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We often get asked if our mom's are sad when the pups leave.

One of our mom's saying goodbye to her last puppy

When people come to pick up their puppy they may notice mom nosing around
and Showing a great deal of interest in people holding one of her precious puppies.
A lot of times people interpret this to mean mom is grieving. Most often what people are seeing
is a bit of jealousy as to why "they", the mom, is not getting any attention.
Poodles do love being adored and fawned over.

Mom's may also act a bit nervous and this is possibly because they pick up on the High energy
going on because of the excitement of our puppy people at seeing their puppy for the first time.
The mom is just trying to figure out what is going on with all these excited strangers entering our home.

Hershey Thumbnail

What people don't realise is that by the time the pups leave our home their mom has had them weaned for a month.
Mom's generally only clean up after and care for their pups during the time that the pups are nursing.
This means mom has already physically and emotionally detached herself from her pups for the last
month before the pups go home. People have to consider that for 3 months mom has had to carry
and or care for her pups and she is more than ready to be relieved of her duties.

Pups teeth start to erupt around 4 weeks of age which usually is the time mom stops nursing
as it is very painful at this point. It is around this time that pups start to rely on us the Breeder,
to be their new provider and care giver and it is also when they begin their potty area training.
Once our mom's have started to wean their pups, they get to join back into the normal household activities
and continue with any training activities, which they really miss when they are busy caring for pups.

We have VERY proud mom's who take great care in cleaning and nurturing their pups.
Our mom's love showing off their pups and having us fawn over the precious pups that they produced.
But when their job is done, they are more than happy to get back to normalcy.
It takes about a week after the pups all leave for them to realise they can fully relax,
with no further worries of motherhood.

So "Do Mom's Miss Their Puppies"?
sure they do initially, but they get over it very quickly enjoying
having undivided attention that they themselves will now receive.

Rufas giving our Ruby a kiss

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