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"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But performance indicates what the animal actually is."
~ Author Unknown ~


We train our poodles for Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Weight Pulling, Retrieving, Lure Coursing (to name a few sports)
Because we have more than just one dog, training is very time consuming and it is a daily commitment on my time.
Through the week if I am not working (I work full time as a Professional Firefighter to afford this expensive hobby)
I try to get to training classes, or work with friends, to hone our skills or learn new ones.
On weekends we all pile up in the car and drive 2-6 hours to a dog show, to perform those learned skills for judges, who will award us titles if we succeed
Because I have a coated breed, my time is also spent doing some basic grooming to keep our poodles in tip top shape.
I often get asked "why do you bother, why not just sit at home and breed puppies, as people looking for pets don't care about titles".
Well... First and Foremost, I ONLY breed to create my next generation of Champions or Working dogs, for myself, not for puppies for the public.
Secondly, Poodles thrive on having a job and also pleasing their owners, so this keeps my poodles mentally stimulated, happy and also gives us quality time together.
I also want to prove that the poodles I own and Poodles that I breed are worthy of being reproduced.
That my poodles have the Health, Looks, Temperament and Intelligence that are characteristic, for the the Standard Poodle breed.
We hope people can appreciate all the time and dedication that we devote to proving that our Poodles have the
health, beauty and brains to be able to produce a superior Poodle puppy that would make a welcome addition to any home.

Special thank you to the families that co-own the Bijou Poodles that have won these many awards
Because they have allowed me to pick up and train their dogs and to take their dogs to these many shows.
I know it was not easy for you to be without your furry friend during these times and I do appreciate your indulgence.

~ UKC Championed over "20" Standard Poodles with multiple Group Wins (more on the way)
~ UKC Grand Championed pointed "3" Standard Poodles
~ 10 Rally Obedience Titles (many High in Class wins)
~ 6 Rally Obedience Level II (many High in Class wins)
~ 2 Rally Obedience Level III
~ 3 CA Titled (Coursing Aptitude Titled) Standard Poodles FIRST IN HISTORY !!!
~ 1 Alter Champion (shown by their owner)
~ 1 Alter Rally Obedience Title (shown by their owner)
~ CGC titles
~ CD titles
~ St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Certificates
~ Pups in the Lions Seeing Eye Dog Foundation being used Seeing Eye Dogs
~ 4 x Recipient of the UKC Activity Rewards Program
~ 1 TOTAL DOG AWARD winner

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September 2009 :

Truffle getting her Championship

December 2009 :

Rose getting points toward her Championship

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