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I always get asked "what will I need for my puppy".
So I spent "hours" gathering up information and pictures of products
that I hope will assist you. You do NOT need to buy everything you see here.
This is just a guide for you to explore.
If you find something useful that is not listed here please let me know
so I can add it. Many people have a "Puppy Shower"
and you could "register" at your local Pet Store such as Pet Value or Petsmart.
they often offer discounts and usually every pet stores offers "gift Certificates"


* Click to view what to buy and from Where


or on our Grooming Supply Page that is TOO extensive to list here


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Make sure to sign up for a Petsmart Pet Perks Card

if you are planning on shopping there for great discounts

Snuggle Puppie

The Snuggle Puppie is an award-winning
innovation with everything you need to make a puppy or new pet feel
warm and welcome. Plush dog has a Velcro pocket into which you can slip
the battery operated "heartbeat" and warming device, as well as a
bottle so baby animals can feed if needed. Comes complete with
heartbeat, 2 disposable, non-toxic heat sources that provide up to 20
hours of warmth each, and a terry cloth bag that lets you create your
own heat source using white rice. Heartbeat contains long-life
batteries that can be replaced with style 357 calculator or watch
batteries. Snuggle Puppie measures approximately 13" from nose to tail
and can be machine washed in cold water. So far I can only find these
at "Petacular food and supply stores" and Walmart has a scaled down
version for sale on occasion. You can also find it online at
( or (

Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys

Specifically designed for teething puppies.
Helps clean teeth and control plaque and tartar.
Most pups don't like the nylabone products we have bought in the past
However pups and adults LOVE LOVE LOVE these keys.
The added benefit is that they wash up easy and last a long time.

Premier Squeeze Meeze Latex Dog Toys

Soft squishy toys the pups love to chew and carry around

!1 Indestructible Dog Toy !!
West Paw, Zogoflex Dog Toys
Global Pet Foods in Canada carries these

Migrator Plush Wild Bird Dog Toys

This is Ruby and Raven's favorite toys These realistic-looking plush toys will grab your
dog's interest with their unique wild bird shapes. Each toy contains a
squeaker that produces a realistic "bird call" sound. They're easy for
dogs to pick up and carry and they'll soon become your dog's constant
companions.Toys have no removable pieces, the eyes are sewn in. My guys
LOVE these.

KONG Snugga Wubba
KONG Snugga Wubba features two thick fleece covered balls with tails for shaking or tugging.

KONG Wubba Dog Toys
This is Java's favorite toy.
KONG Wubba is the tug toy that doggie dreams are made of! With a squeaker and an easy-to-toss design,
the Wubba is guaranteed to keep your dog chasing, chewing and panting happily for more.

Puppy KONG Binkie for Beginning Chewers
My pups love these

JW Pet Good Cuz/Bad Cuz Dog Toys

Valor, Razz and Ruby LOVE this toy

One of Ruby's Favorite toys
Dentley's Meaty Beef Bones or Dina Bones

Compressed Rawhide Bones

12 inch Compressed Rawhide bones are particularly tough and long-lasting,
while still keeping the appeal of rawhide. Rawhides are not Recommended, but I do give my guys these
especially on rainy days when they can't play outside. I do make sure that I am watching as the "end" nears
so I can grab the end piece that they can choke on.

Elk Antlers are great long lasting treats for dogs because
They don't splinter, Last Long, Excellent source of calcium and minerals
No Chemicals, No dyes or preservatives, No detectable order, don't get the dog's coats messy

Information on getting a Dog Walker or Dog Sitter


Pet ID Tag
Available at Petsmart for around $5.00
We put our phone number and REWARD on our tags
When you shop online at Petsmart you get up to 15.00 off

Beau getting his teeth brushed Some people will brush their Poodle's teeth and tongue daily
Supplies available at Petsmart or your Vet

Booster Bath available at Costco (click to go there)
$159.99 Item # 901529

Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub with Sprayer
Available at Fosters and Smith
outside measures (includes lip) 23" W x 43" L x 18" H. For dogs up to 100 lbs
9N-604 Dog Tub $159.99

Paws Aboard
Doggy Life Jackets
Assorted Styles & Sizes
$29.99 at Costco

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp = $74.54

Give your four legged friend a helping hand when getting into pick-up trucks, SUV's and other high areas
with the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp. Also useful after surgeries or for older pets.
Folds up compactly for easy storage or travel.
•Holds 200 lbs
•Skid resistant surface in wet and dry weather
•70" Long x 19.5" Wide
•Weighs 26lbs.
•Model PG9300DR

Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder
$159.99 Item # 200245 Shipping & Handling included *
Available at Costco

Pool Pup Steps for Dogs

Skamper Ramp = $89.00 US

The large Track'r Trailer comes in blue and supports dogs and pets up to 115 lbs.
With gas prices soaring and people wishing to travel with their dogs to the store
Dog parks and or to work, a dog bike trailer might be the solution for you.
*Click to read reviews here and search the net for a bargin.

How To Train a Puppy : How to Crate Train Your New Puppy

We use the plastic crates as they are more den like
They have less areas for puppy to injure themselves on
Less chances of them grabbing anything to pull in and destroy
Also easier to clean if the puppy makes a mess (which they should not if it is the proper size)

Plastic Cage

ANY name brand will be fine.
A cage size (Medium: 26"L x 18"W x 18"H) is the cage size you need for Puppy's first day at 8 weeks of age
and should last puppy a couple weeks at least until they outgrow it and the size that puppy will be shipped to you in.
Grreat Choice Dog Carrier from Petmart

However a 36D" X24"W X26"H size carrier or may be listed online as a 36"
should do a lifetime, for short time confinement.
In order to toilette/Crate train a puppy in an over sized cage you will need
to make it smaller to only allow enough room for puppy to lay down (and not to pee in there
by blocking the extra space with either cardboard boxes or toys or wooden wall.
Any Cage name brand will do and any store such as Walmart, TSC Store or Petsmart
are reasonably priced. Do not get the "wire" cages.

Lixit Dog Water Bottle
Available at Petsmart and other stores for around $15.00
I often get told "my puppy knocks over the water dish in his cage".
Here is a simple solution. You might put a bit of gravy or tempting tast on the tip until
Puppy takes his first lick and he realises that licking will get water out.
Another solution is a steel 2 quart water pail with flat side that clips to the door.

Snap'y Fit 1 Qt. Water and Feed Bowl by MIDWEST
I often get told "my puppy knocks over the feed left in the carrier" so here is a solution
this is available at most pet stores and Petsmart for around $10.00

Doggie Dooley Disposible waste system
3016D from Costco: $37.99 in-ground pet waste disposal system.
Also at Petacular It works like a miniature septic system, safely breaking down feces,
allowing the residue to harmlessly sink into the surrounding soil.

Pet Select Rake and Scooper Set

Available at Walmart for: $9.95

Flexrake The Scoop Aluminum Pooper Scooper
For clean up on grass, gravel and cement, Rust-proof aluminum construction
Choose between Rake or Spade styles, Available in assorted colors
You might wish to find a more sturdy "all Metal one"
for endurance...these you can find online or at a dog show and run around the same price
I use these to scoop the yard and have a small garbage pail with plastic bag that I put the dogs feces
into. Quick and easy and clean to use.
I also have a Dog Walker as well

Bags on Board

You'll never forget your bag again
when you have Bags on Board. This compact dispenser fits on ANY LEASH
and holds 12 bags. Packages include dispenser, 2 sets of 12 bags and
cable tie to attach to your leash. Refills available. Bags are 100%

Nature's Miracle...........How to Clean up Dog Pee
Make sure puppy is outside or out of view while you clean
otherwise puppy could mistake your cleaning up his mess as a desired behaviour.
Available at Petsmart

Hands Free Gate

Keeping your pet out of restricted areas while coming and going is
easier with the Hands Free Gate. Simply step on the food pedal and the
gate swings open, leaving both hands free for carrying items. The pedal
requires pressure from an adult's foot to open it, adding safety for
pets and kids. Pressure mounted design holds securely without marking
your walls. Fits openings from 29"-34"W; each extension panel
(sold separately) adds 5" to the width.

Top Paw Pet Yard Containment Pen or Superyard XT* or North State - Superyard XT Portable Playard
This LIGHT WEIGHT, easy to clean with a garden hose, expandable six-panel pet yard
can be set up easily and changed to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.
I attach two of these yards together to provide an adequate area for a 6-8 week old litter.
When pups go home people can start toilet training them by forming a rectangle shape
and putting sleeping area and toys, food, water at one end and papers at the other end.
Comes with six 30 in. W by 26 in. H inter-locking panels. You create a gate by sliding and lifting the panels apart
or use tie wrap and double ended latches. I put two of these sets together to make a bigger puppy pen.
never lift puppy over the top as will teach them that they can just jump over and out.
I have had my same ones for over 10 years. Easy to clean, durable and totally portable.
These also come apart in 2 panel sections which can be used to block doorways and stairs
Two pannels will block an average porch or deck openning and is cheaper than buying baby gates.
Petco, You can usually get these used at used baby shops or new at Toys R Us and Sears or or right now the cheapest is Walmart online $45.00

Dog Seat Belt
Pet Value has a good one that is extra wide and has more padding should impact occur
Available at:
Pet Safety Belts
Huonds Around Town
If you are not going to use a cage then this is a quick safe solution

ProConcepts Adjustable Pet Vehicle Barrier

The ProConcepts Vehicle Barrier makes traveling safer for you and your pet!
Completely adjustable, this pet barrier works on virtually all vehicles
No tools required;just place, adjust, and secure using knobs
Low glare black coating provides safety and visibility
Barriers keep pets from ruining upholstery
Barrier extensions are available for even more versatility
Shipping Weight (in pounds): 15.0
Product in Inches (L x W x H): 18.3 x 12.0 x 42.5
Walmart for: $27.44

Dog Hammock Style Car Seat Cover
Car Seat Cover will protect your car seats from mud and water
The hammock style discourages your dog from jumping into the front seat and is safer for sudden stops.
Back seat can be split to accomdate a passenger, as well as your pet!
Tough and water resistant, this seat cover will protect your expensive car seats
and will also help organize your leash and supplies with its' pocket feature.
Fits most cars and SUVs with headrests and is 57" by 59" in size Model # 20190
Available at Walmart for: $23.28

Coolaroo® Pet Bed
Elevated pet cots protect pets from uncomfortable cold, hot, damp, and uneven surfaces.
Strong, durable knitted fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Flea and mite free. Simply hose clean! Resists mold and mildew.
Breathable fabric unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes.
Five year fabric warranty against UV degradation.
Our Poodles have the Small ones until they are a year old and then they get the Medium.
Medium ..... 43 1/2" x 25 1/2" supports up to 65 lbs
OH-C2 Medium Coolaroo® Pet Bed $21.95
OH-C3 Large Coolaroo® Pet Bed $24.95
OH-C5 Medium Replacement Cover $8.72
OH-C6 Large Replacement Cover $9.84
Jeffer's Pet Supply

Kuranda Dog Beds they cost a fortune but will last a lifetime
These are really great and just wipe clean.
We bought the 40 oz. Vinyl, Poly resin, Size Large, as our kids like to share.
Available at Country Paws Boarding Inc
1766 Wilton Grove Road
London, Ontario
Tel: 519-644-1771

Pet Bed with cedar shavings
Available cheapest at Costco for $36.99
Item # 237295
We bought several from them and they have lasted over 2 years with regular washing (entire bed)
I like the dogs smell of cedar but not the greatest if you have allergies.
(note *The bigger ones dont' always fit in the washing machine*)
Costoc has several other style beds that are inexpensive

DogPedic Beds

Memory Foam Bed, as seen on TV, with WATERPROOF liner and a suede like cover.
I like this bed for the simple reason that liquids wont absorb through the entire
bed so I only have to wash the cover and wipe the liner down.
Also the fact that the bed will hold it's shape and not get all fluffy just at the one end
However you do pay for these added features..
Standard Poodles will need the "Medium" sized bed which is 37" x 24"
$70.00 +SH

Outward Hound Dog Backpack
Our new backpacks are perfect for the outdoors with their roomy saddlebag compartments,
mesh pockets, and durable zippers, whether on the trail or around town.
They are often used to give active working dogs a "job", thus calming them down.
Dogs like to have a job and why not let them contribute to your adventures.
Available at Walmart and Petsmart

Flexi Long Leash Classic 3

Leash offers maximum freedom to the
dog & convenience to the owner. The dog feels free & will
hardly notice the smooth Recoil of the spring, but can be easily
restrained by a gentle pressing the brake. The brake can also be locked
into place. The flexi Classic 3 features a cord retractable leash that
extends up to 26 feet and is available for all size dogs. Some come
with flashlights now too. If you are walking along a road, please do
not use the flexi lead. Many dogs have ran out onto the road before
their owners could "lock" the leash.

Ruff and Tumble Flashing I.D. Tag

It's an I.D. tag by day and a flashing safety tag by night. Flashing tags
are equipped with motion and light sensors so they only light up at
night while your pet is moving. This feature increases the life of the
battery from hours to months! Visible for up to 1/3 mile. Tags are
waterproof. Battery included. There are many other brands that you can
activate when you wish it to blink. Personally I want to know where my
pet is when he "isn't" moving as well as when he is.

Le Bistro Waterer

Now you can provide your dog with a 7-day supply of water.
Attractive, durable polypropylene dispenser is easy to clean
and will stand up to outdoor or inside use.

No-Spill Stainless Steel Dog Bowls or Ceramic bowls
Tough, rust proof stainless steel is the perfect dish for food and
water. Easy to clean in the dishwasher and lasts forever.
Ceramic you have to wash by hand but they won't be able to push it around
on the floor making a lot of noise when eating. Neither one will cause acne like plastic.

DrinkBetter and Eat Better Dishes $21.00
Available at Costco USA
The DrinkBetter™ water bowl encourages dogs to drink at a slower and healthier pace.
The bowl's unique float configuration, which features a small wishbone-shaped opening,
allows your dog access to only a small amount of water at a time, limiting spills
and reducing the instance of choking and vomiting. You can set the flow of water by adjusting the depth of the floater.
The design also decreases muzzle staining and keeps your dog's ears dry.

Portable Dog Bowls & Dishes

The convenient collapsible travel bowl
for food or water, anywhere. Keep one in your car's glove box, under
your seat, in your pocket, on your boat ... take it anywhere!

Bitter Apple Spray

This non-toxic chew deterrent is safe
and effective. The bitter taste stops dogs from chewing edge of
furniture, bandages, fur, electric cords, cage doors and wounds
allowing them to heal properly. Can also be used on furniture, hands and items
you want to protect from being chewed up.

The Buddy System Leash

Hands free jogging or walking leash.
Available at Amazon or buy direct at their web page. Buddy System
I really love this product and I will be using it for Skijoring and sled pulling along with a harness

*Stages of Puppy Growth during Mom's Pregnancy

*Video of puppys being born

*What we do with Puppy during their weeks with us

*Things to Buy for your New Puppy

*Obedience Tips for Your New Puppy

*Dog Emergency Care Tips


Please keep in mind that if you buy from the USA you will have to pay exchange, shipping, duty and taxes.
Jeffers Pet Supply

Needs N Desires

Cherrybrook show Supplies

Pet Edge (cheapest place for clipper blades)

Coscto Pet Supplies



TSC Farm Supply Store

le Pooch

Four Paws Only

Weight pulling or carting harnesses

Lure Coursing Coats and Collar's from Sirius Dog Supply

(Official supplier of Bijou Poodles racing Poodles)
email at

Skijoring Information
Getting Started
Ruff Wear Omnijore™ Joring System
We also know that serious sled dogs use the cheaper cordura dog boots very effectively.


*New Puppy
*Trimming Your Puppies Nails
*Vaccinating Your Puppy

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