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Bijou Poodles wishes to thank
Shangri-la, Palmares, Majestic and Leatherstocking Kennels for providing
the quotes and the photos for the use in this article

The "Original Article"

(Special thanks to the Breeders who took the time to tell their Stories to Bijou Standard Poodles)
All photos on this web page were provided to Bijou Standard Poodles for this web page

© 2011 Bijou Standard Poodles

I have no problem with people displaying or sharing information off of my web page,
as long as they provide my web page link and give "Bijou Poodles" credit for my work and effort.
I display information for "sharing", not for stealing.

(photo of a beautiful Shangri-la bred Red Standard Poodle)

Shangri-la and Palmares kennel are credited with creating the Red Standard Poodle in the 1980's.
A quote from Ilse M. Konig of Shangri-La kennel's web page (Permission given to use quote):
"The Red standard poodle was created by crossing
a small english apricot Standard female from Shangri-la
to an oversized red Minature male from Palmares".

Later Shangri-la and Palmares worked together doing several breedings, keeping the darkest and the larger of the pups.
Possibly the most known breeding, was the breeding of male,
"Follow The Sun Von Shangri-La" (apricot) x "Pamares Spice for Shangri-La" (red).
From there they kept pups and bred back and forth together to establish and correct size and proportions.
(Breeding a Miniature to Standard Poodle is acceptable and able to be registered within AKC).


(2010 - Janet Blannin her red Standard "Ginger" and her toy "Canella")

Janet Blannin from Palmares Kennels is still breeding red Standard & Toy Poodles
as well as Chinese Cresteds, with the help of her son Robert Blannin.
As of 2010 they do not have a web page.
UPDATE: in 2013 Sheryl Bleich (formerly Sheroc Kennels) took over Palmares
and will be continuing a red Standard Poodle program under the Palmares name.
UPDATE: Janet passed away February 2016


(Ilse Kong and Poodle "Bagel")

Ilse Kong of Shangri-la kennel passed away on October 10, 2005.
Up until that point in time, Shangri-la was in Catskill NY.
In 2005 Melissa Muldery inherited Shangri-la dogs and moved to her home in East Greenbush
and continued with the Shangri-la kennel name breeding the colors Ilse always did
of brown, apricot, red, black and silver. While Melissa has not entered into the "multi color" world
in terms of breeding, she did have a red sable phantom produced from all solid lines.
His official name is Shangri-la's Let The Rumors Fly aka "Flier".
Melissa has kept the original Shangri-la website as is so that anyone interested in Ilse,
or her contribution to the production of the red standard poodle, may read it as told by herself.
At some point, Melissa says she will update the Shangri-la Web Page, but has not had the heart to change it as of yet.


(Al and Joan Mistkowski)

Joan Mistkowski of Majestic Poodles started with Shangri-la's reds in the 1980's.
Majestic kennel in Florida continued to perfect and concentrate on the Red Standard Poodle,
perfecting the Red Color, as other kennels infused other lines and other colors.
Majestic Kennel has created some of the most stunning reds in existance known today.
Joan Carol Mistkowski passed away in 2009.

(Suanne Brennen)

Joan's daughter, Sueann Brennan, attempted unsuccessfully to run Majestic kennel
for a year, before she too passed away on November 10, 2009.
~ All Joan's Poodles were rescued by
Florida Poodle Rescue because of their deplorable condition and
~ ALL rescued Majestic Poodles, were spayed or neutered, ending Joan's breeding program ~
Joan's grandson inherited the property in 2011, claiming to have 6 of Sueanne's Poodles
and says that through in-breeding, son to mother, they have been trying to resurrect the line


("Minarets Enrico Dorado RE"        "unknown red in 2009")
From Esther's web page:
Minarets started out in 1968 with a German Shepherd Dog.
We showed the shepherds in obedience and loved them dearly.
Then she discovered the standard poodle.
Minarets poodles started with a black bitch named Minarets Charca Negra CD.
Looking for help learning to show, she met Janet from Palmares.
Janet was beginning her breedings to bring the red color into the standards.
Esther's first breeding was to her Palmares Ponceau de Croix.
Over the years Janet became a dear friend of Esther, they travelled to shows and on fun trips together.
There have been multiple inter-breedings between Minaret Poodles and Palmare's Poodles.
Esther stated, "I have had poodles in most of the colors but the ones I really love are the reds and apricots".
Esther Underkofler
Minrets Poodles


(Leatherstocking's Red Kismet and Barbara) ....................................... (Laura, Leatherstocking's Red Kismet and Stratford)

Although Leatherstocking kennel has not had as historical impact
as other established Red Poodle Kennels, I feel that I have to include them here
because their kennel name appears in many red pedigrees today and people are always asking who they are.

Leatherstocking Kennel Breeders Barbara and Stratford Deitch were known in show circles independently,
for their famous show dogs, whose show win photos with Stratford handling, line the walls inside their home.
Barbara was best known for her Collies, Pyrenese and Bernese which were shown and did winning at
Westminster and Stratford and his brother Harold, for their famous Saint Benards under "Dolomount" kennel since 1937.
Dolomount Saints were featured in many print ads such as Hennesy Cognac, Maidenform Bra
and they had over 65 AKC champions. Dolomount Saints were also showing and winning breed at
Westminster, 25 years in a row and were featured in the Westminster Show Catalogue in 1965.

Stratford and Barbara strangely enough met when they were teenagers, where Barbara was working at a Candy counter,
where Stratford came in to satisfy his sweet tooth for Jube Jube's. Barbara and Stratford were married on August 26, 1949.
In 1972 the Deitch's moved moved to Upstate NY and Harold and Stratford Deitch separated their kennel,
with Stratford starting his own line of St. Bernards. Most notable "Cashe Retreat Tobias"
who won Breed in 1990 at the Westminster Dog show.

Barbara and Stratford started breeding Standard Poodles together in 1970 under the Canicula prefix .
Barbara's first standard poodle was a brown from Mrs. Browning of Tokalon Kennels who was an AKC Judge and breeder.
In 1975 at 53 years of age, Stratford bought a 200 year old farmhouse and transformed it into Barbara's dream home and kennel
~ Tara ~ from the "Gone with the Wind" movie fame and this is where Leatherstocking Kennel still is.
Barbara and Stratford started the Leatherstocking Kennel together and had the help of their son Howard until he passed away in 2009.
The Leatherstocking name is because of the region in which they live and from the military uniforms worn.
Later Barbara received a red Standard named "Kismet" (carrying Palmare and Shangri-la lines) as a 25 year anniversary present.
By breeding him to their red girls that they kept, they obtained red, apricot and blacks pups.
Barbara later bought a deep dark red male from Majestic Kennels breeding and named him "Crackerjack".
By breeding Crackerjack to the red girls they had kept, they produced deep dark red pups and the Leatherstocking reds lines were created.
In 2011 Barbara and Stratford, now in their late 80's, are still breeding Standard Poodles though scaled down, still passing AKC inspections.
UPDATE: 2014 Leatherstocking is no longer with Barbara's passing away


Bijou Standard Poodles
Involved with Standard Poodles Since 1989

When I began my mission to establish the dominate dark red gene in 2006
I had no idea what a difficult, long, journey it was going to be.
I started out with beautiful dominate dark red females from Leaatherstocking Kennel.
Leatherstocking reds were the only reds that passed all the OFA and DNA health screenings
had excellent conformation for me to start with, and amazing super sweet natures.

I then set out to obtain a dark red male from the Old Majestic Kennels and obtained Razz.
Combining the original dark red lines together, I was able to produce some stunning dark reds that held colour.
I of course also purchased a few reds from other kennels but unfortunately came across many stumbling blocks.
Beautiful dark reds, failed health testing we did (no breeders at this time, did any health testing)
or they didn't develop to be structurally ideal (no red breeders showed in conformation) so we delt with cow hocks
no rear angulation, low tail sets, short ear leather, pink or liver pigmentation,
or they had the looks and colour, but didn't want to, or have the brains, to Perform tasks (no breeders worked their reds)
However despite my struggles I maintained my vision and goals and in 2010 four years after I started my breeding goal
finally I achieved my "red" goal when "Ula" was born aka

Grand Champion,

UKC's #4 Standard Poodle in the world for 2011

I knew I achieved my goal of Ideal looks,
super intelligence, ability and desire to work and or perform, passing all Health Tests and still a super sweet nature.
However I can't just "say", she was ideal according to the UKC/AKC/CKC breed standard, I had to prove this to the world
and I did this through not only obtaining her UKC Championship, but also her Grand Championship and MANY Group placements
and then in 2011 she placed 4th in the world, for Standard Poodles, which is a huge honour and measurement of achievement for type.

So I then set out to bring the COI (a number showing how much a dog is inbred) down to what my amazing browns were.
I did this by taking Rose and breeding her to our Oliver, doing a nice balanced outcross breeding
Then breeding that resulting female "Dare" to our world famous "Razz" doing a breeding
of two red poodles, I felt were genetically dominate red. The result was Reva and

Price !!
Proving my belief, that an outcross red breeding would produce dark reds that sustain colour IF and only IF
they were dominate reds in the first place and in only 8 short years of starting on my "red project"
Reva and Price were produced with a 10 generation COI of 4.40% and have not faded !!!

My red Breeding Program has taken a long time, because of my high standards, which I hope people can appreciate.
I had to keep dark red color, improve type, keep calm sweet temperaments and only breed health tested Poodles with a desire to work.
This is a very tall order, and more than most breeders concern themselves with who only Show
or worse, don't do anything with their poodles except breed them.

As of 2016 I have eye color of dark brown (they appear black), 45 degree laid back shoulders
(something most breeders are still struggling with as of 2015)
long ear leathers that meet, or pass, the end of the poodle's nose, inky black pigmentation
loads of rear angulation, most of all "proper movement:
(not over angulated or sickle hocked), tight proper feet, and high proper tail sets, finally.
2016 what I'm working on is getting thicker coats,
something reds generally lack, same as red headed humans.

What people should be really amazed by, is that I have also produced
Red Standard Poodles making history in the Performance arena,as well as conformation
in AKC and UKC, by having the first Red Standards that have achieved:
AKC and UKC Lure Coursing Titles, UKC and IWPA Weight Pull Titles, AKC Barn Hunt Titles,
UKC Nosework Titles, AKC and UKC Agility Titles

I have to admit that one of my regrets, was making the free online COI tool popular,
by being the first Standard Poodle breeders to display my COI numbers on my Poodle's web pages.
This really drew great attention, and then great misinterpretation, and then all red breeders blindly followed.
I regret this because "new" breeders, often get blinded by my information and are not able to process
how to properly interpret, or use these numbers, to their advantage. Instead they read a portion of my web page
on how I would like lower COI's, and that is all they walk away with is that their COI's need to be under 10 %
or some silly number they have decided on.

Let me restate that I ONLY look at my COI's out of interest of discovery.
My numbers are NOT a deciding factor on if I will or will not do a breeding.
What does decide a breeding for me, is the entire Poodle and it's lineage history.
In 2015 the most common Standard Poodle color was black.
The average COI for PCA's Best of Variety winners
that were Black, was in the high 20 %, just to give a reality check.

I really do wish more breeders would look behind their dogs and also look 10 years
in the future and then decide what the next step should be, in their breeding program
instead of looking beside them and seeing what everyone else is doing, and just following like sheep.
*Click to read more Bijou History

2015 I could not believe the crippled up, poorly structured Standard Poodles (in black, a common color) that were finishing
in AKC (American Kennel Club) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) even winning Best in Shows!
Shocked, I mentioned this to other breeders who agreed with me but said,
"well if you have something better, you need to show it to the judges, so they can choose proper movement and structure"
Always up to a challenge, and to prove my point, I had good friends help me keep and grow show coat (which has to be 12"-24" to show)
something I have never been able to achieve with my working Poodles before, who were shaved down for their dog sports.
In 2 months my "Glory" not only finished her
CKC Championship (one of only 12 reds in CKC history !!)
but she finished with Best of Breed and Group Wins
and currently has 2 wins towards her CKC Grand Championship !


22 RED UKC Champions
12 Red UKC Grand Champions

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Homebred for over 3 Generations

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Canadian Kennel Club's FIRST Red Standard Poodle
Grand Champions in CKC HISTORY !!

"Bijou's Red Poppy From Reva"

CKC Champion
CKC GRAND Champion

"Bijou's Tickle My Fancy"

As of 2016 Bijou Standard Poodles has Achieved:
Bijou Standard Poodles have won too many UKC and CKC Group placement to list
18x UKC Best in Show
2x UKC best in Show Specialty
22x UKC Reserve Best in Show
3x UKC Best Puppy in Show
2x UKC Reserve Best Puppy in Show
4x UKC Best in Show Veteran
2x UKC Best in Show Brace
44 UKC Champions
24 UKC Grand Champions

8 - CKC Champion Standard Poodles (3 in brown and 5 in red)
2 - CKC GRAND Champion Standard Poodles, the first Red and first Brown Female in 127 years of CKC history !!!

AND of course most importantly, over 200 Working/Performance Titles on our Poodles
Achieving many firsts for the Standard Poodle Breed, such as titles in
AKC/UKC Lure Coursing, IWPA/UKC Weight Pulling, UKC Nosework, Barn Hunt, IPO
and many more Dog Sports some listed on our Events Page as of 2016 (more Accomplishments to come !!)

(this is over competition from All of Canada, 50 USA States and 25 foreign Countries !)

Hershey Thumbnail ... Hershey Thumbnail
(GrCh Bijou's Ooh la la (#4 Poodle 2011) ............... and .............. GrCh Bijou's Dare to be Different (#9 Poodle 2011)

Hershey Thumbnail                      Hershey Thumbnail
(GrCh "Bijou's Red Revolution UKC's 2013 #1 Poodle        and     GrCh "Bijou's Glorious Red of Rose" UKC's 2013 #6 Poodle)

Hershey Thumbnail
Reserve Best in Show, Best Puppy in Show, Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Grand Champion, CKC Champion
"Bijou's Glorious Red of Rose"

~ UKC's #3 Standard Poodle 2014 ~
~ UKC's #6 Standard Poodle 2013 ~

People also have to realize that:
The first AKC Red Standard Poodle Championed in 1998.
The first CKC Red Standard Poodle Championed in 2008
The first CKC Red Standard Poodle Grand Championed in 2016 our own "Poppy" !
The first UKC Red Championed in 2000.
To put this into perspective, consider this:
From 1887-2013 (in 126 years !!) there have only been 7 AKC Champion Red Standard Poodles.
From 1888 - 2015 (127 years !!) there have been only 12 CKC Champion Red Standard Poodles
With our own breeding, "Glory" being among the honoured.
Reds were first accepted for showing in FCI in 2004.
The second UKC Red Standard Poodle only Grand Championed in 2011 - (Grand Champion, "Bijou's Red Razzberry of Majestic" CA, CAX, CAT, UWP, UWPCH, WPT1, AKC RN, CGC, URO1, URO2, URO3

So considering Standard Poodles have been recognized by AKC since 1887, CKC since 1888 and United Kennel Club in 1914
you can see that it has been an up hill battle to perfect the red colour and to win in the show ring with a red.

*Click here to read more about Showing Red Standard Poodles

Blossom, Dare, Ula
UKC Grand Champions - Dark Red Females
Bijou Poodle's next generation of Red Standard Poodles in 2012
created using Leatherstocking reds to Palmares and Majestic Lines and lots of love

In My Opinion

In 2020 there are maybe only around 5 breeders in the ENTIRE WORLD,
producing real deep dark Red Standard Poodle puppies that mature to retain dark red colour.
Deep, Dark Red that hold colour is VERY VERY rare to find and especially to produce.
Although there is a great many breeders producing dark apricot, light red or even on ocassion, medium red.
Of course very few breeders have photos or videos of their reds beyond 1 year of age so it is
even more difficult to track, which red Poodles are dominate red, and which are not, because of this.

A lot of show breeders, have infused black (carrying dilutes) or apricot (a recessive of red) feeling that doing so would
improve show type and size and pigmentation and along the way, loosing the deep dark red colour gene because
they did not understand that it is genetically impossible to breed two dilutes together to obtain a dominate colour like Red,
so they end up getting apricots, light reds and blacks and wondering how to get that dark red gene that they lost.
(Click here to read more about colour Breeding)

In early Red breeding going back to 2006, Very few breeders have concentrated on perfecting and maintaining the Deep Dark Red gene,
dark red standard poodles usually had a 10 generation COI of 10% or greater.
There was just is not enough "real" dominate Red Standard Poodles available to have great diversity in colour yet.
Today in 2016 there is. Enough breeders have done enough outcrossing to dominate blacks and bred back into
dominate red, that we red breeders can successfully keep colour and diversity.

Hershey Thumbnail

Bijou Poodles is dedicated to sharing our red Poodle progress and we will always update each of our individual Poodle's
page yearly with properly "STACKED" photos, with new videos and or photos monthly, including our retired Poodles
so we can track our progress in accomplishing producing dominate reds that will hold their colour and produce their colour.
As of 2014 we are the only red breeders in the world offering such data collection and information sharing.

(Rose, Dare, Reva, Bell)
~ 2016 Bijou Standard Poodles ~
Hopefully the vision and goals, of what Shangri-la, Palmares and of course Majestic kennels,
all worked so hard to achieve, will continue and even be improved upon.

~ Bijou Standard Poodles ~

Common Red Questions Answered

(Ula and daughter Pyro)

1. Red is NOT a designer colour, "mixed breeds or mutts" are coined designer because they were designed by disreputable breeders
by, mixing two purebreds together for the purpose of providing latest trend of pets, for a quick dollar,
regardless of health, temperament or ability to find appropriate homes. Merle coloured Poodles are also "designer"
because they used a different breeds crossed with a Poodle, to introduce this colour that is not natural in Poodles
and comes with all the health associated problems, that those breeds and color bring into the mix. Designer denotes "creation" or "mutation"
red is a colour that has always existed in the Poodle breed.

2. Red is not a recessive. Red is a dominate.
Common colours like apricot and cream ARE dilutes of Red, or are recessives
to Red because they only have one copy of the red gene.
Black is dominate to all colours and can carry the red gene as well as all other colours.

3. Two recessives can not produce a Red. This means apricot x apricot can not produce a red.
Reds do not fade to a different colour when they mature.

4. Red is very common colour in toy Poodles, less so, in Standard size.
Red in the "Standard Poodle" is rarer because only a handful breeders
in the world, were dedicated to cultivating this colour
over the years, by only breeding red to red. Breeding and perfecting red in toy program,
is a bit easier, in the regard that they have small litters.
So less pups to place, that didn't turn out ideal for a red breeding program.

5. By around 2004 breeders accomplished the dominate dark red
standard Poodles very consistently.
Through the dedication of certain red breeders, I was able to obtain dominate dark reds
and then start doing all the health clearances
that were not done and eliminating those Poodles that didn't pass
all 11 health clearances. I repeat ALL health tests.

6. All Breeders all have different goals. Including red breeders.
My next goal in my red breeding program, I wanted to improve conformation and increase size.
Reds were still very small in size because of the toy and miniatures
bred to standards (an acceptable practice as they are the same breed)
in the development of the Red standard Poodle.
Luckily Temperament on the Reds, I obtained, were exceptionally
loving and sweet which I was most thankful for
as was one less feature that I had to improve or work towards.

7. 2012 more breeders are importing dark apricots and light reds from Europe.
They are bringing in dilutes to use with their red programs. Not only is this going to introduce more
recessives, loosing the red gene in their programs but also importing Poodles with some serious structural faults
such as poor fronts, weak pasterns, sickle hocked, paper feet, over angulation and gay tails.
Unfortunately these faults are perpetuated in Europe as exaggerated features on their show Poodles
and unfortunately this is going to contaminate the reds and apricot programs in North America.
These Poodles will not be able to function in working homes because of their weaknesses.
These breeders will now have to fix structure, red colour and have also reduced the red gene pool, as a result.

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