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It is PARAMOUNT that people view Veterinarians not as "Doctors"
but as Sales people in a white lab coat
with a products and services to sell you.

Gone are the days of Veterinarians graduating from College and apprenticing
at a busy private clinic and learning hands on practical skills, and exploring other methodology
to best help their clients in the clinic, affording owners to properly
and appropriately get needed medical care for their pets,
and then opening their own private practice and becoming
a trusted family friend, that only has your pet's best interest at heart.

If you are too young to remember, the old school Veterinarians and or Large Animal
Veterinarians and how skilled they, were at hands on diagnosis, treatments and surgery abilities,
then just watch an episode of National Geographic's
The Incredible Dr. Pol featuring Dr Jan Pol

As that is what we should all look for and hope for in our Veterinarians.
A knowledgable Veterinarian, diverse in their skill set, able to problem solve and diagnose
using their experience and 5 senses (instead of the diagnostic tools, they have to still pay off)
and resolve any issues surgically if needed, right in their office and not refer out to specialists and
who were willing to educate animal owners, and put animal welfare above all else.

before you spend exorbitant amounts at a Vet office


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Our brown pups can get baby teeth that "grow into" the gums.
Like our Vet said, "the gums accommodate this growth as it is gradual and does not suddenly puncture the gums"
These puppy teeth fall out and adult teeth come in perfectly. Offering puppy a frozen cloth to knaw on or bones
or ice cubes made of chicken broth will usually help the baby teeth along with falling out.

We have had Vets suggest that a young puppy with a puppy, with a tooth that was not straight and had cut into the gums
get braces or oral surgery to repair. These poor people were going to be fleeced for $2,000.00 + dollars
because the Vet knew that they would pay it if a "Vet" said they needed it. After speaking with me
they realized that puppy/baby teeth fall out and they choose to wait the few weeks as I suggested and indeed
the tooth fell out all on its own in a few weeks and adults came in perfectly.

Phoenix had his 6 month dental check up with the vet (yeah I have never heard of this either)and we were told
that he has a Class II malocclusion with tooth #404 striking the hard palate
and tooth #110, 109, 108 are deformed with the dentin exposed and the tooth crowns are missing.
The veterinary dentist is stating that tooth 110, 109, 108 grew in deformed and would like to Xray
these and extract them and either shorten or move tooth # 404 with an incline plane.
I know in the contract you stated you would like to know about possibly surgery before they happen.
I wanted to know are you familiar with this situation and would you agree with the vets decision.
Attached please find picture of 6 month 40 lbs Phoenix.
Manuel L. - Charlotte, NC
I told them to WAIT.
Poodles jaws continue to grow up to 2 years of age.
It is NOT unusual for the bottom jaw to be more narrow than the top
jaw during this growth period and to eventually be fine.
Also some dog's are slow to loose their puppy teeth.
HOWEVER missing teeth (NORMAL) and malaigned teeth are of no consequence to
health and or comfort of their dog and to not do any surgeries.
I did encourage them to provide frozen RAW chicken feet and other meaty bones
for puppy to "exercise" their jaws to encourage proper developement.
Thankfully they chose to listen to me and wait, and update me.

UPDATE 4 weeks later
Phoenix's tooth and is no longer touching the roof of his mouth.

My advise, is to always wait until the "ADULT" teeth come in, as 99% of the time will be perfectly normal
as well, people have to wait until the Poodle is fully developed, as it and puppy's jaw is still growing.

In 2011 one of our puppy people chose to IGNORE my advise, put her puppy through the unnecessary surgery
of a tooth extraction. After the surgery her puppy's gums became infected and puppy became horribly ill.
She then emailed me to complain about her puppy being sick and the huge medical bill she had as a result of her choice.

One of our puppy people had a puppy that they made a monster of.
They didn't teach the puppy properly how to not nip, jump and when visitors
came they got the puppy all worked up so puppy then pee'd.
When children came the puppy was constantly getting hit and told "NO" and
had no positive experiences with children and soon became fearful of children and visitors
The puppy growled the first time the owners tried to brush it and so they stop = puppy won
This behaviour got worse as the puppy grew as owners never taught puppy to submit and or
who the leader was.
So instead of reading my web page on how to deal with this behaviour before it got out of control
or following my instruction to seek out a suitable trainer off of the many web pages I provided
They went to a Vet for prescription drugs and began medicating their puppy to modify behaviour
which I'm sure you guessed, didn't work, but sure made the vet a lot of money $$.
Sadly despite my best screening methods, inexperienced owners sometimes do fool me into
believing they have the support and or knowledge to train new pups, as in this case.
These people emailed me a year later, with this unruly, handful, claiming I bred bad, scared, vicious poodles
and wanting to return their Poodle to me, which of course we will take back at any time and for any reason
and in this case will keep for rehabilitation, before rehoming and refunding the owners.
What is sad is this Vet knowingly prescribed drugs to a puppy whose brain was still developing
knowing that the owners were just not equipped to handle the dog, knowing the medications could cause
permanent brain damage, just to make a buck.

One of our puppy people returned their cherished Puppy to us stating they could not
deal another year of having intermittent bought of diarrhea again.
They told me that their Vet recommended switching foods to their expensive one they sold
which they did for a few weeks and got relief, then it happened again and again.

They contacted me and I sent them my FOOD page
which has a few suggestions for resolving this issue.
However their vet told them they should biopsy the bowels
which the owners agreed to doing instead, and put her on a wack of medication
instead of trying the less invasive measures I had suggested on the web page
Suggestions which were for sure cheaper.

Sure enough, to no surprise the lining was irritated from the diarrhea !

This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, just common sense.
Owners being upset or "nervous" along with giving antibiotics and switching up foods
and travelling and visiting people with their new puppy
and giving treats, or dragging their puppy to the vet to find something
will also cause GI upset

So they returned their otherwise healthy 3 year old poodle to me with much grieving.
We immediately took her off all the medications, put her back on the food we were feeding
and left food out 24/7 for her to "free feed"
instead of dishing out food amounts, only at certain times
and watch her gobble it down and vomit it up.

I did continue with Pumpkin and a daily probiotic.
Sure enough 3 weeks and going strong she has not had any loose stools or any vomiting.
Week 3 I also decided to start feeding her RAW Turkey and tripe patty each morning
just to help her stomach build up healthy natural flora.

Had these people just followed our advise to stop all treats, free feed a food we used
add pumpkin and a probiotic OR... switch to RAW and of course keep a routine
(people always forget routine is paramount for low stress) they would have resolved this issue
on their own and saved a fortune and saved my puppy being put through crazy ass surgery !

To date this girl has not had any further GI issues. Always consult with me before doing any surgeries.
AND if you don't get the answer you want, ASK AGAIN, as I may be at a dog show and missed
your email or had technical difficulties.
I will never avoid you.
IF you have tried all I recommend, and you are not satisfied
by all means seek Veterinarian help and or we can bring puppy for a free
second opinion at our Vet
Keep in mind you can always return your puppy for a refund.
We do not pay medical bills but we will buy back any of our pups at any time for any reason

During the 2012 Diamond Food salmonella scare we sent pups home UNKNOWINGLY with food that had been recalled.
As soon as the company called us on a Saturday to inform us of the recall, we sent out emails to all our puppy people
to inform them that their puppy may have samonella and to get to the Vet and get the puppy on:
Antibiotics of: Metronidazole and Apo-Sulfatrim pills 1-2x a day for 7 days (at vet $22.00)
Having on hand or providing Hills a/d high nutrience tin food (at vet $3.00/tin)
B complex vitamins or Amino B complex liquid Vitamin 2x a day for 7 days ($18.00/2oz) IF they wished...
Treat puppy at home "unless" puppy gets dehydrated and then puppy should see the Vet for IV overnight to hydrate.

Thankfully most of our puppy people did follow our very simple treatment recommendations from our Vet, which we also followed.
However one of our puppy people in Nova Scotia took their Vet who told them he needed to do an Xray on their puppy as a precaution, also deciding to
give the puppy barium swallow (so Contraindicated with these symptoms) and because puppy didn't pass the barium
this Vet decided to perform stomach surgery on that poor puppy to remove the barium !
Unfortunately this couple called me AFTER this Vet's butchery and expensive Vet bill that they PAID !

Another of our Puppy people were very affluent and took their puppy to the most expensive and impressive clinic in the area.
This Clinic saw dollar signs with this couple and soon had them paying for every diagnostic procedure they could come up with,
totally ignoring the facts that were provided to them and told the couple they would have to quarantine their new puppy for 2 weeks
for fear of Parvo Virus at $350.00/day to ensure the puppy was responding to treatment well enough to go home...
We provided education to the Vet clinic that ALL our pups will test positive for Parvo Antibodies, because we immunize for this disease
But again the clinic ignored the facts provided to them, as did the new owners.
Sadly these people still believe that their Vet provided
perfect care to their puppy and will continue to go there with my poor puppy, who will be the subject of goodness knows
what future unrequired surgeries or procedures.

OF course it is not only the public that gets ripped off. I get brain farts too.
I woke up one morning to hear a puppy rasping bark...
So I took him to a local vet that was open for emergencies thinking puppy had something lodged or Kennel Cough
Without examining my puppy he said he wanted blood work and Xrays...
After paying the $90.00 visit fee I said "no" took him to my vet 1.5 hours away.
Who said "you have never had kennel cough so I doubt this is it". He looked at the puppy's
throat and proclaimed "there is a red thread caught on his back tooth" and with great struggle finally removed it.
It was hanging back there tickling and irritating his throat. Problem solved with a $45.00 visit.
Important to know that even if puppy had kennel cough, there is no need for any treatment.
Kennel cough will resolve itself within 2 weeks on a healthy dog as is just like our Human flu
and bordetella vaccine (kennel cough vaccine) is just as useless as the Human Flu vaccine as the strain mutates
faster than the vaccines can be manufactured.

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I purchased a puppy from a Breeder in NY. When I got home the puppy was lethargic, barely moving and not eating.
When the puppy did move, it was limping as if it had a broken leg.
I ran to the Emergency Clinic (yes I'm a slow learner...) and just walking through the door was $90.00.
Before they even laid hands on the puppy they informed me of a number of diseases it could be and what extensive
tests they would have to do to "rule out" health issues.
Again... I regained my senses and left, going to my Vet the following morning.
My Vet took one look at the puppy and felt his limbs and asked "when did this puppy receive it's last vaccination and what was it"?
As soon as my Vet heard that the puppy was vaccinated 2 days ago and with Lepto and corona (puppy was way too young for this vaccine)
he prognoses that the puppy had a reaction to the Vaccines causing fever, stiffness, sore joints and abdominal tenderness.
We were told to take puppy home, feed AD science diet tin food and puppy should recover in a week, which he did.
That vet bill with a case of tin food cost me under $100.00.
We ended up neutering this puppy as didn't turn out to be show quality and found him a quality pet home
We informed the new owners that the puppy can NOT have any more vaccines and for sure not Lepto or Corona
and advised if they are worried to to Titres instead. These people IGNORED our purchase instructions and agreement
and instead listened to their Vet (who also ignored our instructions) and vaccinated their puppy, who seizures and died.
FOLKS... we only want to help you take the best care of your pups !!

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Breeder Friend of mine wanted me to add this onto the web page as is the most common rip off Vet's will try.
She sold a puppy to a family and months later they called her to say they saw the puppy had spaghetti type worm.
Of course as every knowledgable Dog Breeder knows is Whip Worm and does require
a special dewormer sold by the Vet. (FYI whip worm symptoms mimic Addisons Disease).
Breeder told them to just go into the vet and also told them what dewormer to ask for.
Their vet said that he would have to see the dog which was fair enough, at the cost of a Vet Visit
They brought the worm to show him.
The vet said that he had to witness the worm from the puppy and said he would have to do a fecal exam for a fee of course $$
AGAIN... as every knowledgable breeder knows, whip worm can be undetectable in fecals and the Vet had the worm !
So just imagine.. this vet also knew that as well $$$ The Vet dispensed the dewormer to them
(which of course was priced at 10x what it should have been)
Charged them for a Vet exam, physical, and fecal exam which was over $200.00 for a $10.00 prescription and told them
that just because the fecal was negative doesn't mean that the puppy didn't have whip worm, just it was not shedding the worm
at that time and that they should come back in month to recheck the puppy out $$$$$$ and they would have also dewormed the puppy !!
When the couple called their breeder to say what a good thorough vet they had found, the breeder soon set them straight with the scam.
So always check with your Breeder, it is a free consult from someone that has basic medical knowledge and knows their dogs.
AND what most Breeders will tell you is to "just treat the puppy with dewormer because fecals are not reliable,
are an additional cost and treatment with a dewormer is cheap and will not harm a healthy worm free puppy".

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(photo is an "example" only)

This next story (trust me I have a million of them) happened to friends of ours that had a greyhound with a swollen toe.
They went to the most expensive vet in their area wanting the best treatment for their fur baby.
Their Vet said "it is probably cancer and I will book amputation of the toe for next week, meanwhile we should biopsy and
and send it in". That bill cost them $500.00.
THANK GOODNESS they contacted me before they made any further health care choices and I convinced them
to go to my Vet an hour away, who does not have a fancy new clinic but who has 35+ years of experience and is sought out
by Breeders and caring pet owners from all over North America (some even flying in to see him).
My Vet took one look at the toe and said "he has an infection and what appears to be a broken toe. I will prescribe antibiotics
and there is this treatment of putting honey on it that will reduce the swelling" and he had the audacity to only charge them under $75.00.
Unconvinced by this simple diagnosis and inexpensive vet visit, they called me again
and I had to say "try it cause you know you can always cut off parts of your dog later if it doesn't work" (common sense people..geesh)
So they did and 2 days later the swelling was almost completely gone and well there is nothing they can really do for a broken digit, but
the dog kept his quality of life, his ability to walk properly and his toe. Of course now my Vet walks on water according to this couple.

Broken Toe.
One of my puppy people wrote me about her puppy having a broken toe and how great the Vet was
so caring and concerned that they put an almost full leg cast on this poor, growing puppy $$
The vet was so concerned they even did an Xray to confirm $$
(I don't know of any Vet worth their salt, that can't tell if a digit is not properly lined up or not by touch)
The vet was so concerned puppy not be in pain that they even gave pain medication..
This caring Vet also wanted to see the puppy every 2 weeks to redo the cast and or wrapping $$
Caring Vet NOT $$$
What the Vet didn't tell them was that the puppy didn't need a cast and certainly NO PAIN MEDS.
We have had our show puppy get a fracture by jumping off the deck. No Xray, No meds, No Cast = Grand Champion Poodle
Puppy will have to be kept from running by being leash walked to potty for 6-9 weeks
No playing or rough housing of any sort for those weeks, until the injury heals.
We say no pain medication, because by experiencing discomfort, the puppy will limit themselves from further injury
If there is any signs of infection of course you might need some antibiotics or raw honey application.
We say no wrapping or Casts because they can cause more damage and grief, with possible dermatitis under the bandage/cast
as well as causing puppy to have unwanted weight on knee and hip joints as well as injury from improper body mechanics
Just have to think of how many humans you have seen with "toe casts" ?

Example I have had a call about a puppy with a rasp sore throat, blood in the mouth.
They called the emergency clinic who said "rush them in to see the Vet
we will have to do X-rays and Blood work right away".
Thankfully they called me before they went to the Vet. I was able to assure the couple
that based on the age of the puppy, the fact puppy had normal behaviour
was eating and drinking fine, that puppy had just probably lost a tooth and swallowed it
and give it overnight to see how this otherwise bouncy and happy puppy would fair.
Sure enough puppy was perfectly healthy the next day and they even found another tooth in one of the pup's toys.

I have tons of information available on my web page, I'm available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have.


We have had a couple complain of a very sick dog with organ failure and some very upset pet owners...
because the Vet told them they had purchased a defective dog and to contact the breeder to pay their vet bill !!
Only to receive an answer my email asking how their puppy was, a week later to find out that the
poodle had drank antifreeze that the owners found tipped over out back.
Quick to blame, slow to offer an apology ;)

We have also had people have a sick adult dog that they were very upset with us over.
Their Vet suspected we sold them a defective dog. However once the dog received IV treatment he got all better
which was not something the Vets expected to see with a congenital issue, which told them it was exposure to something.
Credit goes to the owners as they pieced together the mystery.
Their parents owned an orchard and they had started walking their poodle through this orchard routinely
and it was after a few weeks of their walking there that their dog was very sickly and they put it together
that the orchard was being constantly sprayed and their adult Poodle was drinking out of the puddles along their walk.
Their dog ended up being fine and is still alive today.

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RARE.....1x in 25 years
Another of our browns developed kidney issues...knowing we don't have such problems in our lines
we asked them to do further testing and thankfully they had a common sense Vet...they found out that
their adult dog that was being used for hunting, actually had been exposed to Leptospirosis
and received proper treatment and recovered.

This is from someone that contacted me for a puppy....NOT ONE OF OUR PUPS
After we got Theodore, he could hardly walk and his muscles had atrophied as he was kept in a cage most of the time.
We noticed his urine was not concentrated and after a few months of antibiotics we did an ultrasound and found he had kidney disease.
We later found out he had gotten into antifreeze and the owner did not tell the breeder when they returned him.
They returned him because he had a seizure and they did not want to deal with any problems.
We lost our beautiful boy just before he turned three
Irene - Burlington

I mention these stories to remind people that our Poodles/Dogs are living breathing creatures and as such
can and will be exposed to all sorts of things and may have any number of issues as a result
and where there is no one to blame, except chance.

I network with animal health care professionals ALL the time and I am always updating my knowledge base.
With my over 24 years of experience of Breeding and Training and with my knowing my own lines better than anyone else
I will be able to assist you in some manner, so do give me a chance to help you out with one of my precious pup's health.

~ But please do realise in advance.... that I refuse to be held accountable, for the choices YOU make for your puppy ~

We would also like to see you be informed about Lepto or Corona vaccination by your Vet
to make an informed choice, knowing the side effects and that some dogs and breeds (Weimaraner)
do react and have seizured and some pups will come up lame with muscle weakness, from this vaccination.
Vaccines have even caused autoimmune hemolytic anemia or AIHA in dogs. While vaccinations are always going to be
neccessary part of our lives it is paramount that owners be educated and make the best choices for their puppy.
Long term effects from Vaccinations are being studied and a Puppy Owner must consider the pro's and con's
Some Vets are also giving a Rabies vaccine every year, which is against the manufacturer's recommendation in many cases.
Again... ask questions and be informed, because your puppy (my puppy's) health is at stake here.

Cancer... a big concern for people and all breed and mix breeds today.
We live in such a toxic environment, of chemically treated dog foods
live near or under hydro wires, freely administer chemical shampoos to our pets
and or spray furniture with chemicals to smell better, spray our yards or walk our dogs
over chemically sprayed lawn or fields or orchards.
One owner of a Shih Tzu, wanted me to warn people not to walk their dogs on lawns
as theirs developed nasal cancer from inhaling chemically treated lawns.

We have been doing a ton of research on vaccines and how they contain
some harmful substances used to extend the life of vaccines, that years ago they didn't.
Rabies has mercury to name one, so we have been following Jean Dodd's
protocol and hope our puppy people will follow our recommendations
because over vaccinating has lead to several strains of cancer, seizures
that you can read about on this page: http://www.bijoupoodles.com/Vaccines.html

This is going to be painful and possibly hurtful for pet owners to hear but...
One thing I want all dog owners to know is as a health care professional I know
treatment for cancer is worse than the actual cancer and for the limited time of life extension
for the amount of suffering the animal will silently endure
(seemingly not in pain and not complaining)
because animals only want to please their owners, well owners have to decide for themselves
what they wish to put their animals through.
I don't know any vets that have their bills and equipment paid off
that would recommend or even encourage chemo for pets with cancer
because they do all know that the pain and suffering the poor animal will endure
will only buy the OWNER a few additional months with their cherished companion.
And yes they will certainly donate to a fund in your animals name and send you a lovely card though :(
The vets in the end are the only ones that win $$


We only breed Poodles that have passed every conclusive health clearance available to us at the time (constantly growing).
We raise our Poodles as toxin free as possible which means limited use of vaccines, no heart worm, no flea or tick medication
no pesticides in their yard, quality dog food, non-smoking home, no factories with toxins in the air, no hydro wires, no microwaved food.
We strictly supervise people with our pups to ensure "0" injuries and we do not go to off leash dog parks risking head injuries or such.
Once that puppy leaves our care, we have no control over the medical choices, lifestyle choices, environmental choices
food choices that you are going to make for your puppy, so it is really not our responsibility for issues that come up beyond our control.
We do the best that we can, no expense spared, to ensure you get a quality bred, healthy puppy the day of purchase.


Written By Dale Martenson and I will be adding to

1. "Did the vet give all the vaccinations"?
"Oh the breeder did? Well we will have to completely revaccinate the puppy as we don't recognize those.
We provide the vaccine dates and LABELS, these will reflect the lot and serial numbers".

2. "Before we can give HEARTWORM preventative we have to retest every year".
If your dog has been maintained on HW preventative this is a bill padding technique.

3. "There is a naval / umbilical hernia, it will need a separate surgery PRIOR to spay/neuter surgery"
It is extremely rare that a puppy would have a hernia that could not wait to be repaired with ONE surgery.
as of 2019, Hernia repairs done at the time of alter, is an additional $50.00.

4. Dentals / puppy teeth extraction / adult maintenance.
Requiring pre-operative blood work, making a huge deal out of extractions (especially on middle aged adults).
Get price quotes, don't fall for the HUMANIZATION of canine dental services.
These are usually performed by unlicensed staff - rarely touched by the vet and large profit potential there.
Consider every middle aged person that comes to the dentist, nobody is SHOCKED of gum recession or dental work… its normal.

5. "PRO-PETA anti purebred or breeder attitude".
This is becoming a mind set that the vet is only supportive of dogs
that are "RESCUES" and there is a negative vibe towards
HSUS and PETA are giving grants and influencing URBAN area vets, step away from those
who do not support NORTH AMERICAN PURPOSELY BRED dogs.
(which we all now know are purposely bred in other countries for rescues)
Your vet is a PAID for employee and if you feel they are not supportive
of your choices and pet, PAY somebody else, LEAVE.

7. "We don't do our own own emergency calls after 5:00".
If your vet that is charging you 100's and 1000's of dollars
can't take your emergency …. you DO NOT have a vet.
Your business and concern of your animal is in more restrictive hours than a hair salon.

8. "We can sell you BETTER FOOD and PRODUCTS".
Vets are most often taught nutrition by Pet Food Companies !
Does your own personal physician sell you food and products from their in-house store front?

9. "911 over NORMAL baby maladies, coccidia, giardia, or URI infections".
This happens so easily, anybody that has taken a human baby on a road trip
or changed its schedule has experienced exactly that.
These are easy low cost NORMAL things and don't mean your puppy
is sickly or improperly cared for.
INVISIBLE maladies - ear mites, ear infection (most often dirty ears), worms, and parasites are AMAZINGLY found
and can be charged for treatment... even when tested clear = pure profit.
If this becomes a home equity loan situation, HIRE a new vet !
Even if you have Insurance, this often encourages a Vet to have a blank check
giving all sorts of unneeded treatments and or medications, putting puppy at risk
Just because they can, does not mean they should !

We are all aware that people can have children that may have
a disorder or health situation that NEITHER parent has.
The occurrence of recessive genetic defects is accepted as "IT CAN HAPPEN".
This is the same situation in dogs, and multiplied in the numbers game of an entire litter.
If there is NOT an identifying DNA marker if it is like cancer, heart disease, or debilitating defects in people … luck of the draw.
Breeders even the not so informed ones.... won't knowingly procreate deliberate health flaws.
They would be replacing pups more than they would be able to produce them.
Repeating a defective breeding makes "0" financial sense to ANYONE,
let alone the emotional heart break, especially for well established breeders with a reputation to maintain.
So the statement of "Well call the BREEDER as they should have known this"
is unfairly throwing shade and usually justifying OVERPRICED services.
Like every business good services warrant good ONLINE reviews
if you don’t feel that your business was appreciated, REVIEW accordingly.
Extreme cases should prompt a detailed letter to the AVMA.
I hope to continue to share so we can all enjoy our pets, the homes
that get them and pay a reasonable price to do so.
Call around, get referrals, PRICE check, and know what your dog needs and the fair market value.
Do your due diligence and educate yourself and even contact your Breeder BEFORE you commit to anything.
Its more like buying a car than going to the doctor yourself !

I'm sure most Vet's do get into practice because
they initially really wanted to help animals. But with school bills
living expenses and all their bills adding up
for new graduates especially, it is easier and certainly more profitable
to start charging people for extensive services
and treatments that animals really do not need,
but are not outside of the Veterinary College's guidelines
often pressuring owners with guilt inducing statements
or by ONLY offering the most expensive and extensive treatment
options instead of less expensive options, knowing
that the general public, will trust a health care professional.

Small practices, are also being sold and swallowed up by larger Chains.
Which means there is an increased emphasis on profitability, and so costs have sky-rocketed
and Vets are pushing unnecessary procedures and testing, to meet their quotas for the company.
Especially with the Pet Insurance Companies now footing the bill, it is viewed like a blank check for some Vets.
Veterinary Chain stores in Canada are:
VCA, Inc. (Veterinary Centers of America)
(bought out by MARS)
*Click to read a Vet's Shocking expose

Veterinarians learn nutrition at school from Pet Food Sales Representatives
such as Science Diet for many decades and also get kick backs for selling this food to their clients.
Mars - the privately owned largest manufacturer of pet food in the world
just purchased a second chain of veterinary hospitals staging
them as the largest owner of veterinary hospitals in North America.
MARS manufactures:
Cesar, Eukanuba, Iams, Natura brands (California Natural and Evo), Pedigree
Royal Canin, Sheba, Temptations Whiskas as of 2015.

Now you wonder why Veterinarian industry cringes when people say
they are feeding professionally prepared "RAW"
because their Clinic Chain will not be making profit on food sales or treating animals with GI issues
(or meeting their Quota of sales)
and pets will be healthier, requiring less Vet visits $$$$

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Veterinarians learn about immunology, about Vaccines, from Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
which is why Veterinarians believe "more is better"
when it comes to vaccines/heart worm/flea/tick pesticides.

Puppies do need initial series of vaccines, this is well documented and uncontested.
However when and how much to Vaccinate is the big debate and Dr. Schultz and Dr. Dodds
have strong opinions, the world is starting to listen to in order to keep our Pets healthy.
What is also known 100% as of 2019, is that no dog needs yearly vaccines !!
AND small animals should never have one dose fits all vaccine.

Thankfully today because of the public outcry and education surrounding limited
vaccinations, and Titres, because of Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Schultz as well as
Dr John Robb's "save the pets" campaign
owners are not jeopardizing their pets health, by learning to question
what is put into their pets, and only accept what they believe and their breeders say is healthy.

This means that Pet Owners need to be very educated
on what procedures or treatments they want their animals to have.
Pet Owners buying from an educated proactive responsible Breeder
are going to be way a head of the game, and well armed.
Vet's unlike human Doctors in Canada, only make a living
and pay their bills, by dispensing products and offering services
or by encouraging many unnecessary health investigations on your animal.
Common rip offs that risk your pet's LONG TERM health are :
* Yearly vaccines (aka OVER vaccinating)
* Heart Worm yearly tests if your animal is on medication
* Heart Worm Medication if you are in a low risk area contact CDC
* Lepto and Corona Vaccinations
* Yearly "wellness" exams
* Cancer treatments, giving unrealistic expectations to owners, when all Vets know the minimal time
that buys an owner, is really just months of their animal suffering in silence. Vets cashing in $$$$

We all know Vaccines are essential to establish/maintain your Pup's immune system
AFTER maternal antibodies wear off around 16 weeks of age.
NO one in the entire world disputes that fact.
However, after the initial series and follow up a year later (for routine shots and Rabies)
It is hazardous to your pup's long term health and unnecessary, to continually bombard the pup's system with diseases.

Ourselves after the initial set of vaccines, only vaccinate every 4 years, we do not use flea, tick or heart worm medication
and we do not use any pesticides in our yard, or frequent locations that do.
We do not live near hydro wires, or any other environmentally risky areas and our kids drink filtered water.
The only thing we could do more, is to feed organic, freshly prepared RAW diet (I just don't have the time).
We do feed as quality of an "adult" food to our Poodles as we can.
So your pup's and your puppy's parents start out healthy and for generations.

More and more people are opting to not vaccinate beyond the initial puppy 1 year vaccines and instead doing
Titres every 4 years to measure level of antibodies or vaccinating every 4 years or just not vaccinating at all.
Either of these choices is certainly a lot wiser than needlessly vaccinating a healthy dog every year for no reason.
Topical flea/tick medication, oral medication and Vaccines given to your pet is a toxic soup
you are constantly exposing your pet to. Think about it, next time you blame a breeder for your pet's ill health.
We as Breeders keep our dogs as toxic free as we can, but after our pups leave our home, we have no control
over their health choices and we can not be responsible
for poor choices owners may make that can effect the long term health of our pups.

(CBC's Marketplace's under cover dog "Marshall", CANADA'S TOP BULLDOG 2012)


I really can't stress enough to forgo the shine expensive Vet clinics that treat you like a VIP and is staffed by
Veterinarians with less than 10 years experience. Your puppy will receive the most appropriate care at a busy clinic
that is experienced in large animals, that has Veterinarians with 20+ years of experience, (usually farm vets, Think "The Incredible Dr. Pol)
because your puppy is more likely to only receive care and or treatment that they will need from an experienced Vet that has seen it all.
Established Vet's will also probably not be recommending crazy in-depth extra services just because they won't have a new machine
a new clinic or school bills to pay off, or worse have no idea what they are looking at so they try a "hit and miss" approach for treatment options.
PLEASE watch this episode of "Barking Mad" featured by CBC's Market Place before you doubt me.


Hershey Thumbnail

So how do you find that "good" knowledgable vet for one of OUR POODLES ?
Find a Vet like the "Incredible Dr. Pol" if you can !!
A Vet Clinic that is not a Chain, as they are strictly money motivated.
Your vet should also have a calming effect on you and put HANDS ON YOUR ANIMAL
BEFORE any recommendations.
Fear mongering vets, that right off the bat start recommending procedures
and or tests, wellness checks or specialists or surgeries, or make guilt inducing statements
and have not yet touched your dog, are your first red flags

Vets that initially "lay hands" on your pet and listen and feel and help to educate you, is a good sign.
Statements like, "his ears are a bit waxy and you can clean them out with either a home remedy (which they share with you)
or we have a solution here that is inexpensive you can purchase."
and they show you what they see, and how to treat yourself is an excellent sign.

Vets that recommend blood work, testing or specialists without really giving your pet an exam or without expressing an opinion
are a RED FLAG, as usually means they have no skill level themselves and or are not competent.

Good vets will examine and usually say statements like, "looks like it might be ____ and this should work or we can try ____ treatment or ___ treatment"
offering you their opinion on the problem presenting and a couple options and also price comparison, without guilt.

GOOD OWNERS, will contact their breeder ASAP when in doubt about ANYTHING.
GOOD BREEDERS started with a good healthy foundation dogs, have clear lines and will be knowledgable about common
issues and will offer their puppy people solutions, or find out helpful information or resources for their puppy people.
I do NOT know everything, but I will try to help you out.
AND keep in mind, if you are not happy RETURN THE PUPPY to us
we do NOT pay any medical bills, but we will buy back any of our pups
at any age and for any reason.

Unfortunately for pet owners, these corporations as of 2019 it is MARS are gaining a Pet Industry Monopoly !!