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"Bijou's Red Sultan of Majestic"

"Sultan" - Dark Red Male
~ Click to meet Sultan ~
Height: 28"
Weight: 68 lbs
10 generation COI = 13.22%

Sultan has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:

*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Dentition Database
*Degenerative Myelopathy
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures
(DOES NOT CARRY DILUTE, said to cause fading in reds)

~ September 2012 ~
Sultan earning 3 more qualifying runs towards his CAX

Sultan's parents are from the "original" Majestic Kennel, directly from Joan Mistkowski.
Joan passed away in 2009 and all her Majestic Poodles were put in rescue and spayed or neutered.
Sultan is truly a piece of history with his prized pedigree and lineage that ensures that he will remain a true dark red.
Sultan is a larger red standard poodle who is absolutely breathtaking to look at.
Sultan is a happy go lucky boy, that LOVES playing and teasing the girls with a game of keep away
with his various toys. Sultan enjoys being the life of the party and if there is no parties planned,
well oh boy, he will try to create one by making up dances and games to draw attention.
A typical Poodle Sultan also lives to please and he enjoys working for his praise.
Sultan does NOT know how big he is and is very much a lap dog, who sees nothing wrong with laying across you.
Sultan has just started to train now for weight pulling which he is really enjoying
(Actually we are not certain if he enjoys doing the actual event or
if he is just enjoying the attention he draws by being such a fru fru dog compared to the pit bulls..LOL)
Sultan is already a Champion proving that he meets the breed standard for conformation and next
Sultan will be starting his Rally Obedience as soon as he finishes his Lure Coursing title.

Sultan and his new family
Sultan will be sharing his home with our Java who also retired with Chris and Mark

Sultan got picked up in style in a Limo
to return to his new home in the country in Peterborough

Thanks very much for your advise....sometimes its the person and not the dog that needs to learn.
Sultan has never been aggressive to us, that being said he would not give up a bone or a toy without an argument
not aggressiveness. Once I learned the command you use, OUT, it has been great.
Sultan listens to me and Mark...mostly me. 24 hours at home made a great deal of difference.
Java can pout a bit but her being more active and occupied has done a great deal of good for her.
She really does not pout much. I think, only when I look. The key is what you said...keep the routine the we did.

Its funny to watch them. On Saturday, Sultan dove into Java's toy basket had removed all the toys.
He was so funny. Then Java has been busy trying to keep her inventory counted.
She has never been so busy. Now they have a great time.

We take them both for walks every day. Sunday, Sultan grabbed my mitten and went crazy.
Then Java would grab it and run. Then Sultan would run after her...pulling me over.
I keep one of those extendible leashes on him until he is completely comfortable and we trust each other.
Now Java will run and be a fool when we walk. She goes twice as far because she goes ahead and runs back
and then runs ahead and then back again. Sultan wants to run with her but we keep the leash on for now.
He always comes when we call him.

I did make the mistake of throwing the mitten to Sultan when he and Java were in our fenced area.
Sultan was keeping it from Java and I could see Java get really peed off, then she just lost it
and got aggressive with him..and he with her...All I had to do was Yell "HEY" at them
both and they stopped being foolish and came in.

When Sultan was trying to chase Lucy..I had to correct him right away.
Lucy is going blind and she is hard of hearing. I did not want her to get hurt or upset.
I corrected Sultan by just yelling at him and saying No. He has never chased her any more.

When we go out, we take them both. They are loaded in the back seat of our truck..facing each other.
Sultan just lays his head down and Java rests her chin on his back. Never any trouble.

Mark and I went to the nursing home to visit mom. We took both of them in.
Sultan was with me and Java with Mark. You would not believe how good Sultan was.
He was not scared and he actually let people pet him, especially the little ladies in the wheel chairs.
Sultan was perfect. We only took him in for 15 minutes.
I had to show my mom. She thought she was seeing
WE will bring him in once in a while. Only when Mark comes with me so we each have one of them.

Sultan is a wonderful addition to our family and is great for Java.
He has never messed on the floor and his stool is solid now.
He loves the "Blue" dog food and has a big appetite.

He loves to chew the rawhide bones. He will chew one in the morning
and Java has to have one, even if she just holds on to it. Is there a rule as to how many bones he can have.
Right now, I just let him chew 1/2 of a bone in the mornings, every day.
I know my last email was written when I was worried....but you can forget that.
Sultan will stay with us. He has already made his place here in our home.

Chris and Mark

~ August 2012 ~
Sultan having fun with his buddy Cara
Sultan earns 3 qualifying runs towards his CAX Title
Special thanks to judges: Lee Hayes and Lee Warden

~ June 2012 ~
Sultan was the big winner qualifying for points towards his UWP Championship and
earning qualifying runs towards his CAX title in Lure Coursing
and with few weeks of training he earned his Rally Obedience Title at Premier !!
Sultan was one busy boy running from ring to ring and in the heat and stress of such a big show.
VERY few Poodles would be able to accomplish such a task.

~ June 2012 ~
Sultan Pulls most weight !!! and earns 15 points towards his UWPCH

June 2012
Sultan achieves his NWDA Weight Pulling Title
Pulling 1035 lbs on wheels and placing Second Place !
Video on youtube
This is no FRU FRU dog !!

Sultan 2012 growing back his "fru fru" cut

May 2012
Sultan completes his Weight Pulling Title
Pulling 555 lbs
*Video of Sultan pulling starting weight

Sultan practising his weight pulling

May 2012
Sultan getting a run towards his CAX title

~ Sultan in 2012 ~

Sultan enjoying a fine summer day

September 2011
Sultan has a total of 4 Runs towards his CAX Title
Video of Sultan Coursing

July 2011
Sultan achieving qualifying runs towards his CAX !!

June 2011
Sultan earns his CA Title and just wants to run again

May 2011
Qualifying first run towards CA title !
( and still looking to take off, "wheres the bunny")

Sultan loves the snow

May 2011
Sultan qualifies for his first run towards his CA Title !!

Sultan's first Lure Coursing Practice
I think he is ready for the real thing !!

May 2011
Sultan is a New Champion !!
Sultan moving

Hershey Thumbnail
February 2011
Sultan's first Dog show
2nd place male by Judge: Sharon Griffin

Sultan in his "big boy" hair cut
Now why can't they ever look that good "in the ring" !

Sultan getting ready for show season.

Sultan practices 2x a day for 5 minutes in order to make showing look effortless in the ring

Sultan enjoying the snow of winter

Sultan at 24 weeks (6 months) of age and 53 lbs

Sultan at 20 weeks (5 months) of age and 46 lbs

Video of Sultan at 20 weeks (5 months) of age

Sultan @ 16 weeks of age
Sultan wins Puppy Best in Breed
Judge Marian Campbell
Judge: Eleanor Heagy

Sultan @ 12 weeks of age

Sultan @ 12 weeks of age

Sultan @ 10 weeks of age

Sultan @ 10 weeks of age

Sultan @ 10 weeks of age

Sultan inside shot with flash on

Sultan at 8 weeks of age inside shot with flash off

Sultan outside and in natural light
Wow, just look at that reach and drive !!
This boy may just get a Field Title in the future



*Video of Sultan and Ember June 30, 2010
*Video of Sultan and Ember June 30, 2010
*Video of Sultan and Ember June 30, 2010

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