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Multi Best in Show, Grand Champion,
PT1, PT3, PT4, PT5, NV, NC,


"Pepper" - Red Female
Height: 25"
Weight: 55 lbs
10 generation COI = 13.22%

Pepper has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:

*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Dentition Database
*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia)
(DOES NOT CARRY DILUTE, said to cause fading in reds)
Meet Pepper

Pepper searching for the birds

Pepper's parents are from the "original" Majestic Kennel, directly from Joan Mistkowski.
Joan passed away in 2009 and all her Majestic Poodles were put in rescue and spayed or neutered.
Pepper is truly a piece of history with her prized pedigree and lineage that ensures that she will produce true red.
Just check out our Red Page to view Pepper's past pups.
Pepper is our red girl who really livens up our home with her games.
Pepper also likes to remind us when it is breakfast or time for a run outside with her little soft woofs or muttering
she does all while looking indignant at us, that she even had to ask. Like all our Reds, Pepper is very affectionate and
is part of our red poodle entourage that follows us everywhere and vies for space on the couch.
Pepper also has the habit of doing the "poodle goose" when you least expect it
and can instantly disappear from behind you, doing her little woofing laugh as she dives out of hands reach.
I'm so proud to have Pepper, not only because of her stunning red coat and looks
but also because she is a great working partner, always giving me 100% effort and is eager to please
Pepper has won 2 BEST IN SHOWS, PERFECT Rally scores in UKC and AKC
Top placements in Obedience and HIGH IN TRIAL in Rally.
Pepper is the Total Poodle... only limited by what I can teach her.
Pepper has produced amazing dark red pups such as:
Cooper and Charlotte and Cooper II and Dundee, Griffin, Cooper

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
Pepper has the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

Hershey Thumbnail
Hershey Thumbnail      Hershey Thumbnail
Lure Coursing                                                                Conformation
Hershey Thumbnail
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

~ September 2014 ~
Pepper retired from our Breeding program to live
the wonderful life with new mommy "Lauren D." in Toronto, Ontario

From Lauren:
Thought I'd send you an update now that she's a bit more settled in.
this morning I woke up to Pepper standing in the doorway of my bedroom in the dark.
I turned the light on and got up and she perked up and wagged her tail !
The first couple of days she was pretty subdued, so that was awesome!
She sticks really close to me everywhere we go, but on our walk this morning she wasn't bumping into me
every time a truck passed. She is definitely relaxing and getting more comfortable :)

We had a play date with my coworker's Golden retriever, two Havanese, and three toddlers on Saturday all morning.
A long walk and a couple hours in their fenced yard. By the time we left she was getting pretty confident
exploring the yard and interacting with the other dogs/kids. Yesterday we went up to my parent's for the afternoon
she was fantastic and the whole family is in love with her, of course!

She didn't eat or drink much for the first 2 days, but she's drinking normally now.
Doesn't seem too thrilled with her kibble as of yet.
I've been stirring in a small spoonful of plain cooked ground chicken mixed with rice
and that gets her nosing around and eating the chicken plus a half a cup of kibble or so each time.
I'll feel better once she’s eating more throughout the day, but otherwise she’s doing great
getting a bit bouncier and happier every day. Stitches all look good, no puss or swelling at all.
I will take out the purple ones this afternoon.

Thank you again, she's already completely exceeded my expectations, such a great girl :)

~ July 2014 ~
Beautiful photos by Crystalizing Images !

~ July 2014 ~
Pepper and I dancing

~ June 28, 2014 ~
Princeton, Ontario
Pepper earns her Nosework titles PT1, PT3, PT4, PT5
Pepper also earned her NCC Title with a 4th class Placement !
Also earning 1 leg towards her Novice Vehicle Search title
Judges: Cheryl Carlson and Linda Ringle

~ March 2014 ~
Pepper in her favourite spot on the big cushion

~ March 2014 ~
Pepper all scruffy enjoying her winter vacation

~ September 2013 ~
Judge Isobel Hutton
Pepper earns her UCD Title with 2nd high in class!

(Pepper relaxing after a long show weekend)
~ August 2013 ~
Rockton, Ontario
Pepper got 2 CD legs !!
Judge: Paul Oslach
If this is not amazing enough, Pepper had to honour (remain in a down stay in the middle of the floor)
while Ruby did her routine with me because of confusion in dogs both being trialed by me.
This is a true testament to my Poodles intelligence and desire to please.

Pepper meeting her puppies family for the first time

~ June 2013 ~
Pepper trying a new sport called Barn Hunt

~ September 2012 ~
Pepper completes her UKC Weight Pulling Title !!
Judge: Noel Palmer

~ September 2012 ~
Western Lakes Training Club of Buffalo
Held at Sampson State Park- Romulus, NY
Judge: Mr. T B Igiel - Novice Obedience - 1st Place - 190.0
Mrs. N K Withers - Novice Obedience - 1st Place - 185.5
Kanadasaga Kennel Club, Inc.
Judge: Mrs. E Elvidge - Rally Advanced A - 1st Place - 100/100
Finger Lakes Kennel Club, Inc.
Judge: Ms. J Lewis - Novice Obedience - 1st Place - 187.0
Judge: Mrs. D L Barrows - Rally Advanced A - 1st Place - 85.0
Elmira Kennel Club, Inc.
Judge: Mrs. B H Humer - Rally Advanced A - 2nd Place - 83.0
Judge: Mrs. B H Humer - Rally T Challenge - 1st Place - 86.0
Onondaga Kennel Association, Inc.
Judge: A Ms. J Lewis - Rally Advanced A - 1st Place - 83.0

~ June 2012 ~
Pepper first show for Obedience and she qualifies with a 198
and wins 2nd Place out of 34 dogs at Premier !!!!
Pepper also qualified for her CGC Award

~ July 2012 ~
Pepper wins Champion Class and finishes her Grand Championship !!
Judge: Pennie Jackson
Pepper wins Champion Class and Group 4th
Judge: Roland Pelland


~ June 2012 ~
Special thank you to Judge: Eleanor Heagy

2nd BEST IN SHOW !!!!

~ June 2012 ~
Special thank you to Judge: Greg Storms

~ June 2012 ~
Pepper doing her first NWDA weight pull
Pulling 435 lbs on wheels and Placing Fourth !!

May 2012
Pepper completes 2 legs towards her Weight Pulling Title @ 475 lbs
*Video of Pepper pulling starting weight

March 2012
Pepper training for weight pulling

2012 Pepper being silly

Pepper loves the migrator duck toys

November 2011
Earned 1 URX leg, Placing 2nd and three 4th Places
Judge: Penny Haynes

Pepper practicing for her Coursing Title

October 2011
Peoria, IL
Judge Steven Melgreen
Pepper wins a Champion Class and a win towards her Grand Championship

October 2011
AKC Wine Country Dog Show NY
4th Place - Ms. H. A. Penny Haynes
1st Place with a PERFECT SCORE !!! Judge Mrs. Carole B. Heden
who said, "I don't give out a score like that easily, all your dogs did very well"
Pepper Accompishes her AKC Rally Novice Title with High in Class Placements !!
Bijou Poodles finished 1st-4th Place all show days

October 2011
AKC Wine Country Dog Show NY
2nd Place - Mr. James M. Ashton

Pepper achieves a Rally Level 2 title and a
FIRST PLACE IN CLASS with a 99/100 !!

Video of Pepper doing Rally

*Video of Pepper June 3, 2010

Pepper earns 2 legs towards her Rally Obedience Title
Pepper Wins "4th Place" (95/100)
Special thanks to Judge: Heidi Kadoke

Pepper earning her Rally Obedience Title

"Pepper" summer 2010
Pepper learning a new sport called Lure Coursing.

February 2010 Pepper wins Best Female
Special thanks to Judge: Pamela Moore
Pepper wins Reserve Champion
Special thanks to judge: Julie Hatlas-Pepper (not in photo)

February 2010
Pepper wins Best Female, Best in Breed
Special thanks to Judge: Beth Snedegar

February 2010
Pepper wins Best Female
Special thanks to Judge: Pamela Perdue

2010 Where is my sister....

There she is ....

Pepper and her best buddy Joy in 2010

Did someone call Dinner ??

December 2009
Pepper winning Puppy Class under Judge: Teresa Kocher

*Pepper winning Best Female

December 2009
Pepper winning First Place in her Class and going on to win BEST FEMALE !!
Special thanks to Judge: J. Ray Johnson (poodle breeder)
Pepper has 45 points and a competition win

November 2009
Pepper wins Best Female !!! under UKC Judge: Marian Campbell

Pepper moving (we clipped her topline hair correctly after this film)
November 2009
Pepper wins First Place under UKC JUdge: Deb Beean

Pepper October 2009

Pepper October 2009

Pepper @ 36 weeks of age

Pepper @ 12 weeks of age

Pepper @ 10 weeks of age

Pepper 2 weeks of age

Pepper's Litter

Pepper's mom and Litter mates

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