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We hope you will consider Bijou Standard Poodles for your next family member.

Bijou extends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those whose outstanding care
and affection for their special friends, has created the reputation Bijou Poodles enjoys today.
Thank you, to all of you who have kept in touch, it means a lot to us to know how our pups are doing :)

Java Puppy Litter Cookie Announcement

Special thank you to Joan and Samantha B. for this VERY thoughtful gift
of a Cookie gift basket from Cookies by Design
I don't know if everyone can see the details there but there is a cookie for every puppy
including their coloured collars and of course a Mom and Dad poodle

Today is Happy's 14th birthday and I just wanted to update you to let you know that she is doing very well!
It has been a long time since I have been in touch. Despite a recent case of pancreatitis Happy is in perfect health.
Her recent blood work showed she is as healthy as a 2 year old poodle Except for some hearing loss
you would never know she is a senior dog!
Chloe S.


I wanted to introduce Laurie R. and her mother Joan
as well as Laurie's husband Jim, the official photographer and their famous poodle family to everyone
as they are the source of the many amazing poodle photos you may see on our web page.

Gertrude & Gretel are two browns from Bijou Poodles that Laurie owns (still trying to talk her into a red)..

Laurie Rollins and her Poodles wearing Pink to raise money for Cancer Research
Click on the photo above to see more of the Rollin's Poodle Adventures
Laurie's Poodle's Facebook Page
and of course Laurie's art page: Laurie J. Rollins Original Creations

Laurie with Ula and Valor and her new pups "Ghillie" and "Sceolan"


Laurie and her mother FINALLY get Bijou Red Poodles !!!

Ghillie & Sceolan at 8 weeks of age and then at 5 months of age

Ghillie at 8 weeks of age and at 5 months of age with his sisters Gretel and Gertrude

Well, Laura,
we finally worked in a trip to our favorite summertime stomping ground, Provincetown.
It was Ghillie's first trip to the quaint seaside community. Needless to say, he was a HUGE hit.
And Ghillie was extremely well-behaved and worked the crowds like an old pro.
His "sisters" showed him the ropes and there was no stopping him.

Ghillie just LOVED the beach.
He thought the soft sand was simply grand and he greeted the gentle surf with his butt up in the air
and his head resting on his front paws as it rolled in and out. Oh, yeah, he had a blast. . . and so did we.

Didn't take too many photos 'cuz we were having much too fun just enjoyin' all the sights ourselves
but I've attached a few. And yeah, Ghillie was exhausted. . . as evidenced in a couple of the photos.
Hey, it's tough bein' a celebrity.

Can't wait four our return trip. . . perhaps next month!!
Enjoy, Laura, and have a great day.
2014 Click to read about the Rollin's Poodle Adventure

Peace Hearts & Poodles ~ Laurie, Gertrude, Gretel and Ghillie










Hi Bijou Poodles,

I thought it was about time I sent you a couple of photos of Guinness (Father Dream and Mother Truffle), who will  be 19 months old on Oct. 25th.  Can't be more pleased how he's turned out.  We are now nearing completion of our advance obedience training and Guinness is doing very well.  He has such an amazing personality.  Our trainer's nickname for him is Punk  since on occasion in obedience class he decides that all of the other dogs and owners should just stop everything and play.  I've never met another dog who can't wait to meet new people and other dogs.  He's everyone's friend. I'm very fortunate that I live fairly close to the Bow River here in Calgary and the adjacent natural parklands that have been set aside by the City.  This area includes a large fenced-in dog park which at times could have up to 30 or 40 dogs present.  Guinness can always find someone to play with.  His favourite pastime is chase.  A very large area outside of the fenced-in dog park has now been designated off-leash, including vast areas that access the river. Guinness loves the water and is still swimming as recently as 2 days ago.


A couple of years ago, before I got Guinness, I was in a crosswalk when I was struck by a distracted driver.  I sustained what now appears to be some permanent brain damage.  I don't have any cognitive impairment but I experience dizziness, lightheadedness and occasional mild nausea when I'm up on my feet and moving about.  As a result I was forced into early retirement after almost 30 years as a fire inspector as well  as curtailing virtually all of my outdoors activities such as cycling and kayaking.  I'm still teaching an annual short duration course in the Occupational Health and Safety program at the University of Calgary.  That being said, the lingering effects of my injury has had a profound impact on my life.  I have not had the ability to get back east to visit family in Mississauga and Kincardine  since 2011.


Notwithstanding all of the neuro-physiotherapy that I was subjected to, part of my ongoing treatment is to go for long walks each day, in hope that perhaps one day my brain will learn how to "rewire" itself.  Suffice to say that prior to getting Guinness, my daily walks by myself would somewhat boring and tedious.  Once Guinness was old enough to accompany me on my walks, everything changed. I thoroughly look forward to my walks every day.  So I guess Guinness has not only become my loyal companion but also my unofficial therapy dog.  And when we are at the dog park or the adjacent of leash areas, I don't know who has more fun, Guinness or me.


Given my brain injury, something that I'm probably just going to have to live with, its very difficult to adequately convey how things changed for the better since Guinness came into my life.  We've definitely become an inseparable team.  He's even a staunch Habs fan. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for allowing me to bring this wonderful creature into my life.  Couldn't imagine being without him.

Bob G. - Calgary Canada

Brown standard Poodle female "Godiva Coelho" (Sophie x Dream)
She weighs 53 lbs and 26 Inches tall from the ground to her back (not including her neck and head).
This dog has brought us a lot of joy !! She was Sophie's Peach collar puppy.
Ashley C.

Arnie (brown male Joy x Dream) is doing great. He has passed his beginner obedience. Now he is in advanced.
He is also started training for service dog.
He plays the fisher price piano, turns on and off the lights (still working on it) closes drawers in bathroom and picks up the remote.
In the next month or two will begin bringing him to the malls and stores.
He just turned 5 months and just over 50 lbs.
Thanks for everything.
Cathy B. - Tecumseh Ontario

Hershey Thumbnail...
Family photo with Mom "Reva", Grandmother "Dare" and Great Grandmother "Rose"

I've been meaning to send you an update so that you would know that "Penny" (Reva's Peach Collar), is doing well.
At 14 weeks she weighed in at 23 lbs with a shoulder height of 161/2 inches.
Prior to picking her up I found a link on your website for Heronview Food and have had great support from the staff there to feed her well.
I managed to find a not-for-profit group of dog owners who participate in Obedience trials, etc., some of whom have become trainers (NYOC).
Hence I decided this was a good place to be and we've attended our first Kindergarten class.
Everyone remarked on how calm and well behaved Penny is. We'll see if she can keep up this image through the coming weeks
as she does have her own determined mind and can be quite the nipper (something we're still working on - the boys call her the Land Shark.)

I've included an interesting photo of her fur colours.
When we first got her home I noticed that the fur closest to her skin was paler than the original ends.
Since that time another layer of fur has grown in much darker and richer than all previous.
The photo is of her leg, however parting her fur anywhere has the same result - gives the impression of layers of sedentary rock.
In the photos you may notice that her paws look dark as I've clipped the upper layers away.
Once this layer of her coat fully grows in she is going to be stunning.
A gentleman at the Vet's office greeted her with "You are gorgeous, and you know it don't you!"
she continues to have that personality you noticed in her as a young pup.
She also still loves a good turf of grass and one of our neighbours has an impeccable lawn,
which Penny likes to stop to roll and stretch on whenever we pass by.

Penny has quite the memory - a few days after bringing her home my oldest son thought it was fun to teach her to spin in a circle.
He then went away for a couple of weeks and I wondered if she would even remember him.
However the day he returned she ran up to the front door and as soon as she saw him she started spinning.
When she's not racing about investigating the world she can usually be found sleeping near my feet.
She is so much a part of the family it doesn't seem that we've only had her for such a short while.
I attribute some of that feeling to your wonderful photos and videos, such that we all loved her long before she came home.
Thanks so much for the wonderful puppy,
Gail W. - Toronto

Photo of Jack at 1 year of age and 61lbs
I made a huge mistake on the 4th of July...I took Jack to a parade.
The problem was I could not watch the parade, for all of the people who wanted to talk about Jack !
this is becoming embarrassing.....
what kind of dog is that?
Oh my gosh....that dog is so beautiful,
can I pet your dog ?
Oh my goodnesshe is so friendly and sooooo calm
Literally.... a lady stopped her car and rolled down her window, "that is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen"
and Laura ... he LOVES me !!!!!
Please never stop raising dogs because if I ever want another dog I need a BIJOU poodle !!!!
I am not kidding. We just moved to the city and we take him everywhere and it is almost embarrassing....
Ken N. - Richmond, VA


I am finally getting a couple of photos to you of our pup dock jumping!
Chance is from your last litter of Java x Hershey and soon she will be three years old.
She never ceases to amaze us; she is a delight, and only grows more special and loved more by us each day (if that is possible)!!

The one photo shows her up in the air. I am five foot seven and she has no problem leaping above me…
Not to be misunderstood, she is an unbelievably well behaved pup and this was playtime after sitting in her bow position in a kayak for a length of time.
She goes out for all day rides in the kayak, and as you can see she wears her lifejacket.
The strength, agility and drive is balanced with her calm and loving disposition and response to "game over"
or "last one", as those are her cues to stop the playtime game. We like to exercise her body and mind!

We have not entered her in dock jumping events, and her "training" is just her form of play.
She just loves to retrieve; so a toss of the bumper and off she goes, promptly returning it for another toss, again and again and again
until her cue words are given!! I do not think she would ever quit!!

She loves to catch the tennis ball in the air and a Frisbee is another item she leaps to retrieve
after she runs out like a race horse to get into the "catching position". Clearly, her goal is to catch it "in flight",
as she appears "disappointed" if the item needs to be picked up off the ground. She loves the admiration she receives for her successful retrieves!

As for people that wonder about driving a distance to pick up their pup …. I say it is worth it!!!
We traveled a bit more than nine hours one way to pick Chance up from your home and she has been an amazing traveler ever since!!
Sometime I will share stories and photos of the RV trip we took across the United States, staying at National Parks and such for nearly two months.
We could not have dreamed of having a better traveling companion.

As always, thank you for your commitment to breeding such a phenomenal pup!!
Chance has a very large fan club!!!!!! Someday I hope to add another one of your amazing pups to our family, but for now she is just right for us!!
Arlene, Bruce and Jared :)

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Barack is adjusting quite nicely with his new family. He is eating good. He is a good poodle and so gentle and sweet.
He is very affectionate. He is gorgeous... The vet raved on about how beautiful he is. He is sooo sweet!
Barack is now 20lbs at 13 weeks! He was immunized today. His eyes look good. Everyone just raves about how beautiful he is.
They are amazed to see a red poodle. He has enhanced our lives. Thank you.
Tarece J.H. - Atlanta, Georgia

Thought you would like to see our two boys
"Trapper" - Red Male (Ember and Valour - 1 year) and "Radar" - Brown Male (Raven and Hershey- 4yrs)
with our daughter and niece. They are the most lovely dogs!
Hope you've had a fabulous summer.

"Autumn" red standard Poodle female 2 years of age.
Words could never express the love and joy we share with Autumn.
Her love and devotion to us is beyond imagination. We have done some service dog training
with her to assist my partner Loretta. When Autumn has her service dog vest on, her concentration is unbelievable...
she is transformed from playful to totally focused....she is amazing. When we are home or just out for a stroll,
should Loretta fall, Autumn will forget whatever she is doing and bolt to Loretta to make sure she is ok.
She has learned to brace herself so Loretta can use her to get up from the ground....but being she is only 2 years old,
not much pressure is put on her at this time.
Every morning rain, snow or sun we go to the dog park (fenced in area).
There she runs and plays with her friends....there isn't another dog that can run as fast as Autumn..
I tell everyone she takes after her daddy Razz. People are in awe to see her run....then later they will tell you she is such a LADY.
As you have told all your new owners, you cannot go anywhere without being stopped,
the latest comment I was told "she is beautiful, she is perfection". I can go on and on about our magnificent girl.
I have attached a few photo's of Autumn. The first 2 are in march when she was 2 years old, the next was in the December
and the last 2 were in October. Just wanted to let you see what a beautiful girl Autumn has become and to assure you she is loved
more than you could imagine. Thanks for all you do with Bijou Poodles.
I can't believe our girl is 3 years old.
I remember the day she was born and the day she joined our family.
Autumn is so dedicated and loving to us. Our world revolves her.
There isn't a time I/we go out that someone does not stop us to advise how beautiful she is.
Autumn is regal, sophisticated ..... A Lady !
Autumn continues to be dedicated to assist Loretta should she fall.
Should Autumn be sleeping,playing with other dogs or just be outside with us and Loretta falls,
Autumn is there to assist her in getting up before I take 3 steps ... Autumn is AMAZING.
Just wanted to say hello and let you see the beautiful girl that shares our lives,
Oh, Autumn stands 24 inches to the shoulder and weighs 55 pounds.
Autumn sends her love to Rose and Razz and especially you Laura for helping to bring her into this world.
Diane S. - Staten island, New York

We are still practising !
The boys really enjoy pulling my wagon around and getting lots of attention from the kids in the neighbourhood.
These are my colleagues kids, they came over to see the dogs for the 1st time.
I don't have kids or any young children in the family, but my guys love everyone.
They loved the pulling the kids (a short distance) and getting treat for all their hard work.
Also you can see from the pics, I'm trying to grow their coats in for the upcoming shows hopefully they will look poodle by the August Shows.

I'm really please with the nice boys I have. I could trust them in a china shop, with babies, kids, adults and the elderly.
They are great around people and dogs. The kids today had a ball and my dogs loved all their attention.
On the other hand...a couple of days ago I had a near confrontation with a huge man while walking the dogs in the early morning.
As we were approaching him Beau and Aero (and myself) got a really bad vibe off the man. Beau was all fangs and growling,
Aero was right their too with his big dog bark. This has NEVER ever happened where my guys barked or showed any aggression while walking
(they bark when someone is at the door and even then they happily greet the guest).
I was really happy with the way they responded to this man.
I didn't have to say a peep my dogs said all they needed for me and he backed right off.

UPDATE: Boys on Vacation

I think you might enjoy this story.....no exaggeration
So we went to Niagra on the lake for a nice Sunday Stroll and lunch.
We took the boys since it was their weekend off. No training, no shows no expectations.
Just fun for us to spend time together.

We go to our 1st stop, a little farm with a miniature church. I thought I'll take a picture with the boys in there.
Well when I turn around after taking the picture of them on the bench...kids are waiting outside for their pictures with the dogs.
Grown adults from the US are also waiting to see the poodles. So we were now the main attraction, not the church.
It was fun they saw a lot of people and made everyone's day.

We leave there and go to the Niagra on the Lake shops down the road.
Well, it didn't stop there for the boys. Hundreds (I really mean hundreds) of people petted them, kissed them and made a fuss of them.
Beau and Aero were in their glory getting all this love. We couldn't get past a few stores without some tourist asking for a picture and a pat with the dogs.
Of course the boys did their part and made everyone's day taking pictures and being such well mannered dogs.
My poor mom ended holding everyone's bags and I was the photographer I did probably 50 different people's picture.
This is a picture near the end. I wish I got another angle of the 5 different families all taking pictures of their kids with the dogs at the same time.
In this picture there is Chinese, French, American and Iranian tourists. It got so ridiculous by this point, that we were only taking large group shots.
We couldn't even eat in peace on the patio, because of the people that were coming up and asking us about these "special" dogs.
Next time Ill get the better angle so that you can see the swarms of people.

oh wanted to add..... about the swarms people walking around petting them.
Lots of non-dog people not knowing how to approach a dog.
Kids screaming with excitement. (I remind you I have no kids or little kids in my family).
You can imagine the noise and commotion around us.
BIG BIG BIG testament to the sweet soft and calm natures of the dogs you breed.
They did not make a wrong move the whole day. They greeted everyone respectfully.
Took really nice shots with like I said hundreds of strangers.
So many people commented on how wonderful these dogs were.
One person said something like " training aside it starts off with their temperament and sweet nature.
That is the foundation and the training and socialization is built on that".

Anyways, the poor boys and my mom and I really worked on Sunday.
No day off for any of us!! Beau and Aero were dead tired and couldn't wait to jump into the car.
Neither could we !
I gave out your website to a number of people...maybe they might contact you about a poodle.
Ashlea P. - Toronto, Ontario

We are approaching Trapper's first birthday (Valor and Ember, Green collar), so I am sending you some pictures.
He is a delightful dog - full of character and fun. His tail is constantly wagging.
He is definitely an optimist with a sense of humour and greets all dogs with delight.
He is lovely and affectionate; always up for a cuddle. I almost always get comments on my beautiful dogs when we're out on our walks.

Trapper is sharp as a tack. Good for him, not so much for us. We figure Radar (now 4 yrs, Raven and Hershey green collar) never realized he was a dog,
and behaved like a human.Trapper has known right from the start that he's a dog and with that knowledge has figured that shoes are fair game
as chew toys and kitchen counters are meant to be surfed. The result is that our house is much neater since having him around !
Shoes in the cupboard and clean kitchen surfaces !!

Trapper very tall, nearly 29" to the withers, where Radar is 28". Trapper is all legs and hasn't yet filled out he's about 55-60 lbs.
Radar is 70 lbs - he's not as tall as Trapper, but he's bigger all over.

The dogs play beautifully together and give each other a fantastic work out
(they are stunning when they run - I find myself grinning from ear to ear while I watch).
Until recently Trapper would chase Radar but wasn't quite be able to nip his tail, but now they alternate
who chases who because Trapper can catch Radar on a straight away
(though Radar is still much more agile in the corners and on hilly terrain - Trapper is still getting used to his very long legs and can face plant if he takes a corner too quickly :-)
The tummy issues that plagued Trapper in earlier months have been solved by 'Natural Balance' Venison and Sweet Potato
and we're so pleased that he doesn't need to be on a regular regimen of medication to keep him right. Thanks for the tip !
So here are the pics of our beautiful boys. Thank you for them both.
Alison and Martin - Toronto

Thought you might get a kick out of this picture of Ladigo.
I can not stay out too long with him as he is just getting used to it.
I am planning to get a life jacket for him, if he seems to enjoy going out with me, which I hope he does.
He is a real bird dog so not too sure what he will do if we come across a flock of ducks !!
Jeannie Wheeler - Port McNeill

Hope you are well. We took Axel up to the family river house with the whole entire fam last weekend.
He is a true water dog now! Swimming up and down the river, back and forth.
Crashing through the rapids. He loved it and seemed to gain a lot if confidence in and around the water from this weekend.
Here is a pic if him on the front of the Kayak with Libby !! Will send a cute video.
Lauren T. - Houston, Texas

Brown Female - Truffle x Dream
We just returned from a month long trip on our new boat on the Trent Severn.
Mocha loves the boat, in fact she is acting very listless since we came home.
She only perks up when we go over to the marina. While we were travelling we had many compliments
and inquiries about this beautiful brown poodle. She is a wonderful dog.
We often think about her early training that you did with her as a pup.
She loves water, hoses, playing and is not afraid of noises, thunder, fireworks, etc.
Thanks again for our Mocha,
Ruth P. - Goderich Ontario

You Tube Video
"Cinder" (Sultan x Ula), Dark Red female arrives to Toni, after overnighting at dog hotel

... Hershey Thumbnail
Cinder at the airport......................... Cinder @ 7 months of age 41 lbs and 23.5" tall

We have been gone for 7 weeks in the motorhome. What a wonderful time we had.
Of course Cinder was with us, which led to many comments and conversations about her
and her color in the various RV parks. I am still trying to figure out who our little darling took after
so again I would appreciate your opinion. Cinder is now 7 months, 41 pounds and 23.5" at the withers.
She has a great and very humorous personality. I have attached photos, the first one of the day
we picked her up from the Portland airport.
Bruce & Toni-Marie D. - Bend, OR

"Axel" from Joy x Dream
brown standard Poodle male
Axel is adjusting to the Texas weather.
He loves going for walks and playing with the cats in the backyard!
We're weaning him off of dry food to a raw diet over the next two weeks.
He really enjoys the raw food and his system seems to be adjusting normally and well.
We are madly in love with the little fella.
He's such a joy! Attached is a video from this afternoon!
Thanks for everything!!
Libby & Lauren - Texas

We are very proud of GiGi.
Pepper's "Pink Collar" aka Gigi, is doing great. Everyone loves her, she is so sweet.
An older gentlemen saw her when we went to pick up my other dog at the groomer.
He said in the 70s he was the handler for the Carnegie woman's standards.
He said back in the day his monthly budget for the dogs was $50,000.
Anyway he felt her head and said it was good structure and she would have a beautiful head.
She has the routine downpat. Likes her playpen knows what the grass is for.
Thanks again
UPDATE Graduated from her obedience class given by
southern Michigan obedience training club. She loved it.
Paula G. - Grosse Pointe, MI

It has been a while since I have written, but it does not mean I have not thought if you.
I hope you and your husband and your poodle family are well.
Barnaby and Brady just turned five and four respectively this past Spring and are thriving.
Your outstanding breeding lives on in my boys who are smart, loving, athletic, beautiful, protective and very intuitive.
I would be lost without them!

Barnaby, dressed in brown, though shorter than Brady, is massive!
He is big boned, solid and weighs 80 pounds. He is the family jock, the quarterback of poodles!
And yet, when it comes to playing with toys, he goes for the smaller ones and cuddles them! He is strong.
I have found the easiest way to walk him is by using a "snoot loop" (gentle leader).
We live on the Hudson River and it is one sure way of keeping him from jumping in. We have had a few close calls!

Now Brady, beautiful Brady, is so different.
First of all, he may have a gender identity issue. Everyone who meets him thinks he is a girl !
People think he is too pretty to be a boy!! As you can see, he is taller than Barnaby but weighs 50 pounds.
One of the first things you notice is his beautiful posture. He sits up so straight! But he is not very athletic.
He loves to run, but has no interest in chasing or catching balls. He would rather chase after butterflies or watch birds.
He follows me everywhere. Mary had her lamb, I have my Brady! Unlike his brother, Brady is a joy to walk staying right by my side.

The years with my boys have been wonderful and are passing so quickly and it all goes back to you and Bijou Poodles.
Thank you for my boys,
Joan B. Barnaby and Brady - Edgewater, New Jersey

Pippa (Red standard Female) is really an amazing puppy, she is very calm and friendly with our friends.
Her first night was a nightmare for her but my husband made me resist and follow your suggestions.
She howled, barked, whined and made any sound her little voice could make. She never slept more than 20 minutes at a time.
Then last night she walked into her kennel which is by our bedroom and whined for only 30 seconds, woke up at 3:00 am
went potty outside and back in the kennel, no whining, then woke at 6:30 !
This morning I was giving treats to my older dog, she was watching and came over to join in.
She learned to sit in 4 trials and then learned to lay in about 7 trials. She knows her name and comes with exuberance.
I adore her. She finally started eating. She is doing great with potty training and she goes outside without problems.
I feel like a lucky owner of a sweet, adorable, red puppy.


Pippa at 11 months ...she turned one yesterday.
At 11 months she was 25 inches at the withers and weighed 42 pounds.
She is just the perfect size for us. She was in Flair + Valor's litter ....she was Peach collar.
She was the smallest in the litter when we purchased her.

She is so adorable and is famous for her bear hugs. Everyone adores her.
When I take her on an outing I always have to plan for extra time because so many people
want to take her picture or have one taken with her..she is very loving with a mischevious streak!
She is preparing for her CGC soon. She has started light agility and loves it.
She loves to perform cute tricks and my trainer wants her to start acting classes.
she is also in obedient classes. We absolutely adore her.
Hope all is well with you and yours...
BJ - North Carolina

Dixie is doing 100% better with Training and she is a beauty. She will be three years old in March 2013.
Her groomers own standard poodles and they told me that Dixie is a really big poodle as their poodles are so much smaller than she is.
I pray all is well with you and yours and that you enjoy a wonderful Holiday
She is our baby girl......and I thank you very much for such a sweet and loving Poodle.
Merry Christman and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.....
Isabel, Bob and Dixie - Southbury, Connecticut

Ruby (red female)
Hope all is well with you and your family
I just wanted to give you a update on Ruby after being with us for one full year she is 14 months old now
has been a delight we have a small Maltese, Husky, Birds and two cats which Ruby has got along very well from
the beginning she gets along well with all other cats and dogs large or small.

She is a great traveler as she goes to the Bahamas frequently by Boat as well as small airplane
and has been to our home in Canada where her favorite activity of every day is to chase deer.
She still finds the weather hot here in Miami as her recuperation time after a one hour walk or 20 minute
jog and 40 minute walk combined is rather lengthy compared to other dogs that we exercise with.
Her good looks get adoring stares and compliments on every single outing daily without fail.

She is super smart and knows all her hand signals readily.
All our doors in our main residence in Miami have lever handles which she readily opens at will to join
the family members in their room or to go outside of the house.

Now to the best part she came into our house to be my primary pet as our children
have their own pets but everyone has fallen in love with her in the household including staff
and she relates so well to everyone that she is the darling of the house and all compete for attention
from her on a daily basis. Her temperament is calm fun loving playful and has never exhibited any aggressive
behaviour of any type with anyone or even when challenged by aggressive dogs ,one cannot ask for Anything more.

P.S. Do not be appalled by her haircut she just had to get trimmed very aggressively due to getting all kinds of burrs
and stickers after a prolonged chase of birds in the woods ,her hunting instincts are very powerful
and is the only time she is disobedient! She is pampered as her groomer comes to visit her every week.
Marc L - Florida

Sampson (brown), Missy (apricot), Scarlett (red)........ Missy with her owner

I hope all is well with you. I am not sure you remember us as you send so many wonderful puppies to good homes.
We brought home two lovely pups from you a few years ago. Samson Brown Male (Java x Hershey) - Scarlett Red female (Razz & Flair's - Fuchsia collar girl).
We probably check back to your website at least once a month to keep up on you and your family of poodles.
Just yesterday we saw a lovely little one available on your puppy page and for some reason
both my husband and I just melted when we saw her. So we have been in discussion for a day or so about another addition to the family
and if she is still available we would love to chat more with you about her coming home with us.

To keep you up to date on Samson and Scarlett.
They bring us so much joy. Samson will be three this December 1(he is featured in your Browns page on your website) and is huge (85lbs) and full of energy.
He loves to play and run and he keeps us active at the dog park. Both of them are celebrities there and everyone knows them by their name.
Mostly because Samson thinks every dog toy in the park is his and he runs after every ball thrown. He is FAST and so athletic.
Scarlett will be three Jan 1 (45 lbs) is very feminine and gentle and stays close to us at all times.
She has one dog at the dog park (Bongo) she likes to visit with but mostly she is always glued to our sides.
We lost out Jake (Sharpei) last year after 15 years. It is always hard to loose a friend but it was his time and he lived a good life.
We are such a huge fan of your beautiful dogs. They are beautiful, yes, but there personalities and warmth is what truly win us over every time.
They make us smile and bring great joy to our lives. I am not sure if our King size bed could handle another huge poodle
but we are willing to try (after she is house trained) if she is still available :)
Video of the new puppy Missy and family
I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Just wanted to send a quick up date to let you know how our new "apricot" addition is making out.
We named her Missy, it was originally Violet but we kept calling her little Miss so the name stuck ;)
Missy (pepper x Valor) is fitting in well with both Samson and Scarlett. After already enjoying two dogs from you (Samson and Scarlett)
we were certainly not surprised at how beautiful, smart and full of joy Missy is. She is already scratching at the door to go out
sits on command and comes when called. She also loves her romps in the snow with her big brother and sister.
She has the sweetest personality and is a typical red who likes to cuddle as much as possible. She is very laid back and loves to play in a gentle way.
Everyone who meets her absolutely loves her and we are so happy to be enjoying another one of your beautiful babies.
I have included a picture and a short video of her and her brother and sister playing in the snow right after Christmas.

Thank you again for breeding such wonderful dogs and bringing so much joy into our lives.
Corinna A. - Alberta

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail...
Copper at 6 weeks of age .......... Copper at 6 months, 25" and 53 lbs....Cooper 18 months of age

"Cooper" - Red Male (Valor x Pepper)
I was just at your website looking at the new puppies.
I saw Copper's picture when he was a pup next to "his" couch
and thought I would send you this picture I took of him this week right before going to work.
Hes a jock..beautiful as can be with an incredible personality...hes about 18 months now....
He is stunning I have so many pics I'll send you a couple more, in case you want to use them....
thanks again, smartest dog ever....sweetest temperament as well...so many people ask us about him
we always give them your name...down here these reds are extinct
I will probably be looking for a red girl in the near future...
The Diaz's - Miami, FL

"Fergal" - Black male, Pictured with his brother "Feary" (TJ x Star)
We are so very glad that we have found you again, having failed to find you using your original kennel name of K-Lar.
We are still living at the same address in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island. But we have very sad news
in that Fergal died May 25 last year at almost fourteen, and Feary this year on January 7 at twelve and a half.
We miss them both very much. They were amazing dogs and gave us all so much pleasure,
and were admired for their looks and temperament wherever we were and right up to the end..
They adjusted to our fostering our daughter's husky/shepherd/lab cross for four years,
and also adjusted well to the various grandchildren who came to stay.
If you would like more information on their lives here we would be more than happy to share with you.
We are in the process of deciding if we can live without standard poodles
in our lives having shared our home with them for over 28 years. Needless to say,
if we do decide to welcome them into our family again we would like to purchase them through you.
It was so very exciting to find the picture of Fergal with Nikki as the originators of your beautiful line of brown poodles.
You are to be congratulated on your focus on health and temperament.
Edward and Deirdre O. - Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island

We got our first dog, a chocolate poodle from you, when you were still called K-Lar Kennels.
We are extremely happy with Maple who is 10 years old now, from Cocoa and Muddy litter in the summer of 2001.
Maple is a great companion, and he loves to get involved on everything
(from surveying the yard on the trampoline when he was younger, to swimming on the beach, or at the lake if it isn't deep).
Usually he loves to lounge around the house and get involved with anything interesting.
Maple is ten years old now, and he is starting to act a little bit older.
Luckily Maple is still a very energetic dog who loves to go to the dog park and play ball, or he's content to just lie on the couch (or bed).
He looks just like Cocoa, and we were upset to learn that Cocoa recently passed away.
I am sorry for your loss, she was an amazing dog.
Meeting Cocoa was what made us decide to get a standard poodle when we visited, and my family has been crazy about our poodle ever since.
We are lucky that Maple has that same amazing temperament and personality.
Maple is also as non-allergenic as you can get
(my family never thought we would be able to have even a hypoallergenic dog),
and we certainly never imagined we'd let a dog up onto beds and furniture.
Kayla R. - Ottawa

Red male - "Robbie" (Razz x Ember)

Just a quick update to let you know that Robbie is well and happy and very very big.
He weighs 72 pounds and is as lean and muscular as can be. He is also tall 28 inches at the shoulder
(or more - wiggles when I measure). I'm 5'9" and when he stands on his hind legs he can look me in the eye.
He remains a deep rich red and never fails to gather loads of attention when I take him out.

He has a sweet and loving temperament, always tries to please and is as bouncy and exuberant as a little pup.
There is so much good to say about him. I cannot remember when I last sent you a photo
so forgive me if you already have this one. I've been following your 2012 shows and winnings.
Congratulations on having wonderful dogs.
Is he going to keep growing ?
Rosemary W. - Ontario

We got Roxy in June 2005 from your Cocoa and Hersey litter and we couldn't have been happier.
I've been meaning to pass along some pictures of her, as she looks just like her mamma.
Like Cocoa, Roxy is also our bed warmer and is constantly the center of attention in our household.
Pheonix (Pepper x Valor) is growing already (didn't look like a Blaze so he had a name change to Pheonix)
He has mastered going up the stairs but coming down is a different story. Roxy is getting better.
If he would only stop nipping at Roxy. Outside is a different story. It is so funny to watch them play.
She is so big compared to him but she is so gentle and has not pounced on him yet.
We love our new puppy. He is such s character.
Here are a few pics and as you will see he loves my husbands slippers, the shoes at the front door and Roxy's bed.
Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
The Briscoe Family - Georgetown, Ontario

Kenzie (Pepper x Valor) is home and we are pretty mesmorized. Very very cute !
I am sure we will be a little less in love tonight but we will get through. Katie - Toronto

Our little girl Amber weighs 16.5 kg at 19 weeks. She got her first haircut a week ago
and we discovered a beautiful red poodle under all of her big curls. Our groomer said that Amber
was "a special poodle, so calm for a poodle her age and very intelligent as well".
I've attached a picture of Amber together with our daughter's Bijou Poodle "Copper"
at the dog park. They attract a lot of attention at the dog park and everywhere we bring them.
We love Amber and really enjoy having two Bijou Poodles in our family.
Sue K.

Bijou's Lucille Louboutin - Red Female
It's been a while since we checked in. I can't believe Lucy will be one year old in just a couple of weeks !
We are having the best time with her and frankly, can not imagine our lives without her. She is a treasure.
She is so smart (sometimes too smart for her own good), has a great disposition and of course, is a stunner!
On a recent trip to the local nursery where they encourage you to bring your dogs, the staff decided that the bowls of water
sitting around the nursery were not good enough for her, they brought out fresh bottled water just for her!
Of course she loved the attention. Every morning when we go for our walk, someone comments on how pretty she is
and of course her poodle prance, which she does everywhere!

We have taken her to the Outer Banks, NC a couple of times this year. She is a spectacle there as well.
When we were in one of the shops looking at dog collars, the shop owner asked us what kind of dog we had.
When we said a standard poodle, she asked if we were the owners of the red one she had seen around town
and commented how beautiful she was.

Lucy does not seem to care that she has webbed feet. She has zero interest in going in the ocean or pools.
She loves the board walks and docks though, but to run on, but not jump into the ocean from.
I took her to a "dog spa" with her "cousin" to swim in the dog lap pool. Again, no interest.
She jumped in once after her cousin because she pretty much will follow her anywhere, but quickly got this look on her face
like "what did I do" and could not get out of the water fast enough. I keep telling Chris she just doesn't want to mess her hair up!

If you recall, we also have three parrots in the house. Lucy is so good with them. She is inquisitive, but very gentle.
She does the rounds every morning to check in on them all (and of course to see if they would be willing to share their pellets with her).

Attached are a few pics I thought you might enjoy. Excuse the bows, she was just groomed and her groomer couldn't resist blinging her up.
BTW: the groomer comments every time she sees her about how beautiful she is and what great color she has.
She keeps commenting that she can't believe Lucy's not fading.

Hope all is well, Amy J. - NC

"K-Lar's Chocolate Bark" aka Niko
Niko's web page
Brown Standard Poodle Male
Sorry this took me so long, but I ran into technical difficulties and today was the first day I could figure this out - sort of.
I I also sent you some extra pictures, just for fun. I would love to have you meet Niko again, now that he's a big boy.
Maybe we could get up to a northern NY show when the weather is a bit better. Do you ever come east ?
We are quite close to the Montreal part of Quebec.

Anyway, here's the list of pictures :
1) Agility Match 05/2012 (This is old, but it is hard to get good pictures indoors at this venue.)
2) Iron Dog 09/2012 (This was after the jumps, smoke house, swamp and other obstacles, but before the lake crossing, crawling under a house
the hill climb, the barn run (Niko was surprised when we went out through the bottom opening of a horse stall)
more obstacles and the dog carry - yeah, I carried his 78-pound body for 50-feet; he enjoyed this much more than I did).
3) Iron Dog Medal 09/2012
4) Rally Obedience Trial 11/2012 - Niko with Judge Janet Induni
5) Rally Obedience Trial 11/2012 Niko with Judge Janet Induni and one of his prizes. (He really likes prizes.)
6) Some of Niko's Rally Obedience Trial Ribbons won under Judges Janet Induni (2 legs) and Lynda Moore (last leg) 11/2012
7) Niko with friends after his CGC test success 12/2012
I hope all is going well with you this winter.
I'll send you a picture of Niko's CGC certificate, once it arrives. Talk to you soon.
Best to all,
Mary D. - Colchester, VT

Charlotte - Red Female (Pepper x Valor)
Here are some photos of Pepper's Pink Collar. Our Charlotte turned one on the 29th of January.
I hope these pics are good enough. Everywhere I went the grass was dead and brown and her colour didn't show up well.
We went to a local park to take these pictures. The concrete steps the dogs are on made a nice plain background and it was a beautiful sunny day.
I couldn't get her to look the other way, there were some ducks in the pond and she wanted to go get them !

She's been a real sweetheart, very calm and gentle with us but we do have some issues.
She has a problem with submissive peeing. It is getting better, but slowly.
We have to completely ignore her when we first come in the house or else we have puddles.
We also put her in her crate for a while with strangers or visitors to the house and then they have to ignore her until she's adjusted.
She also needs a LOT of socialization with other people and other animals. She is very friendly but as my dog trainer says "she has no manners".
She lunges as people and other dogs in a playful way but not all dogs think that is a friendly gesture! I am working on Canine good citizenship with her.
She is very smart and learns very quickly. She heels beautifully, but really struggles with not reacting to other dogs and people.
It's still a work in progress but we're getting there slowly! We would be able to pass the test if she could just not be so reactive to other dogs.
She learned to run next to my bike and loves to run while I ride.

She does have a sensitive digestive system and we can't give her a lot of treats or she gets diarrhea.
It took a while to figure that one out initially when we first got her. She had food related diarrhea for several months
until the vet and I changed her to a prescription diet for a few months after everything else checked out normally.
She's since been on regular dog food without problems.

She's been a joyful addition to our household. She is so loving and sweet.
She comes up to us when we are sitting and just lays her head on our laps to get her ears scratched or just for a cuddle.
She is my little shadow and goes everywhere I go. If she could fit I'm sure she would try to lay on our laps !
Hope you are doing well and the other pups from Pepper's litter as well.
Eva T. - Gilbert, Arizona

I have attached some photos of Walter for your records.
Ps: remember Ryan is 6'7" tall and they are looking almost eye to eye! He is a Ruby x Razz apricot/light red puppy.
He is a big beautiful boy! He is 29 inches and 78 lbs. All lean muscle mass of course!!
And yes you did receive an earlier email from me this morning regarding the female that is available.
We think she is beautiful and would be a great fit to our pack.
We look forward to your reply,
Lynn G. - New Brunswick

"Russell" Java x Hershey
Russel at 4 months of age was 14.9 k (32.9 lbs)
Thought I would send you a note to let you know how our big guy is doing.
Russell (J&H) has finished kindergarten and is just starting Super Puppy.
He is the youngest by a couple of months, but definitely keeping up!
He weighed in at 14.9 k (32.9 lbs) this morning just over 16 weeks old, a very solid puppy.
Toilet trained, we use the bells on the door and he figured this out quickly.
Now he occasionally will ring the bell just for a quick race around the yard! He's not a soft dog.
I have to be consistent and firm. We have to be very careful to treat and reward immediately and only for the behavior we desire.
Twice I rewarded him for a "touch" while he had thrown in a bark, next thing I know, he's barking every time I ask for a touch.
Dog is smarter than the human,lol.

Funny thing, our first Kindergarten class, we show up and there is another brown Standard puppy at the class.
I did a double take, because there are very few Browns in BC, what are the odds ? We got to talking and isn't this a poodle from Bijou as well
It was funny, cause they acted like they recognized each other. We are meeting for a play date in the future.

We have been socializing, he has been to the bank, the local hospital, the hardware store, various parks and we just started going
to an off leash park with a group of people and dogs I hike with. He of course is on a long line, but our recall is improving steadily.
Again, Thanks for putting a Poodle in our lives again :)
Cheryl & Remo - Abbotsford British Columbia

Brown Male
A little silly for you
Neelix (Truffle x Dream) has grown to be a beautiful boy.
We love him so much. He is now 63lbs and 28". Hope you are having a great summer.
Kathleen G-F. - Quispamsis, NB

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail
Rika (red standard Poodle male) sheep herding
I am sending you 4 pics one at a time of Rika sheep herding ! We are taking lessons.
The instructor says he has got the "instinct"! Kazi is afraid of them right now, but he is only 6 months old.
So, he will watch us and maybe he will want to do it too!
So, now you can add sheep herding to all the things that Bijou poodles do and do well !!lol
Maybe I will see his picture on your website !
I will send pics of Kazi and Rika at home too.
Take care,
Mary K. - Nova Scotia


Finn - Red male (RuxR) and Gracie - Brown Female (SxD)
I know it has been a while so I wanted to send some photos of my boy.
Finn is getting so big, in fact we are face to face when he gives me a "hug".
We are thinking of signing up for agility training this spring since he is so active and likes learning.
Since the weather has gotten better, I have been taking him on runs with me and boy is he fast! !
I have to be careful when we go downhill or he could easily pull me off my feet. My husband and I also can't get over how affectionate he is.
He loves to curl up on the couch or sleep on the bed with us and he is always nuzzling his head in our necks and resting paws on us; just loves to be close.
My favourite is when he is very sleepy and he is lying on me making the cutest little noises.
Finn has also made many friends in the neighbourhood. I feel like he is quite the ladies man since they are all girls
but it is so cute to see him with the bouvier and the australian shepherd as they just love to say hello on our walks.
I still get compliments on him pretty much anywhere we go, but he is just a show stopper and loves the attention.
I snapped some photos of him and Gracie yesterday as they were on a play date. She is still the rowdy one, but they love being together.
She is quite the character too almost like her legs have springs bounding all over the house. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Lauren - Ontario

I wanted to let you know how well Niko, a.k.a. K-Lar's German Chocolate Bark, is doing.
He's from Hershey and Java's last litter, born in 2010. It seems like such a short time ago
but it feels as though I've never been without him. Weird, but it's sort of that way with children too
so I guess it makes sense.

Niko was Baby Blue Puppy. Now, at almost two-years old, he's 75-pounds, although he could
easily carry 78-pounds. Since we do a lot of romping and sports, I'm just as happy having him
on the slender side. People are always surprised when I give him a short haircut.
He just looks so muscular and fast.

Even with long hair, when we go into the dog park, everybody stops to watch him.
No, really, when we enter the park, I can see all the people stop and watch.
(It's not for me, I promise you.) Niko does a sit/stay until I release him; then he is off!
Woo-Hoo! Not only does he run like a fiend, but if you watch him, you can't help but get happy.
He is so joyous! (That is probably why you named his sister, from another litter, Joy.)

There is a woman with two Greyhounds who sometimes goes to the dog park.
I still remember the first time she saw Niko. She watched him run with her Greyhounds
and then said, "Wow! You have a fast dog!"

Recently, we ran in the Green Mountain Iron Dog event. While I slowed him down in the actual
Cross-country, cross-obstacle event, he ran the 100-yard dash in 7.16-seconds, and I think the
throngs of spectators slowed him down a little bit. (He can tend to play to a crowd.) It was pretty funny
to see them watch Niko. Because the Vermont Police Canine Association puts on this event every year,
they used radar, as well as stop watches to time the dogs. Friends tell me that at first the
radar said something like 20 mph and the crowd murmured in appreciation. Then, as he picked up
speed, it read something over 30 mph and people started clapping. I couldn't hear any of this
because I was still running down at the far end of the path, squeezing the beloved squeaky bone and
hollering, "Niko, find me!" Well, the police dogs handlers use a bite sleeve to motivate their dogs,
and we use the squeaky bone and a favorite game. All's fair in love and Iron Dog.

I will say that, from early on, this pup has always needed his exercise. Two hours a day is his preference
but he can stay sane with less, especially now that he is older. Well, he can stay sane for a couple
of days with leash walks of half hour twice a day, but he REALLY needs to run, so we try to fit it at least
one good romp each day. During the dark days of winter, we use neck lamps (Pup Lights),
to keep us safe in the woods (our favorite romping area.)

Still, with all of his willingness to play, work and exercise, most of the time, Niko possesses
a calm, self-confident behavior at home and when out in public. He likes to curl up on the floor,
but still touching my feet, when I watch a movie. He does perk up and watch the TV, when I put
in Linda Mecklenburg (agility handling) videos. It is pretty funny to watch his head cock from side to
side, as the video agility team runs the obstacles. Then he will look at me as if to ask, "Is it our turn now"?

He is very alert at property protection, sounding the alarm for any person or neighborhood cat, or even
sometimes, for squirrels. One night, he woke me up from a sound snooze with really deep
scary barking. I saw a dark-clothed figure running down our driveway. I later found out that some youths
had been looking for unlocked cars in our neighborhood - no ransacking allowed at Niko's house.
I was trying to decrease his alarm barking, but now I am working on getting him to stop when I ask him.
It seems fairer to him, and it is probably better for us too. That way, we know when the pizza arrives,
even before the doorbell rings.

He has also scared off suspicious characters (twice) on walks. I've taught him to bark when I say,
"Don't Bite," or give him a hand signal. He enjoys this game, but strangers don't
understand that his big bark is a game. Both times I used it, the person quickly turned and walked/ran in the other direction.

I love your coursing videos. I've watched every one of them (and more than once.) It would be
great to try coursing with Niko, but Vermont seems to be the "black hole" of dog events, so this
looks like if we do coursing, it will be on road-trips only. Maybe we'll head to some next
spring/summer. For now, we're concentrating on obedience and agility.

His first night in puppy class, at 9 weeks old, the youngest in the class, as I remember, the
teacher used Niko as a demo dog for marker training with "Touch." He mastered the
concept so quickly and confidently that she asked me if I had been doing it with him
at home. We had been doing other things, but not that. As another example of his
quick mind, Niko learned to ring a bell to go outside within a week of coming home.
Although he's not
above using it to go out and play, this behavior comes in very
handy when we're away
from home and off schedule. I just bring his bell, show him
where I've put it, and he'll go
ring it, if he needs to "use the facilities."

This same puppy teacher is the head trainer for Therapy Dogs of Vermont. She has
Shepherds. She told me that Niko has a very strong working drive, like a German
Shepherd Dog. I guess they both originated in Germany, so maybe it makes sense. One
thing I can say is that this boy loves to work! Sometimes, he'll get impatient if I don't do
enough to suit him. (We're working on patience.)

He also adores play time. I taught him a peek-a-boo trick where he stands behind me until
I say, "Where's Niko?!" Then, he runs between my legs, and he comes out the other side
with the biggest Poodle grin on his face, as if he's just done the best thing in the world.
Considering the lack of good humor in the world, maybe he has. (Given my height versus
his, it's a good thing he learned to duck to get through agility tunnels and my legs.)

After he tried this trick when we said hello to my dentist outside the grocery store
one day, Niko discovered that the trick is not so much fun for either the Poodle or the
dentist, if the person doesn't expect it. Therefore, we learned a better way to greet
strangers. I'm still careful when people come into the house, but now Niko uses his
peek-a-boo trick only with a few select people who understand it. The trainers at agility seem to
be prime targets.

Speaking of agility, it's one of his favorite things. He's not afraid of anything, but he's smart
enough not to be foolish on obstacles like the dog walk (you could fall off) or the chute
(you could bump your head - okay, he did bump his head) His favorite obstacle seems to
be the A-Frame which he navigates with enthusiasm and giant leaps. In honor of his
Canadian heritage, we cue this obstacle with "Eh." (We do it with respect, no offense intended.)

When Niko was a young puppy, too little to take agility classes, I took him in just to see what the
owners/trainers thought. I wanted to see if they thought he'd be a good agility prospect and
to find out if I should be doing any preparatory exercises with him. After watching him
stand happily on the wobbly table, run through the puppy tunnel, and then, spotting the
full-size tunnel on the side of the room, run through that as well, jump over a low, puppy-sized
bar jump and even sail over a winged jump (they can be scary for newbies), the
agility expert said, "You must protect that puppy with your life! You don't get one like
that very often." She also advised that I was going to need to get in shape to keep up with
him. (Lori, the expert, is great! She'll tell you what you need, in a way that makes you
want to do it. Plus, she keeps everyone safe, especially the dogs. That's why we're still
doing agility with her and the other instructors at Waggles, as well as Rally Obedience,
and other training.)

One of the reasons I wanted a puppy from Bijou was the excellent care, socialization, and
experiences you give the "babies" before they're even old enough to come to their new
homes. The confidence of a Bijou puppy, his or her willingness to try new things, and his
or her obvious attachment to people can't happen without a lot of work on your part. Given
my agility teacher's comment, is there any chance you could start a boot camp for
potential puppy owners, so you could get us in shape for our puppies? Just teasing - sort -of - what about a video?
Everybody would want to buy it.

On the subject of early training, did you play the National Anthem for those puppies? At our first
Rally Match, not far from the Canadian border, they played both the Canadian and the U.S.
anthems. Niko stood silently, looking noble and earnest, while the Canadian National
Anthem was played, but started barking when they play the U.S. National Anthem. We
had to walk out in the hallway. Hhhmmmm! I guess he's proud of his roots.

Niko adores the water. Splashing and chasing can occupy him for hours. But, much to my
embarrassment, despite his webbed feet and his water retriever heritage, he hasn't learned
to swim. Well, he CAN swim, but he never chooses to swim. If he gets into deep water by
mistake, he'll dog paddle. However, if his ball goes out too far for him to reach it with his
feet on the bottom, he's learned to read the waves. He figures out where it's headed and
waits for it there. Better yet, if there's another dog nearby, he'll run to get that dog to do
the retrieve, while Poodle-Head waits eagerly on shore. Ssshhheessshh! When I go in the
water, he wades out as deep as he can go without floating, and then he barks as if to warn
me. "Don't do it! It's much safer with your feet on the bottom! Come back!" He has
several dog-friends who swim well, so I'm hoping next year will be Niko's year to swim. I
just know he'll love it, once he figures out the physics of the situation.

Niko will play with anybody. He sometimes wants to take a dominant posture with another male
dog, but there's really not a vicious bone in his body. After watching squirrels from the
kitchen window, he REALLY wanted to have contact with them. One morning, his dream
came true. On our morning walk, he spotted one. (I was unaware of its presence.) It was
lying, suspiciously still, on the side of the road. All of a sudden I turned to see my puppy
play-bowing to a dead squirrel, as if to say, "Come on! Now's our chance! You run; I'll
follow!" Alas, that squirrel had no fun left in him.

We're going to some AKC Rally trials this weekend, so we should have a blast! It's always fun
to see what we can or can't manage. They'll be our first, official trials, so it's really exciting.

We're also getting ready to take our CGC test for the second time. Yeah, I said "second time."
We failed the first time, because Niko was too much of a social butterfly. He saw a person
whom he really liked, and he jumped on her. (Well, in fairness, he hadn't seen her for two
months and he was only 14-months old. That's like a seventh of his life which is probably
close to thirteen years for us humans. I feel pretty confident that any one of us would have
wanted to hug instead of just using a friendly handshake. ) He also couldn't resist a pug
and a beagle, but really who can? This time, I think we stand a better chance of passing the test.
Then we can stop calling Niko, Josie Wales (after The Outlaw, Josie Wales.)

Finally (well, I could go on for a lot longer, but some brown animal keeps sighing, because it
really is time for a romp), Niko's service dog training is going very well. Without any
training from me he started alerting me to low blood sugars. Sometimes, he even wakes me
up, before I know I have a problem. I haven't stressed this type of alert behavior yet,
because I've been having some control issues, so I want to wait until I get things back to
normal. It wouldn't seem fair to train alerts when I'm so often out-of-desirable range. Our
public access work is going extremely well. I take care to set Niko up for successes, and he
is a champ. He goes into stores and restaurants with me, and we're even ready for the
movie theater. He's never skittish with sirens or alarms (well what did I expect with a
firefighter as his breeder), and he seems even more calm when he wears his working
jacket. He has a little trouble in tight spaces, just because he's so big, but we're working
on that. He can easily pick out a saliva sample taken during a low blood sugar episode, and
we're going to be moving forward with that training very soon.

There is not one day, since I got Niko that he hasn't made me laugh out loud. I mean this
literally; I'm not exaggerating. Even on days when I am sick and grumpy, he'll bound with
such enthusiasm, or do something so goofy or totally cute that I have to laugh. I can never
thank you enough, Laura. I know people sign up for your puppies and go through long waits for them,
but if you ever need a recommendation, please send them to me. It
would be an honor to give back a little to your breeding program.

Here's a link to some of Niko's pictures. I know you'll have fun looking at them.
Feel free to use any that might prove helpful to you:
Niko's Photo Album
Kindest Regards,
Mary D. - Vermont

Hershey Thumbnail....Hershey Thumbnail
Finnegan at 8 months old, 24 inches tall and weighs 51 lbs

Finnegan 2 years of age 68lbs, 27" tall
~ Click to View Finnegan's own Web Page ~

Hi Bijou Poodles,
I wanted to pass this along,

I was walking Finnegan (Red Collar, Red Male - Rose xOliver) on Saturday afternoon, and he was trotting along happily beside me,
more like a prance than a trot actually, and as we crossed through an intersection, a car that was going past stopped
and the driver's window rolled down. I looked over and didn't recognize the man and I wondered if I had done something to irritate him,
but he just shouted, "What a gorgeous animal ! That beautiful dog should be in a dog show!"

I was beaming as I said thank you, but really the compliment is for Oliver x Rose
so I thought I would pass it along and ask you to give them a big hug from Finnegan and I !

You warned me about this indeed! With his grooming done, at least everyone knows he is a poodle now,
but so many people are amazed by his color. Even the vet thought he was getting even darker as he is getting older!

My Finnegan is not great about standing and staying these days, he is going through a bit of a rebellious phase,
but my sister is coming over this weekend, so we will take some photos and send them to you.
He is growing into a beautiful big boy. At 5.5 months he is about 21 inches and 40 + pounds.
I think he will be bigger than 22 inches and 40 pounds at maturity.
On Saturday we tried to get a photo of Finnegan in the show stance,
He absolutely adores my sister, so when she left the room he followed her over to the entrance
where I have a baby gate and when she came back I was able to get the two attached of him standing sideways.
I have also attached a couple of other ones I took of him relaxing.
He is just a beauty !
He is currently 22 inches tall and about 45 lbs.
The woman that we are taking training with didn't think he would grow too much more.
She has Portuguese water dogs and apparently they only grow in height until about 9 months.
I did some searching on the internet and from what I found it seems that standard poodles grow in height
until about 12 months and then do not reach their full maturity until 2 years.
What has been your experience with your dogs growth ?
I am hoping he will grow to 25 to 26 inches and at least 70 lbs !
Well, my little boy turned 8 months old. Time just flies.
He is growing up into such a beautiful, wonderful dog, I am just thrilled with him.
I had him at the groomer's and then stopped by my office as my team wanted to see him.
Attached are a few pictures that one of my staff took, I thought you would like to see them.
Finnegan is now 24 inches tall and weighs 51 lbs!
We can't go for a walk without everyone wanting to pet him and commenting on how beautiful he is !
Crystal - Hamilton, ON

"Mocha" - As a puppy..........................................Mocha as an adult 57 lbs and 26" at the shoulder approx
Dark Brown Female out of "Hershey x Raven" (Pink Collar girl)

Wow time flys by! Mocha just turned 1 year old (Raven/Hershy's pink girl).
Mocha last month weight 57lbs. I am sorry it has taken so long to get pictures to you.
We couldn't of asked for a better dog. I can't belive the patience she has with out 2 year old.
He is always all over her. The only problem we have is when people come over is really exited and jumpy.
We are working on that. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. She is just like you said her litter would be.
She has brought a lot of joy to us. Mocha is just like her mom Raven when it comes to food.
The moment the pantry door opens, she is right there waiting for her treat. She also loves the snow.
We cant get her inside sometimes. It is like she is playing with another dog the way she is running and jumping all over the snow.
It is really funny to watch her from the window. She gets right in there.
Mocha goes to doggy daycare once a week to play with her friends, she loves it.
They tell me that she is so playfull with the other dogs. And of course everyone askes me where I got her.
I am so glad I found you.

Axel (Red Collar JxH dark brown Male) is adorable...kids are thrilled and so is Jeff.
He is super cuddly...the kids are all taking their turns rocking him in the chair.
He is currently being sung to and rocked while wrapped up in a lovely princess blanket.
Yes, he is loving the attention. He has had a very good first day and only had one accident first thing this am (which was our fault).
Enjoying every minute of him as he is a very well adjusted puppy!
Heidi F. - Alberta

Lautrec and Mary....................... Lautrec getting his AKC Puppy Star Award.
Lautrec weighs 81 lbs @ 8 months
Attached are Lautrec's AKC STAR Puppy certificate and some photos of him
with his medal and the two of us with the certificate.
Lautrec weighed 81 lbs @ 8 months, oh my goodness.
He is so handsome and good natured. His coat is a wonderful chocolate brown.
We still have not given him a full body cut, so his coat dances in the breeze as he runs.
We plan to get some footage on video before his full cut.
We continue to be so happy with his development and his disposition every day.
His uplifting spirit is such a joy to be around.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into bringing him into the world and our lives.
Mary S. - Florida


I finally have a free moment to send you a quick update and pictures.
Samson (silver collar boy- HxJ) continues to bring us so much joy.
He is growing by leaps and bounds. He is so smart! He already sits and gives high fives.
He is for the most part house trained. He has the odd accident(once every few days) but of course it is always our fault.
He actually has learned to scratch at the patio door to go out Can you beleive that! So amazing for a puppy only 9 weeks.
Your method for creating a clean puppy sure does help with house training.
I am predicting by 10-12 weeks he should pretty much me completely trained (or should I say we will be completely trained).

He sleeps about 5-6 hours at night now, and then we just head out for a potty break and then he gets right back to bed.
We take him every where we can to expose him to different people and experiences. He LOVES people!
People are always amazed at how calm he is for a 9 week puppy.
Everyone at my son's school now knows him by name and they cannot wait to come over and pet him.
He LOVES riding around with us in the car and just goes to sleep.
He is still nipping here and there but it did not take long to redirect that energy and teach him not to nip at humans.
He loves our big back yard and so enjoys the snow. Its so fun watching him run and jump through the snow drifts.
He is such a character and smiles all the time. We are off to see the vet and get his next set of shots next week.
I will give you an update on how much he weighs at that time.
I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful and well rounded puppy.
He is a true gem and we are smitten!
My camera is not the best but hopefully the pictures will give you a good idea of how he is doing.
Take care and thank you so much for doing what you do.
Corinna - Alberta

Hi Bijou Poodles,
We are so excited to finally see and have Paris (Gold Collar brown female JxH).
Thank you again for the care you put into your dogs and puppies.
We stopped 10 minutes before the border to see if she would pee and poop before we crossed.
We put the leash on, she walked over to the yellow hydrant and peed, walked 3 feet and pooped.
We gave her the big applause. Then we headed home with Paris sleeping.
Arrived at hotel, again she walked out and took advantage of the grass.
She is now sleeping in her cage with her blanket and toy. So we are offf to a good start.
Roger is also sleeping so I am reading the Owner's Manual book.
I think I have read it all on your site but it is good to review.
HI again, Paris met her new brothers with a lot of excitement. All tails were wagging. Funny, it was the only time she piddled in the house.
I think, she was just too excited. Followed your instructions and didn't acknowledge it even happened.
She had a 100% record before that. Oliver and Webster took over her cage and looked at her like, "hey, nice digs."
Then they left it and for the first time she walked in like " hey guys, this is mine."
Our little guys like other poodles, so Paris has passed their inspection. Webster is the same size as Paris, today.
She is very happy to have playmates and they love her new toys.
Although she follows Roger around with a lot of skipping. So for the time being: All quiet on the home front.
Here is Paris this week after her hair cut.
Do you see a family resemblance? Hard for me to get a standing picture when she is not moving. I will work on that.
Glad you liked the pictures. I thought these really captured her true color. She's a good girl.
Loves her toys and teasing our other little toy Webster. You have done a wonderful job choosing the right dogs to breed.
She says hello to her family in Hamilton.
Thanks again,
Mary Anne - NH

Hi Bijou Poodles,
Just a quick note to let you know that Coco (JxH fuscia collar girl) arrived without any problems.
The pick up was very easy and did not take long at all.

Coco was happy as soon as I let her out of the crate and after a quick walk around,
actually slept the whole ride home !!
Madeline - MA

Tula (JxH Pink Collar Female)
Just wanted to give you an update on "Tula" - her official name =)
She is such a sweetheart!! She had a good night last night, much much better than night # 2 lol.

Yes, It has been so long. Wishing a Happy Birthday to all of Fia's littermates from Raven x Hershey 2007.
Sending a couple current pictures of our girl. She is just great. Can't believe it's been six years.
Vinny still gets a kick out of seeing his picture with Raven and her litter on the website.

I went back to school and became certified in Animal Assisted Therapy
and Animal Behavior in 2011 and then went on to become a Certified Vet Assistant
just finishing my degree this past April. So life's been busy,
In fact I used Fia as my subject for my final project for my animal behaviour program.
I have a great video to share with you that I’ll send in a second email. Very impressive.
She is well behaved with really no “bad” habits. We have settled in with the fact that she will ALWAYS be overly exuberant when meeting new people.
I’m not sure you can count too friendly as a negative. She’s so good with other animals.
We have had a rabbit she's played with, tons of foster dogs and we now have a parakeet who loves her.

It is so great to see everything is going well with Bijou. Hope to see you again one day soon.

Took these pics today after her "birthday clip". When she blew out her candles she had a secret birthday wish to be a Clydesdale
hence the long hair on the feet. LOL (Actually my hands were tired by that the time I got down to her feet and it looked kinda cool so I left the hair long J !)
All our best and let us know if you are ever in the Detroit area
Lisa I. - Detrioit

I purchased a Red puppy boy (blue collar Oliver x Cora).
You always said that this puppy will be huge, and he is already 40lbs!
What do you think that he will top out at?
By the way, we get sooooo many compliments on this beautiful boy.
He has faded to a lighter red, which is a little disappointing, but he is beautiful nonetheless.
He has been the star of his kinderpuppy class.
We have the usual problems-he is very willful, but he is very smart and is easily taught.
The one thing that people notice about him right away is how CALM he is-which is what you are known for!
He is so beautiful that we can't believe that he was not chosen to be a show dog-I guess because he's too large?
We moved to South Carolina about a month ago, so this boy has been back and forth across the country twice.
What a great calm traveler he has been. I have recommended you several times!
We are tempted to perhaps get another puppy or an adult red next summer, will you have any available?
Take care,
Gillian H. - South Carolina

Here's my update on our pup . . .
Darwin (brown male Blue Collar JxH) arrived unscathed from a long flight from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale.
We met him at Cargo on the outskirts of the airport. We were happy that his carrier was not cold from the plane ride.
He was warm and thrilled to interact with humans.
Then we had to leave him at Cargo with some very nice people to take paperwork to clear Customs (several miles from the airport),
since Darwin is an "imported" dog. Customs just wants verification that the dog is free from disease.
The line was long, which was frustrating, but Darwin was still in good spirits when we came back to Cargo to pick him up.
He was ultra thirsty all that day from the trip.

Darwin is as much in love with us as we are with him. He is so "with it" puppy.
He is aptly named, as he is as smart as scientist Charles Darwin himself.
The puppy already comes when we call him and understands "No."
He follows me everywhere, and I have to be careful not to trip over him. He is so fast!
I think he is thrilled because he gets to live in Miami now, and is outside with me for many hours each day.
I bring my laptop out on the back patio to work and he can romp around.
Our winter weather is perfect now and this is the best time of the year to train a puppy.
Our French doors are always open, which makes housebreaking so much easier.
Darwin helps me water my organic tomatoes and likes to pull on the leaves with his teeth.
He loves to run through the 2 rows of huge pots I have.
I am an avid tropical gardener, and he seems to love brushing up against all my plants.
(I have made sure they are all safe, non toxic plants.)

We are dealing with the excessive play biting you warned us about.
Those tiny little teeth get caught on clothing and rip it easily.
Every family member is being consistent by gently holding his mouth closed, looking him in the eye and firmly saying no.
Then we act disinterested in him. What also works when he tries to play bite repeatedly is to yelp.
This startles him and he runs away. We keep a bully stick or chew toy around also to put in his mouth to chew
when he chews something he shouldn't.

We are diligent about not putting Darwin down on the floor inside the house other than when he is eating.
He is either outside with us, in one of our laps inside or in his crate sleeping.
We do not want to have any potty accidents. After 2 weeks of this routine, we will slowly give him indoor privileges.
(This work perfectly with our last standard poodle.) He seems to already know where to go potty in our big yard,
out of the way of where he plays and where we walk. We let him cry the first night other than letting him out to pee a few times.
He is crying less now and seems to like his crate, which is fluffed up with a lot of blankets.

Yesterday we took Darwin to the vet, and he weighed 12 lbs at 2 months old.
The vet was laughing when I showed him Darwin's huge paws, as he is obviously way larger than the average standard poodle puppy.
This morning, out of curiosity my husband weighed him in at 12.4 lbs, gaining 1/4 lb. in less than 24 hours.
He is a hungry and thirsty little guy. If I let him eat all he wanted, he would likely finish the entire 30 lb. bag of dog food in a day.
Despite his eating he is a major athlete and very agile. I am looking forward to running with him every day once he is old enough
and has had all his shots.

We are enjoying holding him, and we know that soon - very soon - he will be way too big for that.
He is a doll and gets more attention than any human I know.

I forgot to tell you that the Cargo phone rep was incompetent.
He said there were no customs in Fort Lauderdale or Miami from Canada for pets when I called.
He sounded very unprofessional too, which shocked me, since Cargo is a great airline.
So if you ever send a dog here again, you can let the owners know that they will have to clear customs
and cannot be given the dog until they get the papers stamped.
I am an avid photographer and I promise to send you photo updates.
I cannot imagine how you do all that work with the litters and then go to the firehouse for days on end.
I could not do that.

UPDATE Darwin, AKA Dardie, Chocolate Standard Poodle XXL

Having a huge and adorable dog is really an attention-getter.
Sometimes I enjoy being stopped and answering all the questions people have about Darwin
when we walk together. But literally, for every block I walk, I get stopped a minimum of 4 times.

People slow down in their cars and yell stuff out the window at me.
One car's driver was staring at Darwin and not paying attention to a large curb.
She tore a big chunk out of her car and ended up dragging a side panel under the car.
Another driver failed to stop at a busy intersection, because he was fixated on Darwin.
He almost plowed into oncoming traffic. He stopped in time, but his car spun completely around.
Many drivers also pull up behind us (off the road) suddenly and without warning,
scaring the heck out of both of us (just to see the dog and ask questions).
I know my pup is special and darling and big,
but he is not the only standard poodle in this country.

Here's a few comments I've received from strangers:

"What kind of exotic breed is that?" Me: "A poodle, actually one of the more common breeds."
"Now yours is a toy poodle, right? And there are two larger sizes of poodles,
right?" Me: "You are kidding, right? This dog is 5 ft. 3 inches from the top of his head to his feet.
You believe there are 2 larger sizes - perhaps a pony and a Clydesdale?"
"What kind of mammal is that you have on that leash?" Me: "I sure hope it is a canine, or the more familiar word, dog."
"I have to ask, are you a FULL-sized person?" Me: "I have to answer that I am somewhat offended.
But yes, I am a small, full-sized person and this is a large, full-sized dog."
"Aren't you terrified of your own dog? He is humongous!"
Me: "Watch as I pry open the dog's mouth and stick my head in there. Can you tell that I am not afraid?"
"What the F is that? You've got some big SHI- there!" Me: "My dog is not impressed with your limited vocabulary."
"What a gorgeous animal!" Me: "Thank you. I work out a lot and watch what I eat, but how do you like my dog?"

I thought you'd thoroughly enjoy these pics of Darwin we took last night for my 52nd birthday.
This dawg is really a grizzly bear. He has caused an accident, many near accidents, screams, hugs and gets so much attention
it is almost a burden! People stop in the middle of traffic and get out of their cars. He is 5 ft. 3 inches from the bottom of his back foot
to the top of his head, and I am 4 ft. 11. He is about the same size as an Irish wolfhound! I should have figured he would
be mammoth after the way he ate as a puppy. His hair has bleached so much from the sun down here that his beard is strawberry blond.
He is the best dog ever and is so loyal. I am home most of the time alone writing and if I did not have him, I would go crazy.
I Hope all is well with you. I constantly refer people to you I meet who want a Darwin for themselves.
BTW, my interview with Bijou Poodles on my blog from a few years ago is one of the top articles on my website.
It has been read many thousands of times !
Debbie G. - Hollywood, FL

Ollie (Brown- JxH), Sophie (Red-RuXO), Cooper (Black - AXH) and Lucy (Black -RXH)
Sophie (RuxO)and Ollie (Brown from JxH), the whole Gang
Here are some photos of Ollie (Brown JxH), Sophie (RuXO), Cooper (AXH) and Lucy (RXH)
Hershey is sure a busy guy! They have a great time when they are together,
although little Lucy is afraid to have too much fun around the big Ollie.
He has to be in charge and doesn't allow her to get out of control.
They continue to keep us amused.
Sophie is very sweet, but she is always looking for a hat, mitt or sock to chew
and we have to watch what we leave on the counters.
In the puppy videos her litter always knocked the water bowls over to play with the water
and she still has a fascination with water. I have never seen dogs who love the winter so much.
When the snow flies, Ollie just wants to be outside running and even just laying in the snow.
In one of the pictures they are sitting on the stairs, they sit here so they can get
a better view out the windows, so smart!
Thanks again for such wonderful pets.
Gale and Duncan and Jayme – Ontario

As promised I am sending a recent shot of (our not so little anymore) brown boy Guinness.
Let me know if it is ok. I am not sure how much he weighs now but at 15 weeks he was around 23 lbs.
He attended his first puppy class last month and knew all the commands ( sit, down, come, wait ) before we started,
so he was a little bored. He would much rather of played with all the other pups who were still trying to learn. lol
He has been house trained since the second week with only one accident recently when we had a houseful of people for Christmas
and he was over excited and WE were not watching the signals. He is great with sleeping in the crate all night and pretty much follows our routine.
He even gives us a few extra hours on weekends. :)
During the day he prefers to always be around us and follows me around constantly.
He is a mouther when excited but has gotten better with that and rarely nipped hard from the beginning.
I remember reading his mother loved to give kisses. Not our guy unless you have something good to lick on your hands.
Thought you might like to know the phantom never came through on his face or neck just a bit under his tail and on his front paws.
I was glad to read and see a picture of his brother Oggie on the website. Would love to hear about his other siblings.
Will keep in touch.
Denise T

This is Swyer (brown female CxH) is fully recovered from her lepto illness from hunting.
We just love her to death. She has done some obedience training,
she is a very calm and loving animal.
Nathan W.

I Wanted to let you know we had a good trip home. Merlin (Green Collar brown male JxH) slept most of the way.
I am amazed at how far along he is in potty training.
He went outside right away once we got home but he was a bit confused about the whole snow thing.
Once the light bulb clicked in that was his new home and where his places to do things were he has been pretty good.
He is learning super fast. He will go outside now with me and when he is done go and sit by the door
or at my feet and look up as if to say..."ok I am done can we please go in its cold!".
He is super sweet and loves to cuddle. Will send you some pictures of him and the boys later on :)
Heather - ON

Rika - Red Male
Merry Christmas !
Thank you for giving me the most wonderful boy... Rika.
Wishing you and your family, two-legged and four-legged a peaceful and loving Christmas.
Take care!
Mary K. - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Olive year 1.........................................Olive Year 2
Olive - Black Female RxH
I am so excited that you thought she looked so fabulous that you put her on her home page!!!!
She is doing very well. The cold weather has really put the "drive" into her!! Wow - how fabulous!
However, I still hate the -20 temperatures and dark days, ugh.....Olive is hilarious in the snow.
She shoves her face in and runs her nose along the frozen ground!!
When her head comes up is looks like she is wearing a moustache! I love her so completely!

We have started the "finish", 1 step to heel right and 1 step to heel left, recall to back, and holding the dumbbell.
In addition, she now catches treats that are tossed to her, and is starting to catch the ones that fall from my mouth.....I am so proud of her!!!!
She can hardly wait to see me everyday!

Lori's Einstine (brown male) and Olive (black female)
Baking their mother cookies for Mother's Day
Super big hugs,
Lori & Olive P.

Hershey Thumbnail... Hershey Thumbnail...
Here's wishing you and ALL of your Bijou Family a Happy Holiday filled with laughter and merry cheer!
Attached are some pictures of Banzai (Brown Boy, Blue Collar, HxJ) at 6 months
and a couple from this week after he has had his "first haircut".
Banzai had a blast on our hike, galloping through puddles and brush with his best doggy buddy.

At 7 months, Banzai is 65 pounds and 26 inches high.
He continues to be such a love, still has a "mischievous" streak in him, is kind, gentle and, we've discovered, very sensitive.
He has beautiful, expressive amber eyes and I can't help but smile when he sits, leaning against me,
with one of his back legs ~sprawled~ to the side as if there just isin't enough room to tuck it in under him. Its adorable.

So, life with our ~pup~ is wonderful. I am now taking Banzai to Level 1 Obedience, where we are learning down/stay and he is doing really well. Boy, is he smart.
I have really enjoyed seeing updates from Banzais littermates on your web page - in particular his one full brother, ~Lautrec~ as the two dogs look almost identical
and seem to have very similar dispositions.
Take care,
Nisha P. - Ont. Canada

Lady (Raven x Hershey)
She was one of the best best behaved dogs at the photo shoot, despite being one of the youngest.
The photographer was even surprised that none of her silly noises attracted Lady's attention.
But Lady knows that she is supposed to look at me during the sit-stay. Lady is doing great.
Even though she's still working on her teeth, she has really matured. She acts like she has been sleeping in the crate, going to the washroom outside
and walking calmly on busy streets for years. She loves running around at the dog park and people, surprised by her stamina,
always ask me if she is crazy at home. Crazy at home? All she does is sleep, eat and cuddle when we are at home.
She's really the perfect dog. Bill and I always talk about how Lady "just gets it." She's so smart.
Learning a new trick, going into a store or someone else's home, meeting new people and dogs, she just knows what to do
and what is appropriate even if she has never done it before.
Thanks again,
Amanda - Ontario

Hershey Thumbnail...Hershey Thumbnail
Lautrec - Brown Male, Red Collar JxH
I've attached a couple of Lautrec's recent photos.
I will send a better "stacked" photo when I'm able to capture it on film :).
He is an absolutely beautiful dog. He is a deep chocolate color with a thick wavy coat.
His eyes are amber and oh so kind. Lautrec weighs 70 lbs. and is 26 in high @ 7 mos. and 1 week.
He is a very friendly dog and will finish STAR Puppy soon.
We can not tell you just how pleased we are with our Bijou Boy.
Mary and Grant - Florida

Hershey Thumbnail....Hershey Thumbnail
"Radar" - As a puppy.........................................Radar at 7 months, 53 lbs and 26" at the shoulder
Dark Brown Male out of "Hershey x Raven" (Green Collar boy)
Radar (RxH- Green collar) had his first clip yesterday so we thought we'd send you a couple of photos.
He got on very well at the groomers, didn't fuss at all, and made friends with another brown standard poodle who showed him the ropes
(in fact the dog, called Remy, looked shockingly like a big version of Radar, same slightly lighter muzzle, and exactly the same colour!).

He is getting to be a lovely big dog - now 4 and a half months about 40 lbs.

He continues to be be a wonderful addition to our family - so loving, and so well loved - and consistently gentle and calm.
He's completed his first set of puppy obedience classes - he did very well - very smart
(sadly for us, smart enough that when we are offering a delicious treat in order to get him to do something he doesn't want to do,
he works out the situation, and digs his heels in!) We're doing the advanced classes in the new year.
Everyone we meet comments on what a nice dog he is.

I had read letters on your website in which people had said cars stopped to ask about their dog - well it has now happened to us!
(I thought that surely people were exaggerating !!)

We had our first snow yesterday - so far Radar's not too sure about it - too cold underfoot!
Happy Holidays - wishing you all the best
Alison and Martin, ON

Silas - Red Male (RxR)
I love the pictures of Silas in the basin on your web page.
It is his birthday this Saturday ( Dec 5th ) and he will be two years old.
Joe - New York


Just an update on "Chance" from your Java x Hershey last litter.

I wrote this yesterday and I had saved it has a draft.
I see my husband, Bruce, sent his update already and I can tell you the proud "Daddy" wants me to send photos. I thought of you, noting how your husband had not had dogs before, and obviously you can relate to how hard they can fall when they have the right dog! Bruce even tried to do a little clipping and he did not take a backseat on other grooming details, as he was right there for bathing her and has been faithful about brushing and teeth cleaning (to be sure she is comfortable with the experience!). The anal glad cleaning he has left to me!! I am hopeful that she will grow out of this need as her body matures, but it is a small price to pay for such a wonderful companion!!

Can you tell.... Chance is adored! She is currently 24 inches, and weighs 46 pounds, at six months. She has a beautiful dense, course, and dark coat. Her strength and athletic body are apparent, and we are amazed to see her in motion. The saying, "poetry in motion", doesn't come close to the beauty of watching her run and prance. She is a healthy, happy, playful, intelligent, curious, highly adaptable and yet willing to assert herself pup. What other things can I say about her? Her ability to adapt to the various environments that she goes to is incredible for such a young dog. I could not be any more thrilled with her. Bruce had to return to the ship, and it is clear that he misses her. His parents met her for the first time, and the reserve she demonstrated was very much appreciated. Chance has taken her place in a tractor, on snowmobiles, ATVs, kayaks and she loved the seat at the bow of our boat. She can even be found hanging out with Jared, "reading"! Her ability to take the long rides with us in the car (over nine hours at times); shows me she will be able to enjoy RV trips with us in the future. I guess tent camping will come first!! She certainly adapts to our lifestyle!!! As you noted, curling up next to us "watching" television suits her just fine too! ( And from the email I just read that Bruce sent to you, you can see she is willing to keep pace with him too! When Bruce goes back to work, Chance knows the mornings go slow, they include school activities and she takes it easy so we can attend to our business!) Your breeding program, caring for her mom and litter are indeed evident in the quality of dog we now continue to do our best to care for and train.

When we heard Java was looking for a home, we knew besides not living in the Toronto area, we could not let her be queen... she would have to share the throne!!! Letting Java enjoy her retirement is a highly reputable breeder decision you have made; and I gather it was a painstaking decision for you, knowing the home you had planned to place her had changed due to health. I hope you have been able to find a solution that is to your liking.

We will continue to check out your website and keep you posted on Chance and her adventures. Who knows, maybe one day she will be looking to have a "sister" join us! For the time being, I just want to enjoy her. We do wonder how her litter mates are doing. Please feel free to share our interest in knowing how they are doing. Perhaps they will have some updates posted on your website. We did enjoy Einstein's "photo shoot". I have many pictures of Chance, but none so refined! Currently, my camera is not working, so the photos I can send are those taken up to Mother's Day. I do not want to overwhelming you with pictures, it will be so hard to choose!! She just keeps getting better and better, so it is difficult to make a selection, as she has woven herself right into our "hearts"