass onto their puppies to produce HEALTHY, loving companions, therapy dogs and working partners
~ Health, Beauty and Brains ... Bijou Poodles are the Total Poodle Package ~

Red Toy Poodle...................................Red Miniature Poodle.............................Red Standard Poodle

Toy is the smallest under 10"..... Miniatures are 10"-15"....... Standard Poodle is over 15"
Registries such as the CKC, AKC, UKC, only have 3 sizes of Poodles that they officially recognize & register.


Will Reds Fade ?

Light Red at 8 years of age............ Dark Red at 7 years of age (VERY RARE)

All colours will fade "to some degree" depending on pedigree and genetics.
As you can see from our extensive web page,
our Reds do not fade upon maturity. This is because they are "real" reds.
If a pedigree contains a lot of dilutes (Cream, Apricot or especially Blue, Silver, Cafe)
then chances are that they will fade upon maturity.
If a pedigree contains no dilutes containing only dark red
and if the parents are dark red then chances are puppy will not fade.
As you can see the red poodle on the right has held their dark red
colour and their pedigree is majority dark red.
An experienced red breeder that owns dark red poodles will be able
to know if the puppy produced should be a dark red.
I do think it is important to remind people that two recessives can NOT produce a dominate colour
Apricot bred to Apricot will NOT produce a red puppy no matter how dark red those pups look when born.

Poodles LOVE winter

(Mom, Pups, Dad)

Hershey Thumbnail........Hershey Thumbnail
Gorgeous Adult Reds

Photos and video also doesn't do the colour justice
as the colour varies in intensity depending on the lighting.
The one thing that was not mistakable was that this was a colour I had never before seen.
The best part was that their temperaments were calm, very loving with eyes that would melt any cold heart.
I also met the parents and the grandparents and saw photos going back 5 generations.
I was hooked on the colour and knew my research had proved correct. I found my breeders.

Hershey ThumbnailHershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail
We often get asked "what does a red look like in person"
Our reply is "same as a dark red headed human"
Their hair is also as fine.

A typical red will love lying in our laps and winding around our legs
like cats for affection or attention. They are a very "soft" natured dog and respond well to "positive" training.
If you are harsh with them or they sense they are disappointing you they will mentally just shut down and pout.
They also want to be everywhere with you including the bathroom.
You will always hear the pitter patter of a red standards feet as they will be your shadow.

They love working for praise and or a laugh.
Once they know a trick, they will produce it with amazing precision with eager eyes waiting,
begging for your praise and you better be lavish with it if you want to see them happy.

(Rose pups)

I would describe our reds as being the most empathetic of all the colours.
It is as if they can read you and decide if you are happy in which case they may be silly to get a laugh
or they know that you are sad and will be calm and quiet and just rest their head on your lap waiting for you
to invite them up on the couch to watch a movie with you.
I do find that the reds are more "dedicated" to their owners.

(Valor and Ember)

Do not leave your red standard poodle at the window while you go to get a Tim Horton's coffee
or you will be met with the back of your red standard poodle and hear sighs of "woe" until you are forgiven.
Thankfully reds like all poodles, forgive quickly.
I will warn anyone that is thinking about getting a red Standard and plans on walking them,

that you will not get past a block without someone stopping you to see your puppy.
Everyone will want to know what breed it is and you will hear people exclaim
"I didn't know poodles came that colour or that size".
We have almost caused accidents by people slamming on their brakes to stop to look at us.
One thing is for sure is that if you go walking with your red you will make many friends

(Paris waiting for her owner to finish in the bathroom, after she tried unsuccessfully to get in)
This color Red is NOT for everyone. If you are not used to having a dog constantly at your feet or
on your lap, constantly touching you, or wanting to be in the same room as you
then you might find a red to be too "needy".

If you have plans on doing Pet Therapy
with a Red they are perfect for this as they are so gentle and caring, but please -limit- the time
you offer your Red to the service, as they can become easily drained from them absorbing others
emotional and sometimes physical pain. They do love obedience and showing, of course as how
better for them to show everyone how smart and pretty they are !

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