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Pediatric Spay/Neuter

7 weeks or 16-20 weeks ... is it really that beneficial to wait an additional 9 weeks ?
Anyone with common sense knows the answer is "no".
The ONLY reason Vets prefer to wait until a puppy is older, is because it is easier for them to do the surgery
as the reproductive organs will be easier to see and get to and NOT for the health or benefit of the puppy at all, just ask them.

This proceedure has been done for over 30 years according to The American Veterinary Medical Association.
Bijou Standard Poodles has been doing this procedure, with following up on our pups since 2003.
As you can see our "altered" Poodles our physically strong, beautiful and long lived Click here to view
All of the pet Poodles you see featured throughout our web page were spayed or neutered at 7 weeks of age
and as you can see, they have grown into some stunning looking, healthy adult Poodles
Our Poodles

So why don't all breeders offer this or bash responsible breeders, doing this ?
The answer is simple and unfortunate, "MONEY"
Irresponsible breeders, do not want to be paying for something that they feel they don't have to,
in order to to sell pups. Paying for this, they feel is money out of their pocket, not concerned about their pups future.
This is not cheap for breeders to pay for. For us to do a litter can cost up to $3,000.00 done by a surgical expert.

So why does Bijou Poodles want to pay for, and do this procedure ?
Because we believe it is our Pup's best interest to be done by our trusted expert of over 45 years
We care about our pup's future and our puppy people and wish to do this procedure
when there is minimal chance of greater injury or long term problems.
And because our Pup's best interest comes first.

Bijou Poodles charges the same price for our superior bred pups as BYB's do,
and we also save our Puppy people up to $1,00.00 by paying for a spay/neuter procedure.
~ Make sure to factor this cost savings when you search around and price up, other breeder's pups ~

We do not go into this blindly. We have studied and evaluated other breeder's doing this procedure for years
as well as evaluating various Veterinarian's surgical aptitude, and spending years of reading research on the subject.
As a result of our knowledge and experience, we have found a number of Vets that specialize in this procedure
and perform it routinely for responsible breeders. We have seen 3 lbs kittens and 6 lbs puppies
run around 1 hour after their spay and or neuter and we have also documented our own pups showing
no apparent discomfort 1 day, next day and up to a week following surgery and over 10 years later all in excellent health.
View our documented video on our puppy follow ups below, to see what we mean.

(Photo curtesy of Perfectworld Poodles)

Lets face it. No owner or dog would want to go through this experience.
The guilt involved when you look at your Poodle and consider taking them into the Vet
The cost of up to $1,000.00 involved in getting surgery done later in life
(Just call various Vets and price up spay/neuter of a 45lbs dog with pre-op blood work and vet visit $)
The time off of work to take your Poodle into the Vet and pick the Poodle back up the next day
The risk involved in taking your Poodle to the Vet and hoping they have the experience
needed to have a successful surgery and recovery (which we have discovered is slim, to none)


Bijou Poodles offers our puppy people an alternative
to the Spay or Neuter procedure, called Tubal ligation or Vasectomy .
Tubal and Vasectomy are the same minor procedure as humans
get done to prevent unwanted pregnancy, still leaving the reproductive organs in place and hormones functioning normally.
The benefit to some people of choosing a Tubal or Vasectomy procedure, is that the puppy will have ALL their hormones
and growth happening normally, because hormone production and development is still occurring.
This means that male dogs will still have testicles (same as human men that have the proceedure)
and females will still retain their uterus and uterine horns (same as human women that have had their tubes tied).

The choice is yours if you wish your puppy to have a spay (hysterectomy)
or neuter (castration) or a Tubal or Vasectomy.
The downside to Vasectomy choice, is that males will still have sexual urges driven by hormone production.
Also as with intact dogs, there is a chance that the testicles although descended at time of surgery
will be sucked up and not drop down properly in place. Later on in life this is an expensive castration to have done.
The downside to a Tubal is that and females will also experience mood changes and going through a heat cycle (bleeding for 10 days)
every 4 to 6 months, as well as still attracting males who will all wish to breed her.
The female may even go through a false pregnancy in rare cases.

The choice of Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation procedures ensures the puppy is unable to reproduce,
but gives new owners the option of when, or even if, they will have a spay or neuter done later, and at their discretion.
We are able to offer this procedure option for an additional $100.00.

During a spay or neuter the reproductive organs are removed. The male will not have testicles
and the female will no longer experience heat cycles (bleeding) every 6 months of age.
Castration or Hysterectomy commonly referred to as a Spay or Neuter,
is the usual proceedure that most Vets will be very familiar with and have been doing since early 1900's.


Hershey Thumbnail... Hershey Thumbnail
Fin at 1 year of age .................. Finnegan at 3 years of age
Both of these boys are UKC Alter Champions with Multi Best in Show "Finnegan" being the first Red in History
Both these Red Males were pediactric neuters at 7 weeks of age

Hershey Thumbnail...Hershey Thumbnail
Muti Best in show "Reigna".............. Maeby
Both of these Brown Females had pediatric spays at 7 weeks of age

(Bodhi pictured at 14 months of age, who was neutered at 6 weeks of age)
Rally Judges: Paul Oslach, Paul Oslach, Heidi Kadoke
Conformation Judge: Joseph Gubry
Bodhi qualified and completed his Rally Novice Title with 1st Place Class placements
and also Won an Alter Best of Breed for 2 competition wins and 50 Points towards his championship
and because Bodhi did both Rally and conformation the same day he also won a
coveted TOTAL DOG AWARD !!!
Way to go Carol and Bodhi

(Beau - brown male neutered at 6 weeks of age)
Best in Show, Champion, "K Lar's Brilliant Beaujolais ", URO1, URO2, CGN
Height: 26.5"
Weight: 65 lbs

Champion, "Bijou's Aero", URO1, URO2, CGN
~ 2x Total Dog Award ~
Height: 28"
Weight 63 lbs

People worry that this early procedure might stunt growth.
In fact, research shows that the dogs will actually get slightly Taller and
we used to say leaner, but we found out this was in part to owners actually restricting their diets.
When the pups are toilet trained we really encourage people to leave food down 24/7 for their Poodles.
~ Every Poodle displayed through our web page not owned by us, has had pediatric spay/neuter ~

Bone Density

The reason for slight growth increase on altered dogs apposed to intact dogs,
is because the long bones tend to grow for a slightly longer period.
Since this extra growth is NOT caused by more rapid growth,
but instead by prolonged growth, the implication is that this might be a good thing in our breed.
It is known that when growth proceeds slowly over a longer period
the bone density (strength) increases.
This means altered dogs should have stronger more dense bones

People also worry about puppy having Urinary incontinence after the procedure.
Our pups will have 2-3 days that they pee a LOT. Basically "frequency" but after this short period they
are in control and no mistakes. In a rare case we have had pups experience a Urinary Tract Infection
but we are unsure if this is related to the surgery or because people are restricting water to aid in toilet training.
Puppy needs water at all times except at night while in their crate/cage.

(Finnegan, Reigna, Finn)
*Click to read about what you can do with your Bijou Poodle
UKC Video about showing in Alter Class
UKC's Announcement about new Alter Classes

Early Spay/Neuter is commonly referred to as Pediatric Spay/Neuter
What ever your Decision is, we offer this proceedure through our Veterinarian,
with us assuming all risks and costs involved. As you know this procedure
could cost you between $200.00-$1,000.00 at a later date, so having us do it would be a huge
cost savings to you. Why we would offer Pediatric Spay/Neuter at an additional expense for us?
Because we feel after our research that our pups would be healthier and recovery quicker, less chance
of long term injury from a less experienced surgeon, use of minimal anesthetic, have less scarring, less loss of self,
quicker recovery, less stress and financial strain on owners and overall with less trauma for the puppy.

Hershey Thumbnail....Hershey Thumbnail
Neuter Incision 1 hour after surgery .......................................... Spay Incision 1 hour after surgery

Puppies 1 hour after spay and neuter Surgery

Puppies 1 hour after spay and neuter Surgery

Puppies 1 hour after spay and neuter surgery

Puppies 1 day after surgery

Pups 1 day after surgery

Puppies 1 day after surgery

Puppies 2 days after surgery

Puppies 7 days after Spay

Puppies 7 days after a neuter

Bijou Poodles has been offering this proceedure for since 2004 and we have kept in contact with several of our Puppy People
all of which have healthy adult Poodles winning in Performance Events and Best in Shows, which are featured on our web page.
However, all our pups are from healthy, health tested, great tempered adults that have excellent conformation.
A puppy's hormones are no more physically done working by 16 or 24 weeks, any more than they are at 7 weeks.
so waiting an additional few weeks to spay or neuter just does not make any sense.
Bijou Poodles as a result of our Study and consultation with many Vets, feel that Spaying and Neutering
is a desirable thing to do and offer this procedure to our puppy people, with Bijou Poodles assuming all costs
all risk and all responsibility for, and during the proceedure.

Hershey Thumbnail.... .. Hershey Thumbnail
(Puppy wet after a bath and just had visible sutures removed @ 7 days)

On occasion a female puppy may have a reaction to the internal sutures.
This is when the incision site has a hard marble like swelling that will diminish and resolve without any treatment.
We have only had a couple pups have a swelling get bigger to a golf ball size and in that instance the puppy went on antibiotics
to clear up the swelling with no further complications.

Hershey Thumbnail

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
On occasion our pups have developed a UTI
in which the puppy has had the need to pee small amounts frequently.
Owners can become very frustrated as they take the puppy outside to potty a lot
and yet when puppy comes back inside, puppy still pees inside the house.
UTI's can be caused by Owners restricting water access in attempts to toilet training.
Never restrict water access except when puppy is in the crate for the night.
Urinary tract infection, which can be positively diagnosed with a simple urine sample,
is easily cured with proper diagnosis and a course of antibiotics.


The Puppy will recover within the hour
The Puppy will requiring less anesthesia
The Puppy will have less surgery time
The Puppy will have minimal if any scarring
The Puppy will not have that huge belly often seen in older dogs after a spay.
The Owner does not have to be faced with any guilt about subjecting their puppy to surgery.
The Owner will not miss time off of work to bring the puppy to the Vet office.
The Owner will not have to worry about a puppy's recovery after surgery
The Owner will not have to take time off of work to get to the Vet 7 days later for suture removal.
The Owner will not have to deal with unexpected heat cycles (bleeding).
The Owner will not have to suddenly find extra money for surgery.
The Owner will save $200.00- $1,000.00 for cost of Surgery.
The Breeder has added expense that they will be assuming or including in the price.
The Breeder will deal with the recovery time with possible frequency of urination, for 3 days
The Breeder has to find an experienced Vet
The Breeder has peace of mind that their pups are being enjoyed as loving pets as they were intended

History of Spay/Neuter Surgery

Article by Marci Hess

In the 1940s and 1950s:
veterinarians had primitive anaesthetics, monitoring equipments, and surgical tools.
Anaesthetics were not terribly safe, especially for young animals, sophisticated surgical instruments
that are now used to find a tiny uterus did not exist.
Veterinarians were mainly men, working with horses and cattle, heavy, physical work.
They had big hands, and had to find that uterus with their fingers.
Since a uterus is bigger and much easier to find after an estrus (heat, when females will bleed and when they will get pregnant
this can happen at 4-24 months of age) the advice of waiting until after the first estrus (heat) still persists decades later.
Often the practitioner selected the spay/neuter age of the animals based
on his convenience and what was appropriate to his skill and equipment.

Now jump forward to the 1960s.
It is discovered that the incidence of mammary cancer (which is four times higher in intact bitches
than in human women) can be reduced by over 96.4 percent, if we spay before the first estrus (heat).
So the veterinary profession begins teaching this, and now with better equipment, better drugs, and safer methodologies,
veterinarians began to spay before the first estrus (heat).
Determining when the first heat begins presents problems, however.
It differs among large dogs (4-14 months), small dogs (around 6 months), and cats (as early as 4-5 months).
So Six months became the generalised standard age for spay and or neuter,
with the goal being to neuter the majority of dogs before their first estrus (heat).

Now in the 20th Century:
Veterinarians discovered that puppies and kittens can be done at 5-8 weeks of age with phenomenal results.
Of course the age which a Vet is comfortable doing this procedure is contingent
upon their surgical skills as this is not a taught skill, but a learned one.


Links for Pediatric Spay/Neuter

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association CVMA supports the use of early spay/castration between 6-16 weeks
The American Veterinary Medical Association Endorses Pediatric Spay/Neuters
Article by Marci Hess
By Dr. Dick Rosebrock
List of Professionals that endorse or perform pediatric spay/neuters
Veterinary Seminars in Spay/Neuter Surgery: Pediatrics
Humane Alliance Videos
Video of pediatric Spay done by Dr. Mackie
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Cons of Pediatric Spay/Neuter

There is a study often quoted done in the article by Canine Sports (
illustrating some pretty serious downsides with doing Pediatric spay and or neuters.

However I want you to consider that the study doesn't state if the Golden Retriever pups (1444 pups)
in the study were from parents who were OFA'd hips, elbows, shoulders, patella, heart
so we don't know if the pups in the study were from sound healthy breeding stock to begin with.

The study also does not say if the parents were champions so we do not know
if the parents had proper conformation (proper structure) or not to begin with
or if this was even evaluated in any manner

The study also does not say if the parents were all temperament tested,
so we have no idea what the temperaments were on the parents that produced
the pups, so we have no idea what the temperaments were in the lines to start with.

The study also doesn't tell you what the COI of the pups were, so we have no idea if the
pups are a result of heavy inbreeding, therefore more susceptible to genetic problems to start with.

In Conclusion
Studies can be deceiving.
If poorly structured OR unhealthy OR mentally unstable OR crippled dogs were bred OR inbred together
to produce 1444 pups for specimens for this study, well,
they would have serious lifetime mental and OR physical health issues
whether the procedure was done on them or not.

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