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Grand Champion

Hershey Thumbnail... x ...Hershey Thumbnail
(Father: Hershey...x... Mother: Java)

Joy - Dark Brown Female
~ Click to Meet Joy ~
10 Generation COI = 1.11%
Height: 26"
Weight: 68.6 lbs

Joy has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:
*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Dentition Database
*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia)
(DOES NOT CARRY DILUTE, said to cause fading in browns)

As a Breeder I have planned my Breeding Program years in advance.
I select the puppy from the litter that I feel will mature to be the Ideal Poodle.
Joy is that poodle. Joy always "struts" she is so full of herself.
Her tail is always up and she is totally fearless.
Her and her buddy Pepper are playmates and you can almost hear them laugh
as they hide in the bushes laying in wait and then pouncing on each other.
Joy has perfect movement with loads of reach and drive with a straight topline.
I just love the fact that she has lots of rear angulation and chest and while a bigger girl
still has that nice refined poodle head without being too much so.
Joy's first show she got a "GROUP" placement against Champions.
Her second show I had breeder judges approaching me begging me to show her
further and to learn how to groom properly to have her look her best (better than my attempts)
I decided to keep showing Joy and she quickly earned her Grand Championship
proving without a doubt what I felt all along, she is an exceptional quality Standard Poodle
But Joy is more than just a pretty poodle...
Joy loves working for praise and having a daily job to do when she is not cuddling.
Joy excels at Lure Coursing and ties with Finnegan, Ruby and Razz, for the First Standard Poodle
in UKC and AKC History to earn a Coursing Aptitude Title AND a Coursing Aptitude Excellence Title
Joy is first Brown Poodle in AKC and UKC history to earn a Coursing Ability Title
Joy trained in a few short weeks for Rally Obedience and hit the UKC and AKC shows earning 100/100 scores
with 1st Place and class wins. Joy will be working towards her Obedience and weight Pulling titles in 2013.
Click to read more about Joy's Adventures
Joy's lines will continue on through our Cherub, Lily and Oscar

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
Joy has the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

Hershey Thumbnail      Hershey Thumbnail
Lure Coursing                                                                Conformation
Hershey Thumbnail
Rally Obedience

May 21, 2023
The ol' girl looks great and is doing well on the eve of her 14th birthday !
Kind regards, Fred - NY, NY
September 1, 2023 Owner Fred passed away soon after sending me this update.
Joy went to live with her son and owner Arlene W. before passing away
today at the age of 14 years few short weeks after Fred.

August 18, 2021
Joy and her son in Central Park

May 2019
Joy and her new owner about Joy turning 10

Joy enjoying Central park at 9 years of age
such dark brown still too !

August 2017
Joy enjoying Central Park with her own Fred
Dark brown at 8 years of age too !!

August 2017
Joy in Central Park walking with owner Fred
Holding her brown colour very well for 8 years of age

Fred and Joy in April 2017

March 16, 2017
Joy and her forever owner "Fred" in New York
A breeder has to be a most unselfish person,
and always have their dog's welfare at heart above all else.
So while I do indulge in my hobby of breeding and chasing
that elusive perfection, in the Poodle breed, with each generation
it is with much mixed feelings that when my kids are finished
contributing to my Breeding program, and accomplished all their titles, that I retire them
to be the one and only, cherished pet in a very special home.
Because i have kept on of their babies to continue on with my dream.
Joy was very fortunate to have Fred come along and offer her such a wonderful home and life.

March 2017
Joy getting used to her new lifestyle in Central Park New York with her walking group

March 10, 2017

Joy at Christmas 2017
playing with a Poodle stocking that has a bell on it.
Joy is such a mischievous, clever girl.

~ March 19, 2016 ~
Joy earning her UKC Temperament Test Title
S.P.O.T. (Socialized Pet Obedience Test)

~ 2016 ~
Colonel sitting with Joy

Hershey Thumbnail... Hershey Thumbnail
(browns taken with Flash)... and ... (browns taken without Flash)
Dream and Joy

November 2015
Sophie, Joy, Truffle, Kahlua, Faith, Dare and Ruby playing

November 2015
Sophie, Joy, Truffle, Kahlua, Faith, Dare and Ruby playing

~ June 2015 ~
Very cold and pouring rain but Joy loved the run
Joy earning legs towards newer UKC Lure Coursing Titles and having fun

~ August 2014 ~
Joy looking cute playing with the puppy toy

~ June 2014 ~
Joy earns her AKC Canine Good Citizen title !

~ May 18, 2014 ~
Joy earns her Barn Hunt Instinct Title !!

~ Winter 2014 ~
Sophie, Joy, Truffle and Dream

~ October 2013 ~
Joy earning her AKC RA Title

~ October 2013 ~
Wine Country Dog Show Circuit
Onondaga Kennel Association
Judge: Ms. Laraine (Lori) Moffa
Rally Advanced B - 88/100

Joy, Valor, Ruby

Kanadasaga Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Linda Ferrullo
Rally Advanced - 84/100

Finger Lakes Kennel Club
Judge Marilou McCloakey
Rally Advanced B - 93/100

Elmira Kennel Club
Judge: Phyflia Broderick
Rally Advanced B - 81/100

~ September 2013 ~
Oxford Dog Sports Club
Puslinch, Ontario
Judge Penny Hayes
Joy finishes her URO3 Title with 1st Place !

Sorry no photo
~ June 2013 ~
UKC Premier - Kalamazoo, MI
Joy earns 1 URO3 leg needing one more for her title

(photo coming soon)
~ June 2013 ~
Paris, Ontario
Joy passed 1 URO3 Trial placing second
Judge: Laurie Soutar

~ April 2013 ~
Rally Judges: Paul Oslach, Heidi Kadoke
Joy accomplishes her URO 2 Title with 100% Score and Class placements

Sorry no photo weather was too horrible
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.
~ September 2012 ~
Held at Sampson State Park- Romulus, NY
Judge: Mrs. E Elvidge - Rally Novice A
1st Place - K-Lar's Joyous Chocolate Endeavour CA - 100/100
Joy has earned her AKC RN Title !!!

Sorry no photo weather was too horrible
Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc.
~ October 2012 ~
Held at Sampson State Park- Romulus, NY
judge: Mrs. D L Barrows - Rally Novice B
4th Place - K-Lar's Joyous Chocolate Endeavour CA - 94.0

Sorry no photo weather was too horrible
Elmira Kennel Club, Inc.
~ October 2012 ~
Held at Sampson State Park-Romulus, NY
Judge: Mrs. B H Humer - Rally Novice B
K-Lar's Joyous Chocolate Endeavour CA - 88

~ September 2012 ~
Joy waiting her turn for Lure Coursing

~ September 2012 ~
Joy accomplishes her UKC Rally 1 Title !!
With 1st Place in Class awards and scores of 99/100

A cute Joy.
Unfortunatly the orange toned background distorts the brown colour

2012 January Joy and Truffle wanting in

October 2011
Romulous, NY
Joy - Accomplishes her AKC CAT Title and is the 2nd Poodle in AKC history to accomplish this
(first standard Poodle was our "Bijou's Finnegan Avon")

September 2011
Joy Finished her CAX Title
First Standard Poodle in HISTORY to accomplish a CA and CAX title !!!!!

September 2011
Joy accomplishing a qualifying run towards her CAX title

July 2011
From Show Ring to Field to Work
Joy having a qualifying run towards her CAX Title !!!

Joy in her new "Big Girl" hair cut, enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon

May 2011
* Video of Joy Winning Group 1st

May 2011
Joy earning a qualifying run towards her CAX Title

September 2010
Joy earning her Lure Coursing Aptitude Title !!

September 2010
Joy earning her Lure Coursing Aptitude Title !!

Ruby and Joy practicing Lure Coursing !!

Joy getting her 2nd leg towards her Lure Coursing Aptitude Title

One happy girl

Look Mom I caught it !!
Joy earned her first qualifying Lure Course Run !!!!

Joy learning how to lure course !!!
Not bad for her first time. We are hoping she gets her title in 2010.

August 2010
Joy earned her Grand Championship wins 3x

Joy winning a Group 3rd and her 3rd win towards her Grand Championship !

OK... I know what you are thinking...
Bijou Poodles says..."NO FRU FRU CUTS AT BIJOU"...but this was
the groomer's idea of a suprise and I have to admit Joy does look like a real lady now.
We will be growing her coat back, no worries.

Joy enjoying a beautiful sunny day

Pepper and Joy
Did someone call Dinner ??


December 2009
Joy wins first place in her class and goes on to Win Best Female !!
Joy is a NEW CHAMPION !!
Special thanks to Judge: Mark Golden

November 2009
Joy wins Best in Breed (out of 6 Std Poodles) and GROUP 3rd !!! (out of 8 Breeds)
UKC Judge: Maude Tank
80 points total and 2 competition wins !!

Pretty Joy

Our Beautiful Joy

November 2009
Joy wins Best in Breed !!
UKC Judge: Joseph Allen

November 2009
Joy wins Best in Breed (out of 6 Standard Poodles)
Joy then goes on to win GROUP 3rd !!!
UKC Judge: Maude Tank

November 2009
(out of 6 Standard Poodles)
Under UKC Judge: Joseph Allen
Joy doing the down and back

Joy ~ October 2009 ~

Joy ~ October 2009 ~

Joy @ 3 months of age

Joy @ 3 months of age

Joy at 10 weeks of age

Java and her pups

Joy and her litter mates

Mom "Java" with Joy being born

*Click to watch Joy and her litter grow up

Video of Truffle and Joy being born

Video of Truffle and Joy being born

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