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"ABBY" - Black Female (carrying brown gene)

Height: 23" inches
Weight: 47.5 lbs
10-generation COI 0.32%
*OFA Hips: GOOD PO-17078G26F-PI
*OFA Elbows: Normal PO-EL922F26-PI
*OFA Patella: Normal PO-PA862/26F/P-P1

Abby getting ready for Halloween (yes our kids all dress up to greet the tricker treaters)

We retired Abby from our breeding program and placed her in a wonderful loving family home
Abby was healthy enough (all her health testing is completed)
Smart enough (she achieved her Rally Novice Obedience title and High in Class with VERY limited training)
and conformed to the UKC breed Standard and was good looking enough
(She acheived her Championship and a Group 2) in order to be used
in our breeding program.

Abby produced such a wonderful litter that we kept one of her babies and named her Sophie.
We feel that once a female has produced the best that she is entitled to enjoy living in a home as a cherished pet.
We have turned down thousands of dollars offered to us by Breeders wishing to breed Abby as she was only 3 years of age,
but Abby is used to being loved for the affectionate and entertaining girl that she is, so we spayed her
and placed her in a pet home where she will be one spoilt dog.

Questions we get asked about Abby:
What is a Abby's Championship title ?
What is Abby's Rally Novice Title
What is Abby Trained to do ?
Abby is PERFECT in ever other way.
She is house trained and has even held herself over 14 hours when I had to work late one day.
Abby is so VERY eager to please.
Abby is trained and has completed all health testing.
Abby is a very healthy, highly intelligent, gentle, loving girl
that has a sense of humor and loves to entertain you with tricks she learns within minutes.
Abby is smaller in stature but is very muscular and is an athlete able to go jogging with you.
Abby does have an EXCEPTIONALLY tight curly coat that grows fast and will need regular grooming.
Abby totally hates getting her nails clipped but we have finally gotten her to tolerate the dremmel

Our Sweet Abby
Abby is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle on your lap.
Although Abby is very quiet and is content to follow
you around the yard like a shadow 1 step behind,
she does have a playful side, loving to goose you when you least expect it &
she prances when you tell her she looks beautiful.
While all poodles have curly coats, Abby's has an exceptionally tight curly coat
which is ideal for doing any grooming show competitions (which we do get a lot of people looking for).
Abby is a smaller standard poodle and is like a stuffed animal,
as a result she endures being carried around and dressed up.
Abby is also pursuing her obedience titles having discovered that
she is happiest working, keeping her little mind sharp and pleasing you.
Her tail wags non-stop as she executes a perfect figure 8 which makes her even more adorable.
With very limited training Abby earned her Rally Novice Obedience Novice 1 (URO 1) title with a First Place !!!
Abby has Beauty and Brains and now the Titles to prove it !
Abby's pups are very soft natured and bred to Hershey have all taken more after Hershey for size.

Abby took 3 Best Females, Best of Winners, Best of Breed (by beating out other poodles)

AND A GROUP 2nd under estemed Judge: Butch Bennett

Abby moves like a dream

"Abby" took 5 Best of Winners, 5 Winners Female
November 2007 to Get more than her required Majors to earn her
This was Abby's first time in the ring and she did us proud.
Next time we will get a photo with the judge :(

Abby pregnant with our Sophie


Abby's brown female puppy "Scout" from 2007 Litter

This is Abby's brother "Oliver" who is a dark brown.
He also doubles as his owner's bikini in the summer.
We know Abby's genes will produce deep dark brown,
tight curly coats with dark brown pigment (noses, eye lids, lips).
We feel Abby will produce pups just like her and her brother.

Abby @ 7 months of age
23" tall and 45lbs

"ABBY" as a puppy
What a cutie

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