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Grand Champion

Hershey Thumbnail... x ...Hershey Thumbnail
(Father: Hershey...x... Mother: Java)

"Truffle" - Dark brown female
10 Generation COI = 1.11%
Height: 26"inches
Weight: 58.6 lbs
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~ Click to view all HEALTH TESTING COMPLETED ~
Truffle has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:
*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)
*CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*Barn Hunt - BH-05836

September 6, 2016
Kahlua (sister), Truffle (mother), Spice (daughter)
Their last day together before mom Truffle retires to a loving pet home

Truffle and her new forever Owners

~ 2016 ~

~ Adorable Truffle ~

Video of Truffle Playing
Video of Truffle Playing
Video of Truffle and her 2 year old sisters
Video of Truffle and her 2 year old sisters
2014 Video of Truffle looking for treats

Truffle spends some of her day playing tag with her friends through the bush.
She loves nothing more than to have a toy and tease her sister with it in a game of keep away.
Truffle is very soft natured and loves being groomed and fawned over.
She is quick and eager to learn to receive praise for her efforts, and wants to be with us.
Truffle is also our biggest prankster and loves to entertain everyone with her antics.
If we have company Truffle fills the role of our Poodle greeter going from person to person
getting cuddles and pats before she settles in on the biggest dog bed available, usually ontop
of Ruby (who of course gets up, as she prefers the couch anyway..)
Truffle is a brilliant poodle and has earned her Rally Obedience titles in no time.
Truffle even earned Total Dog Awards
(earned by accomplishing a performance event and Conformation win, the same day and same show)
~ Beauty and Brains ~ sure describes this girl
Truffle has earned her AKC Obedience title and Rally Titles with 1st Place wins !
Truffle has produced amazing pups that have accomplished their Championships and Performance titles such as:
Reigna and Beau, Duke, Zeppelin, Finnegan, Hank (shaved bald), Bodhi, Chula
and others featured on our Brown page and Facebook page.

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
we have the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

Hershey Thumbnail        Hershey Thumbnail
Weight Pulling                                                  Conformation
Hershey Thumbnail

November 2015
Sophie, Joy, Truffle, Kahlua, Faith, Dare and Ruby playing

November 2015
Sophie, Joy, Truffle, Kahlua, Faith, Dare and Ruby playing

~ 2015 ~
Truffle visiting her buddy "Jackson"

February 8, 2015
Judge: Noel Palmer
Truffle earning 5 points towards his UKC Snow Pull title

February 8, 2015

~ February 2015 ~
Truffle earning 5 points for her snow pull

~ February 2015 ~
Truffle trying a higher weight

~ December 2014 ~
Truffle earning her Barn Hunt Instinct Title !!

~ December 2014 ~
Truffle getting her Christmas photo done by Crystilzing Images

~ August 2014 ~

~ June 14, 2014 ~
Truffle earns more points towards her UWPCH title pulling 1522 lbs !

~ June 2014 ~

~ June 8, 2014 ~
Judge: Robin Clark
Truffle finishes her Weight Pulling Championship Title earning 35 points !
not only is she physically sound pulling 15x her body weight (without effort)
Look at her amazing dark brown colour you can't find anywhere else in the world

~ June 2014 ~
Look at that amazing deep brown colour !!

~ May 2014 ~
Princeton, Ontario
Judge: Laurie Soutar
Truffle earns 15 more points towards her UWPCH title needing 70 more

~ Winter 2014 ~
Sophie, Joy, Truffle and Dream

~ October 2013 ~
Wine Country Dog Show Circuit
Onondaga Kennel Association
Judge: Ms. Laraine (Lori) Moffa
Rally Advanced B - 97/100 2nd Place !!!

Kanadasaga Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Linda Ferrullo
Rally Excellent B - 70/100

Finnegan, Truffle earning class placements

Finger Lakes Kennel Club
Judge Marilou McCloakey
Rally Excellent B - 73/100

Elmira Kennel Club
Judge: Phyflia Broderick
Rally Excellent B - 84/100

~ September 1, 2013 ~
United Greyhound Club
Princeton, Ontario
Truffle had 3 qualifying Weight Pulls earning her 15 Points towards her WP Championship !!
Judge Karen Rider

~ September 1, 2013 ~
United Greyhound Club
Princeton, Ontario
Truffle pulling to qualify for Championship Points

Kalamazoo, MI
~ May 2013 ~
Truffle earns her Weight Pulling Title pulling 664 lbs

Kalmazoo, MI
Truffle loved doing weight pull so much that we will be
working for her UWP Championship this year

~ September 2012 ~
Western Lakes Training Club of Buffalo
Judge: Mr. T B Igiel - Novice Obedience - 3rd Place - 186.5
Judge: Ms. D Cecotti - Rally Novice B - 96.0
Judge: Ms. I G Hutton - Novice Obedience - 1st Place - 193.0
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.
Held at Sampson State Park- Romulus, NY
Judge: Mrs. B H Humer - Novice Obedience - 1st Place
Judge: Mrs. E Elvidge - Rally Advanced A - 3rd Place -98.0

2012 January - Joy and sister Truffle wanting back inside

2012 Truffle enjoying the wam fire

November 2011
Earned 1 URX leg, Placing 3rd three times and a 4th Place
Truffle also earned TOP DOG AWARD 2x !!!
Rally Judge: Judge Penny Haynes
Conformation Judge: Linda Philp
Judge's comment, "you have very sound, solid Poodles, very nice Poodles"
Truffle won Grand Champion Class, Best of Breed and a Group 3rd !
Judge Julie Hatlas-Pepper
Truffle earned Best Grand Champion
Earning her 2 Coveted TOTAL DOG AWARDS (very rare and difficult to earn)!!

November 2011
Truffle getting 2nd High in Class

November 2011
Truffle decided to try weight pulling after a day of Obedience and Showing
her next goal will be to get a Weight Pulling Title in 2012

November 2011
Truffle winning Best in Breed
We are so thankful for the judges that appreciate sound Poodles
over the Poodle's with clever grooming and being handled by
the Professional Handler's that our competition now feels the need to hire :)

A nice casual shot of Truffle

May 2011
Truffle winning Champion Class and Best of Breed !!

August 2011
Truffle passes her RO3 title in the top 4 of her class
and also earns her Grand Championship !

April 2011
Judge: Veronica Covatch Group 2nd
Judge: Margaret Doster Group 4th
Truffle wins 2 Best of Champion Classes
(needing only 2 more wins for her Grand Championship title)
Truffle also won a Group 2nd and a Group 3rd

May 2011
Judge: Jacqueline Walters
Truffle not only wins in conformation
but she qualifies 2x in Rally Obedience Level 2 for a Second High in Class (97/100)
AND because Truffle won her Conformation class and qualified in Rally (she has beauty and brains)
Truffle also won a coveted TOTAL DOG AWARD

~ May 2011 ~

"Reigna" - 3 Best in Breeds, 2 Group Wins and Best in Show Alter and her
Mother "Truffle" - 2 Champion Class wins, Group 2nd , Group 3rd, Rally II and a Total Dog Award
Daddy "Dream" - same show, won two, 3rd High in Classes and his Rally Level 3 Title
As you can see the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree with Reigna !!

~ May 2011 ~
"Reigna" 6 months of age (Truffle x Dream)

September 2010
Truffle at a Lure Coursing Match

April 2011
Truffle earning her Rally Level 1 and 1 Level 2 leg

Truffle earning her Rally 1
Rally 1
Rally 1
Truffle earning Rally2

Truffle winning Best in Breed
Grand Championship win, and a Group 4th !!!
Special Thanks to Judge: Judge Marian Campbell

Truffle enjoys playing with her toys and her friends

Artist Judith Stein
recently chose Truffle to depict in a water colour

"Truffle" August 8, 2010
Learning how to do a new sport called "Lure Coursing"
We are hoping she may get her title in 2010.

August 2011

Hershey Thumbnail.... Hershey Thumbnail
Truffle July 2010
It is difficult to get a photo of the rich brown coats
I have done photos in both shade and sun for you to see Truffle's beautiful coat colour

Hershey Thumbnail... Hershey Thumbnail
You can see Truffle's silly side in these photos
(photo lightened so you can see her face)

~Truffle September 2009~
What an amazing girl and proof that our program is succeeding !
(I did take myself out of the background)

Truffle is a confident girl who is on the larger side taking after her parents.
We actually had one judge amazed at her size saying "wow that is a substantial girl".

Beautiful Truffle

Truffle ~ October 2009 ~

Truffle winning a Group 3rd !! after winning Best of Breed !! (by beating out other poodles)
Special Thanks to AKC and CKC Judge: Jocelyne Gagne for this amazing win
(Photo has been lightened to see Truffle's face)
This photo was taken on the hottest day of summer, right after a HUGE Storm swept through the show grounds.
You probably can't tell in the photo, but the Judge and myself are soaking wet.

Truffle @8 months

Truffle at 6 months of age
Truffle's coat looks reddish because of the sun bleaching it.

Truffle @ 5 months of age
Of course not stacked correctly as I was taking the photo
Of course not stacked correctly as I was taking the photo

"Truffle" @ 2.5 months of age and 20 lbs
Of course not stacked correctly as I was taking the photo

Truffle at 6 weeks of age and 8lbs
Of course not stacked correctly as I was taking the photo

"Truffles" at 5 weeks of age and 7lbs

Java and her pups

Truffle and her litter mates

Video of Truffle and Joy being born

Video of Truffle and Joy being born

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