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"JAVA" - Dark Brown Female
Height: 28"inches
Weight: 75 lbs
10-generation COI 0.27%

Java has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:
*Hip Displasia
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures

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Java and I doing our RIBBON Dance April 2010

Java is HUGE. There is no other way to say it.
She is not only tall but she is thick with muscle and large boning.
She just doesn't realise how big she is, especially when she decides it is her turn on the couch.
Java is a "Gentle Giant" who loves to get belly rubs & most of all to please.

It is "rare" for me to have a dog that is willing and also physically capable, to do "EVERYTHING".
This dog is "Java". She can easily jog 6 km with me, has her Championship title, has her Rally Obedience title
is doing Tracking and Weight Pulling (both hoping she will title this year in) and will be getting her CGC this year too.
Java also has produced some of our most Stunning dark brown Standard Poodle Puppies which we have kept and also titled

"Java" creates comments where ever we go because of her "Giant" size and dark brown coat.
Java likes to walk in front of you trying to sit on your feet to get you to stop to hug her.
Java cherishes her stuffed toys and when she gets outside, is very busy outside gathering up
all her toys and then laying on top of them before anyone else sees them.
Then she will select the one that she will bring out and tease everyone with for a game of tag.
One of her puppy people gave Java a brown stuffed teddy bear when they picked up their puppy
and she carried that teddy bear around for months before finally deciding to find out what was inside the teddy bear.

Java's lines will continue on through:
Truffle , Joy, Bruno

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
we have the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

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Rally                                                                 Conformation
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Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Sultan and his new family
Sultan will be sharing his home with our Java who also retired with Chris and Mark

Sultan got picked up in style in a Limo
to return to his new home in the country in Peterborough

Java is retired and living with her new family
Java first month. We just got home from the lake yesterday. Java had a nice time.
She settled right in and claimed the cushions in front of the patio door.
I could not convince her to walk in the water, She gave me a look that said
"you've got to be want me to walk in way" Oh
Once she sees us in in the lake I am sure she will follow once she is confortable.
She sat on the side lines and watched. She really enjoyed the dock and the gazebo.
Mark takes her for a walk every morning. Java is a wonderful dog. We love her so much.
Thank you sooooo much for allowing her to come live with us. are an amazing trainer.
Java is so obedient. She is such a joy to have. She never leaves our side.
She is always with me where ever I am in the house or out in the yard. The same with Mark.
If I am not home she never leaves his side either. We take her everywhere, providing its not too hot outside.
If we have to leave her home, she just makes her self comfortable on the couch with Lucy.
Here are a couple of pictures at the cottage. We are on holidays next week for 2 weeks.
Will be a the cottage for most of the time. I will be in touch when we return.
Thanks again for allowing us to have Java in our life.
Chris and Mark

UPDATE: April 15, 2012

Time is flying by. Java is doing great. We visit the nursing home 2-3 times per week and she just loves it.
She will let some of the more capable people take her for a walk in the halls. We have a huge list of people we visit now
and Java just loves it. You would be so proud of her! I know that I am... Everyone looks forward to us coming....
or should I say they look forward to Java coming. As soon as we get in the door everyone says "oh look...Java is here" one says hi to me....I must be

Java goes everywhere with me. If I have to go out and leave her home she puts on the big
then when I get home she almost knocks me off me feet and then she is fine.

When my mom went into the nursing home we inherited her dog "Nonie" she is a little terri-poo.
She is 12 but still has lots of spunk. This is just what Java needs. They have a great time together and Nonie will still play.
One of Java's favourite things to do now is to be the first one out at the end of the day...she rushes and does her business,
then she runs up the stairs on the veranda and hides at the top of the stairs until Nonie runs up.
Once Nonie reaches the top Java grabs Nonie's whole head in her mouth, then lets go and runs like hell...
Nonie chases her and who ever gets in the house first gets the treat first. Its quite a routine....
Lucy is quite happy that Java plays with Nonie now because it gives her a break. Java will try to play with her
once in a while but then she will go behind Lucy and give her a flip with her nose. Poor Lucy flips upside down
like a backwards summer sault.

Anyway Mark, Java and I went to Douro today. the Peterborough Obedience club were having Rally trials
and the Canine good Citizen test. Java completed the CGC test with flying colours. When Java and I were doing the test,
Mark overheard a couple of ladies talking and saying "look at that dog, she looks like she has been in shows
and I bet she has won every show she has entered"

Of course Mark was prancing around like a proud
Her is a copy of the form from today. When the certificate comes in the mail I will send you a copy of it too.
I had better go now and I will keep in touch.

Christine and Mark G.
PS. Don't forget when you need to re-home another one of your kids, please keep us in mind.
We would love to adopt another one.....or 5....

~ Java 2012 ~
Now that we have lots of snow at the cottage ..... they think I am going to learn how to Ski-Jor ??
I just told them "bite me" I'm riding !!

Java - August 2010

~Meet Java ~

April 2011
Java earning her Rally Excellence leg (needs 2 more)

Java earning her Rally Obedience Level II with 3rd high in class !! (90/100)
Special thanks to Judge: Heidi Kadoke

Java Winning her last leg (you need 3 passes of 70% or above) and Java had a 97/100 !!
Special Thanks to Judge: Deb Desjardine

~ Beauty and Brains AND the titles to back that up ~

Java is just so smart that she was watching me train Sophie and decided she could do it too
by running along side of us. I thought I would giver her a try and after 3 weeks of sporadic training
Java got her two legs towards her obedience title on April 11, 2010
Specialy thanks to Judge: Isobel Hutton

Java is now a New Champion !!
"Java" Group 1st ! takes Best of Breed 4 shows in a row (by beating out other poodles)
Special thanks to our friend Mary Ann Nemisz of Urban Legends for showing Java for us.
And Judges: Tina Camp

~Visit with Java!

Java getting ready for her first weight pulling event

We do not reccomend a Java puppy for any first time dog owners
because we feel that a Java puppy will be too large of a puppy for a novice owner to manage.
Java can and has accidently really injured our toes by stepping on them and our knees but running
into them by mistake (not stopping fast enough).
Java's mother was 72 lbs 27 inches
Java's father was 85 lbs 28 inches.
So she comes by her size naturally.
Java spends her free time playing tag with her friends or keep away with one of her prized stuffed animals.

Java stacking for show

Java at her 2nd Dog show

*Click to see video of Java at the show

Java winning in Gun Dog Group

Java has her eye on the prize !

Java giving an award winning performance !
Loads of reach and drive

Java gaiting November 5, 2009

"Java" winning Winner's Female
"Java" really is a dream come true !!

Java's first show and winning Reserve Best Female @ 1 year of age.

Java has a deep dark brown coat with dark brown pigmentation.
She has thick boning, incredible muscle mass.
Java will be shown in UKC summer of 2007
Java's mother was 72lbs 27"
Java's father was 85lbs 28".
So she comes by her size naturally.

"Java" at 8 months of age.

7 months old, 26 inches and 60lbs
"Java" is a dark brown female that is extremely large.

"Java" as a puppy

"Java" 5 months old & 50lbs


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