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15x Best in Show
16x Reserve Best in Show
Best in Show Veteran
2x Best in Show Speciality
UKC Champion




April 30, 2017
Rockton, Ontario
Judge Monica Parks

August 2017
Finnegan and Oscar playing
Don't worry the girl gave it out as good as she got

Oscar and Finnegan

March 26, 2017
Judge Linda Lavolette
Princeton, Ontario
UKC Agility Finnegan earns his UKC AGII Title
With 2nd Place in Class as well !!

March 25, 2017
Judge Linda Lavolette
Finnegan earns 2 UKC Agility qualifying scores
and a 3rd high in Class !!

Puslinch, Ontario
October 23, 2016
Labrador Owners Club
Introduction to the Sport of Retrieving
Finnegan placed in the competition watch out for him in 2017 !!

~ May 2016 ~
Finnegan earns his RATI and his Novice Barn Hunt title (RATN)
he earned 2 third place finishes and on his qualifying leg took first place and High In Class!!!

Family Portrait
Rose (Finnegan's mom), Dare (Finnegan's sister), Reva (Finnegan's niece), Reva puppy
Reva Puppy and Uncle Finnegan

~ March 20, 2016 ~
Finnegan Achieved a AG11 leg !!
In trial two, the Big Red Dog Rocked it !!!
Hit those weaves, did a station we had never seen before
came in about 15 seconds under time and scored 199/200 for 1st place !!!!
*Click to view video of March 19, 2016 Trial

~ March 19, 2016 ~
Finnegan earning his UKC Temperament Test Title
S.P.O.T. (Socialized Pet Obedience Test)

~ March 17, 2016 ~
Finnegan and daddy Oliver

"Hi Son"

March 17, 2016

~ March 2015 ~
Oxford Dog Sports Club
Finnegan earns a new title UROC and with a
Judge Marilyn Tomaszewski, Livonia, MI

March 14 & March 15, 2015
Finnegan score 198/200 and a 1st Place !! Roses first leg with score 195/200 and a 1st Place and second Leg with 1st Place
just missing earning her third leg by 2 seconds !!!
Special thanks to Judge Peggy Ash Sturtz

~ September 2014 ~
Finnegan winning BEST IN SHOW !!
Finnegan BIS ring

~ September 2014 ~
Finnegan winning Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show !!
This must be a record for Standard Poodles !!
*Video of Finnegan winning Gun Dog Group

November 9, 2014
Finnegan accomplishes more legs towards his UROC title
judge Kim Alexander-Thomson
and just for fun he also passed the CGCA (advanced) test !

~ July 12, 2014 ~
Orangeville, ON
Saugeen Schutzhund Club
SV Judge: Bogdan Sergo
Crystal and Finnegan earn a Schutzhund BH Title
They are only the 5th confirmed Standard Poodle team
to earn this prestigious tittle in the WORLD !!
and of course the first RED STANDARD POODLE !!

Finnegan earning his BH title
Finnegan's Critique

Finnegan doing the crowd portion of the test

Finnegan learning and doing his bite work with his trainer

~ June 2014 ~
Finnegan winning Best in Specialty Show Alter
Multi-Color Poodle Club Specialty

~ May 4 & 5, 2014 ~
Upstate Kennel Club
New York
Rally-2nd & 3rd place scoring 96 each time
More points towards UROC title only 14 more to go !! One Best in Show
One Reserve Best in Show

~ October 2013 ~
Finnegan wins Best in Show !! Thank you to judges:
Eleanor Heagy
Sharon Griffin
Deb Beean
Finnegan also completed his UCD !!
Judge: Deb Beean.

Finnegan and Rose dressed for Halloween

Rose and Finnegan enjoying a relaxing moment

~ October 2013 ~
Finnegan and Rose and their many awards
from the AKC Wine Country Dog show

Finnegan at the AKC Wine Country Dog show
Finnegan earned 100% SCORE !!!

Finnegan and Truffle placing in Class

Finnegan placing in Class

Finnegan earning his UKC URX Title !!
Judge: Kim Alexander-Thomson

~ August 2013 ~
Paris, Ontario
"Why isn't Finnegan Showing" was all we heard all weekend
but mom Crystal was busy trying her hand at Dog Photography
and doing a mighty fine job of it too !
Of course Finnegan was the star attraction

Finnegan did earn more Obedience Legs placing 2nd by seconds in his class !

~ July 2013 ~
Erin, Ontario
Judge Joanne Hurst - Best in Breed, Best in Group, Reserve Best in Show

~ July 2013 ~
Erin, Ontario
Judge John Davidson - Best in Breed, Best in Group, Reserve Best in Show

~ July 2013 ~
Erin, Ontario
Judge Darryl Hurst - Best in Breed, Best in Group, Reserve Best in Show
Judge Sally Davidson - Best in Breed, Best in Group, Reserve Best in Show

~ July 2013 ~
Erin, Ontario
Joy Leiskau - Best in Breed, Reserve Best in Show

~ June 2013 ~
Finnegan qualifies for Best of the Best "Best in Show" !!

Finnegan earns 2 Reserve Best in Show Wins !!
Judges: Deb Beean & Mary Meek
Finnegan earned more Rally legs towards his URX
Judge Laurie Soutar
Finnegan qualified in both conformation and performance, to earn yet another TOTAL DOG AWARD !!

~ April 2013 ~
Judge Joseph Gubry
Finnegan wins Reserve Alter Best in show !!!
Judge Paul Oslach
Finnegan qualifies in URO2 and URO3
Finnegan qualifies for an ALTER TOTAL DOG AWARD !!
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing
Finnegan showing

~ May 2013 ~
Finnegan and Crystal trying a new sport called "Barn Hunt"

~ April 2013 ~
Judges Paul Oslach and Heidi Kadoke
Finnegan earns 3 URX legs

~ November 2012 ~
Finnegan earning his CKC Rally Advanced with three 3rd Place wins !
Finnegan also earned 2 legs towards his CKC CD title with High in Class !
Finnegan also earned a leg towards his CKC Rally Excellent Title with 2nd Place win


~ October 2012 ~
Grand River Kennel Club
Rockton, ON
Finnegan earns 2 Best in Show wins and 2 Rally qualifying scores.
By accomplishing this feat Finnegan becomes one of the first UKC altered dogs
to earn a coveted Altered Total Dog Award

~ September 27 - 30, 2012 ~
AKC Wine Country Circuit Show in Romulus, NY
Finnegan earned his AKC Rally Advanced title with a 4th place win
Finnegan earned his AKC CD Title with 2 second place wins
He also earned a leg on his AKC Rally Excellent title with a score of 93/100 to take 1st place !!
Finnegan also earned his AKC CAA title by completing 2 qualifying runs
What an amazing Poodle to accomplish so much all in one weekend !

Finnegan in Ohio doing AKC coursing

~ September 8/9, 2012 ~
Western Lakes Training Club Of Buffalo
Finnegan earning a leg towards his AKC Obedience Novice Title with a 3rd place win
Finnegan also earned 2 AKC Rally Advanced Legs with 1st and 3rd place wins
He also participated in the Parade of Champions

~ August 2012 ~
Finnegan earns his UKC CAX title !!!
Special thanks to judges: Lee Hayes and Lee Warden

~ August 2012 ~
He earned 1 leg of his URX title with a second place in both the level 2 and level 3 classes.
Click to watch Finnegan work
Finnegan gets award !
Special thanks to Judge: Penny Haynes

~ August 2012 ~
Finnegan finished his URO3 with 2 first place wins and a HIGH IN TRIAL on his final leg
Special thanks to Judge: Heidi Kadoke

~ June 2012 ~
Finnegan shown by owner Crystal won Best Champion, Best of Breed
Best Alter in Specialty Show at the Multi - Colored Poodle Club Of America Specialty!!!
He also earned Best of Breed at the United Retriever Club Specialty and 2 other Shows
He also earned 2 legs towards his lure coursing CAX
Finnegan not only achieved his URO2 title but also a leg towards his URO3 Title !
Finnegan also achieved his CGC Award

~ June 2012 ~
Best Alter in Specialty Show
Judge Mary King

Finnegan earning Lure Coursing qualifying runs towards his AKC - CAA title

~ June 2012 ~
Finnegan working towards his UWP and NWDA Weight Pull titles
Pulling 12x his body weight with tail wagging
Finnegan reaches his max

Finnegan starting out Pulling

~ May 2012 ~
Finnegan accomplishes his Herding Instict Certificate !!!
Is there any sport this boy can't do ? NOPE.....

March 2012
Finnegan earns his CKC Rally Novice Title with 3 high in trial placements
Judge: Karen Brearley (90/100)
Judges not in photo - Marie-Johanne Cloutier (98/100)
Diana MacKenzie (94/100)

Finnegan is trying out Weight Pulling
and we think he has found a new sport for 2012 !!

March 10, 2012
Finnegan scored 98/100 and a 4th place !!

March 10, 2012
Finnegan and friends getting their awards

March 9, 2012
Finnegan scored 94/100 and placed 4th !!

November 2011 - Locke, NY
Finnegan winning BEST IN SHOW !!!!!
Judge: Betty Umberto-Wells

October 2011 - Romulus, NY
First Standard Poodle in AKC's HISTORY
to Achieve the AKC's Coursing Ability Test Title !!
AKC - Lake County Lure Coursers
Judge Jan Swayze-Curry
Judge Jocelyne Gagne
Judge Torrea Leborn (in photo)

October 2011
AKC Wine Country Shows - Romulus, NY
Pouring Rain all weekend and icy cold temperatures
Judge Mrs. Carole B. Heden
1st Place - Pepper (Perfect score 100/100), 2nd - Ruby, 3rd - Finnegan, 4th - Truffle

October 2011
AKC Wine Country Shows - Romulus, NY
Pouring Rain all weekend and icy cold temperatures
Rally Obedience Saturday - Judge Ms. H. A. Penny Haynes (not in photo)
1st Place - Dream, 2nd - Ruby, 3rd - Truffle, 4th - Pepper, 5th - Finnegan

October 2011
AKC Wine Country Shows - Romulus NY
Pouring Rain all weekend and icy cold temperatures
Rally Obedience Friday - Judge Mr. James M. Ashton
1st Place - Ruby, 2nd Place - Pepper, 3rd Place - Finnegan, 4th Place - Dream

September 2011
CARO Trials - Ontario
Finnegan Completed CARO novice
with one high in class 197 score
Finnegan achieves his CRNCL (CARO Rally Novice Cum Laude)
because his average score on his 3 qualifying runs was between 180-189!!!

August 2011 - Welland, Ontario
Finnegan earning a qualifying run towards his CAX title

July 2011 - Princeton, ON
Finnegan earning a qualifying run towards his CAX title

June 2011 - Princeton, ON
aka "Finnegan" earns his CA title !!!
*Click to watch Finnegan run

May 2011 - Princeton, ON
Finnegan getting his first qualifying Run for CA title !
Video of Finnegan coursing

May 2011 - Locke, NY
Crystal A. and Finnegan
Multiple Group Winner
Finnegan took 1 Best in Show, 1 Reserve Best In Show wins !!
Finnegan moving in ring
Finnegan RBIS

May 2011- NY
Finnegan achieves his Rally Obedience Level I Title (94/100)

May 2011 - New York
Finnegan wins 4 Best Males, 4 Best of Winners, 4 Best of Breeds
1 Group 1st, 2 Group 2nd and a Group 4th and of course a BEST IN SHOW !!!!
Finnegan Show
Finnegan Best in Show Day 2
Finnegan Best in Show
Finnegan Group 1

May 2011 - NY
Crystal A. and Finnegan, Jan V. and Reigna, Lauren A. and Finn
Bijou Poodle's Alters had a GREAT weekend in New York !!
Best in Breed winners, multiple Group winners and BEST IN SHOW WINNERS !!

April 2011 - Georgetown, ON
Congrads to Finnegan and Crystal
Finnegan earning Rally Level I legs with one 1st and one 2nd place wins
Finnegan's first Rally Obedience Show

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Finnegan achieving his Canine Good Neighbor Certificate

One proud Mom picking up her 8 week old Finnegan

Finnegan at 8 weeks of age
Talk about a natural show dog !!

Finnegan 5 weeks of age

Finnegan 2 weeks of age

Finnegan's litter 5 days old