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Brown Poodles Gertrude and Gretel


Hershey Thumbnail .....Hershey Thumbnail
Larger standard poodle at 28" tall and a normal standard poodle sized at 24" tall

... Hershey Thumbnail
~ AKC Breed Standard ~ States: Standard Poodle Size :
The Standard Poodle is OVER 15 inches at the highest point of the shoulders.
Any Poodle which is 15 inches or LESS in height shall be disqualified from competition as a Standard Poodle.
~ There is no limit for how tall a Standard Poodle should be in AKC, CKC, UKC ~

Physically: Our Browns range from 26"-29" and 55lbs-85lbs and are within the AKC Breed Standard.

Our Browns tend to be more "muscular" than what you would typically see at a dog show and for sure
have loads more boning than the average chicken boned poodle you may meet.
This is because our Browns are Working Dogs, and must be physically capable to work.
Our Brown poodles are DARK brown. This is very difficult to have achieved and took years to develop.
Our pups "may" get a sprinkle of grey hairs through their coat when they get older and may even lighten
on their muzzle or tail area when they age. There really is no guarantee on colour even though we do
DNA test to ensure our poodles do not carry the fading gene.
We do have the darkest browns with substance, that you will find in the "world".
*Click to read more about Colour

Temperament : Our Browns are sweet natured and calm.
All our poodles have calm laid back temperament. NO anxious, hyper pacing or barking.
Our Browns love to be with you in the same room or on the couch beside you cuddling during a movie.
I use my browns as my jogging partners as they are taller and able to do 6km with a good pace with me
without any stress or strain and they actually look forward to it and enjoy the activity.
Browns and all poodles will actually do any activity that pleases you as that is just the breed's nature.
Our working Poodles do Tracking, Schutzhund, Physical Support Dogs, Special Needs, Obedience, Rally, Pet therapy, Coursing, Weight Pulling
and Agility with my poodles and all performed well.

~ Winter 2014 ~
Sophie, Joy, Truffle and Dream

Browns have a reputation of being the "clowns" of the Standard Poodle.
But we have found ALL poodles love to "entertain" their owners.

The Gerty Goose

"Bijou's Gretel" enjoying her vacation incognito, but obviously the Paparazzi found her

Bijou Poodles Gerty and Gretel enjoying sipping Margaritas at the Cabana bar

We have found our browns are laid back, kind and loving and yes they love to be silly if
you are in the mood for a chase or to play with them.
Our poodles enjoy doing anything that will make you laugh...

(Rosie and her Chicken...)

But Poodles especially love doing anything that their owners do, because it means spending time together.

"Tula" enjoying a baseball game with her owner
Other than this play time, our browns like to cuddle on the couch watching a movie with you.

"Maeby" enjoying her swimming pool
Browns (and poodles in general) love the water

Brown pups Fall 2009

Mom and some of her pups Fall 2009

Our Brown Standard Poodles

Our Brown Standard Poodles

Truffle - @ 6 months ... Sophie - @ 1 year of age
(Their coats are reddish just from the sun bleaching)

Truffle, Joy, Zoe
Java and Hershey daughters at 3 years of age

Our Brown pups from 2006 (when we got digital) up until today, are featured below:

Generations of our Browns

Hershey Thumbnail
Mom......... Grandpuppy @4wks ........... Grandmother

(Sophie, puppy, Dream)
Mom............ Puppy .......... Dad

"Gertrude" 1 year 4 months of age and her neice "Gretel" 11 weeks of age

"Gertrude" 1 year 8 months of age, "Gretel" 4 months of age

Gertrude (Hershey x Java) @ 2 years of age is 27 1/2 inches in height and weighs in at 56.8 pounds
Gretel (Truffle x Dream) @ 6 months of age is 22 inches tall and weighs in at 38.6 pounds

Laurie and her beautiful girls with "go go boots"

...Hershey Thumbnail
Champion - K-Lar's Dream of Java, ROII, CGC
"Java"- Brown Female - Height: 28"inches, Weight: 78 lbs

...Hershey Thumbnail
Dream's Web Page
Dream @ 4 months of age ...............Dream as an Adult
Champion -"K-Lar's Dream of Cadbury", URO1, URO2, URO3, CA, UWP, WPT1
- Dark brown Male - 75 lbs and 27" tall

Hershey Thumbnail ....Hershey Thumbnail
Sophie's Web Page
Sophie as a puppy ...............Sophie as an Adult
Champion -"K-Lar's Chocolate Sophistication", URO1, URO2, URO3
Brown Female out of "Hershey x Abby" - 55 lbs and 25" tall

Hershey Thumbnail .....Hershey Thumbnail
Bruno's Web page
Bruno as a puppy .....Bruno as an adult - 78 lbs and 28"
"K-Lar's Brown Bruno" - Dark brown Male out of "Hershey x Java"

Hershey Thumbnail.....Hershey Thumbnail
Joy's Web Page
"Joy" as a puppy................................................Joy as an adult
GRAND Champion -"K-Lar's Joyous Chocolate Endevours", CA, CAX, CAT
Dark brown Female out of "Hershey x Java" - 65 lbs and 26" tall

Hershey Thumbnail ....Hershey Thumbnail
Truffle's Web Page
Truffle as a puppy.................... Truffle as an adult - 65 lbs and 26" tall
GRAND Champion -"K-Lar's Chocolate Truffle of Bijou", URO1, URO2, URO3

Dark brown Female out of Hershey x Java

Javagirlorange081123 ....Hershey Thumbnail
Gertrude as a puppy...................Gertrude as an adult - 56.2 lbs and 27" tall
"Gertrude" - Dark Brown Female out of "Hershey x Java" (orange collar girl)
Gertrude's Litter

Dream and Sophie

"Gracie" - Brown Female out of "Sophie x Dream" (yellow collar)
Pictured at 6 weeks and then again at 1 year of age

"K-Lar's Brown Baron of Canterbury"
aka "Baron" - Brown male out of "Sophie x Dream" (Green Collar)
Pictured at 6 weeks of age and at 1 year of age, 60lbs and 26"

"K-Lar's Archie"
Archie - Brown Male out of "Sophie x Dream" (Red Collar)
Pictured at 5 weeks of age and 1 year of age, 65 lbs and 27" tall

.... Hershey Thumbnail
"K-Lar's Bodhi"
Bodhi - Brown Male out of "Sophie x Dream" (Silver Collar)
at 7 weeks of age ........................... Bodhi at 1 year of age, 63 lbs and 28" tall

Dream and Truffle

~ Truffle pups 1 hour old ~

"Gretel" as a puppy.........................Gretel as an adult - 56.8 lbs and is 26 1/2 " tall
"Gretel Donegal's" - dark brown female out of "Truffle x Dream" (Pink Collar Girl)

"Neelix" as a puppy ........................................Neelix as an adult 28" and 63 lbs
Dark brown male out of Truffle x Dream

"Mister" as a puppy ........................................Mister as an adult 28" and 63 lbs
Dark brown male out of Truffle x Dream

"K-Lar's Reigna Regal Lady" aka Reigna (Truffle x Dream)
*Click to view Reigna's Web Page
4 Best Females, 3 Best in Breed, Group 3rd, Group 2nd, Group 1st
and a BEST IN SHOW !!!
Reigna First Show
Reigna First Show
Reigna Group 2nd
Finn and Reigna for Breed

"K Lar's Brilliant Beaujolais", URO1 (Truffle x Dream)
Height: 26.5" and Weight: 65 lbs
*Click to view Beau's web page

Hershey Thumbnail ...Hershey Thumbnail
"Rosie" as a puppy ....................... Rosie as an adult - Rosie is 26" at the withers and 48lbs
out of "Truffle x Dream" (Lavender Collar girl)

Maeby - Dark brown female (Truffle x Dream) @ 6 weeks of age and 12 months of age

....Hershey Thumbnail
Chula - Brown Female (Truffle x Dream) at 6 weeks of age and at 12 months of age

Joy and her puppies 1 hour old

... Hershey Thumbnail
Brownie - Brown Female (Joy x Dream) at 6 weeks and 12 months of age
27 inches tall just over 50 pounds at 9 months

Hershey Thumbnail ...
Gracie - Brown Female (Joy x Dream) at 6 weeks of age and 1 year of age

... Hershey Thumbnail
Contoocook - Brown Male (Joy x Dream) at 5 weeks of age and 11 months of age
25 inches at shoulders and weighs about 65 lbs at 11 months old

"Lola" - Brown Female (Joy X Dream) pink collar girl
50 lbs and 27 inches tall now at 15 months

~ Joy and her pups 2 weeks of age ~

Hershey and Java

Hershey and Java pups

Hershey and Java pups

Lstacked.... Hershey Thumbnail
Banzai baby............... Banzai as an adult 80 lbs and 29.5" tall
"Banzai" - Dark Brown Male out of "Hershey x Java" (blue collar boy)
Banzai's Litter

"Banzi" - Dark brown Male @ 1 year of age - Java x Hershey

"Samson" - Dark brown male (Hershey x Java) 8 weeks of age and 9 months of age.

....... Lstacked
Lautrec as a puppy ... Lautrec as an adult "Lautrec" dark brown male (Java x Hershey) weighs 81 lbs

Lautrec and Mary....................... Lautrec getting his AKC Puppy Star Award.
Lautrec - dark brown male (Java x Hershey) weighs 81 lbs @ 8 months

"Bruno II" - (Hershey x Java) dark brown male @ 10 months of age

Ollie @ 1 year of age 71 lbs (Java x Hershey)

"Ciwa" - dark brown female @ 6 months of age out of "Hershey x Java"
Ciwa 1 year of age 72 lbs and 27 1/4" at the shoulder.

Tula @ 7 months of age and 50lbs out of "Hershey x Java"

Java Litter

Hersehy and Raven

"Mocha" - As a puppy..........................................Mocha as an adult 57 lbs and 26" at the shoulder approx
Dark Brown Female out of "Hershey x Raven" (Pink Collar girl)
Mocha's Litter

Hershey Thumbnail....Hershey Thumbnail
"Radar" - As a puppy.........................................Radar at 7 months, 53 lbs and 26" at the shoulder
Dark Brown Male out of "Hershey x Raven" (Green Collar boy)
Radar's Litter

Barnaby (brown male Raven x Hershey)
At 13 months, 26"at shoulders and 63lbs.

"Bakko" - dark brown male @ 7 months of age out of "Hershey x Raven"

"Betty" - dark brown female @ 7 months of age out of "Hershey x Raven"

"Riley" - dark brown male @ 1 year of age out of "Hershey x Raven"

"Mikka" - brown male @ 1 year of age out of "Hershey x Cocoa"

"Scout" - dark brown Female @ 6 weeks of age out of "Hershey x Abby"

Dream and Truffle

Joy and her puppies 1 hour old

Joy puppies
Hershey Thumbnail
Joy pups in bin

Sophie and her new litter

Hershey Thumbnail
Sophie's beautiful litter

Raven's Litter of black and brown

Our Story of starting in Brown Standard Poodles

(Raven x Beau brown boys 2008)

Our Quest for brown was a long one. We bought and re-homed many in our search
for a dark brown that was calm and laid back that would produce puppies we would
be proud of and know that we could in good faith place in pet, obedience and therapy homes.
There was no way I would produce unhealthy or hyper brown poodles, so our standards were very high.
This cost us financially and emotionally and took many years.
I could not find browns like what I wanted to own or produce, so I waited and kept searching for over 5 years.

"Nikki" and "Fegol" along with their litter containing "Cocoa"

I finally decided to bred my black female Nikki to a black male that I had bred a few years before named Fergol.
I knew the temperaments would be AMAZING. However...
the resulting litter of Standard Poodles contained a weird colour.

I tried towel drying it and towel drying this funny coloured poodle before realizing
that it was dry and it was a BROWN !
Using my cat colour genetic knowledge I knew that I had a 1 in 4 chance of producing browns and I did it.


K-Lars Hot Cocoa, CD
was born. I had always wanted to breed rare brown and red coloured Poodles
but had heard horror stories about how vicious and hyper red and brown poodles were.
Cocoa was a very calm poodle. I repeated the breeding several more times and produced some amazing browns.
My dream of owning a brown standard poodle was fulfilled.
The following year I was contacted by VetGen Labs about contribuing DNA from my brown poodles
to establish the brown gene for DNA.
This would help breeders determine if a poodle "carried" the brown gene
which we were only to happy to partake in.
Today thanks to us and other breeder's contribution of DNA Vetgen Lab is now able to DNA test a Poodle
to verify if it is carrying recessive colours.

Over the 17 years I have purchased a few brown standard poodles from many VERY well known kennels
in the USA in my pursuit of finding a perfect stud for Cocoa and for my brown program.
Unfortunately I have been disappointed by all of them.
A good looking Brown Puppy I bought from a well known kennel in Gettysburg, PA
was so hyper and skiddish acting I could not keep her
and one VERY good looking brown male solid champion Pedigree from one of the most famous brown kennels in Tampa, Florida
even broke into and attacked and killed a young litter of 6 week old puppies.
In one other case, I finally got a Standard Poodle Male from Weatherford, Texas who had the perfect temperament

and he turned silver at 9 months of age everywhere except his ears and tail.

Hershey Thumbnail ...........Hershey Thumbnail...........Hershey Thumbnail
"Cocoa" - light Brown or Cafe ....................................... Shades of Browns clipped short to show true colour ..............."Hershey" -Dark Brown at 8 years
(We are not using Browns that turn Silver Beige in our program)

Hershey Thumbnail ...Hershey Thumbnail
(photos lightened to show the grey hairs)
Darkest of browns may still get grey hairs through the coat,
but the overall appearance of a brown should be that of a brown coat
it is still very difficult to produce a bown with a clear brown coat

After a few expensive investments later I finally just decided to breed and keep my own male

Champion - K-Lar's Hershey Wins Again
(Pictured at 8 years of age)
who is still a deep dark brown but also has the calm, loving, confident nature
that we have become so world famous and sought after for.
Thankfully I finally bought into the "computer craze" and now we are able
to feature our amazing poodles on our web page for you to see and decide
for yourself if we have the kind of brown standard poodle puppy you would like to add to your home.

Videos of our Brown Poodles in 2010

Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010
Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010
Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010
Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010
Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010
Video of our Brown Poodles in 2010

*Video of our Browns 2015
*Video of our Browns 2015
*Video of our Browns 2015

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