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"MOCHA" - Brown Female

(Cocoa x Hershey)
Born September 11, 2004
24" and 45lbs



"Mocha" pictured @ 6 months of age 24" tall and 48lbs and growing!


"Mocha" pictured at 13 months of age.

Mocha is the sweetest dog we have.
Of course she is perfect, as she is a "Cocoa" daughter ! We just had to experience why everyone says our pups are so great. Now we know and believe what our Puppy Buyers are telling us. Mocha is perfect in conformation (looks) with her short back, loads of rear angulation and rich dark brown coat. Mocha was instantly toilet trained with only 2 mistakes, seemed to already know how to come and sit when called. Like most of our Puppy Buyers I also wait for the real monster to come out in her, as she is just so calm and gentle with such a sweet nature. Mocha does have a sense of humor, loves to fetch, is curious and so eagar to please. Mocha loves to lay on top of your feet or lap and forgets she is getting too big to do that any longer. I also have to confess I have taken her to a "real" groomer as I love the way they do the coats. I am happy to report that the groomer said "what ever you are doing keep doing it. Brownie and Mocha are so great to groom. They hand you each paw to clip, never make a fuss and seem so happy". I am so proud to tell people that Mocha is 5th generation of "my" breeding !

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