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"Raven" - Black Female carrying brown

10-generation COI 2.43%
Weight: 55 lbs.
Height: 25" inches
*OFA'd Patella
*Cardiac Clear
*OFA'd Hips PO-14173F27F-PI
*OFA'd Elbow PO-EL349F27-PI

At 8 years of age I decided to take Raven to a dog show
I know my dogs are healthy even after retirement from our Breeding program
but even I was pleasantly suprised when Raven beat other poodles to win Best in Breed
Then went on to win GROUP 3rd !!!
170 points and 2 wins with competition under Judge: Richard Klatt, and Judge: Eleanor Heagy

Raven in May 2009

Raven Spring 2010

Raven on December 2009

Raven ~ October 2009 ~

Raven I describe as our "60's" child. She is just soft natured happy to be alive.
She is oblivious to what the other dogs are doing just happy tracking the rabbit tracks in our yard
and looking for a chew toy or bone that might be hidden in the yard, engaging in tag once in a while.
Raven greats the day with a smile and only sees the good things life has to offer.
Raven has a positive attitude even when you are grooming her. You can almost see the wheels turning
with her thinking "oh great I usually get a chicken weiner with this is over".
Raven is VERY food motivated and she can be in the other side of the house
but will move like lightening if she hears that fridge door open.
Then she offers every trick she knows in quick succession hoping that one of those will earn her a treat.
Raven is also my jogging partner and when I am out of breath after doing hill repeats, she just looks at me
with her silly grin as if to say "come on one more".

Video of Raven May 2009

Ravenpretty090506.... Ravenlook090506
Raven - May 2009
It is difficult to show her face without lightening her too much.
For an old girl she is still beautiful and keeps VERY in shape with her daily cardio work outs

Raven as she appears today in her summer clip

Raven and Cocoa.


Raven's pictures are "overdeveloped" so you can see her face.
She is a black poodle.
( Bailey x Nikki)

Raven in her 1 foot of show coat
Groomed by Canine Design by Rayna
Raven has 60 Championship points

What a beauty & she knows it !
Raven is going to be shown in 2008

Raven and her brown puppy from 2005 litter
Raven is eager to please and loves to play.
Raven’s favorite hobby is to sit in front of you as you are walking,
trying to look cute and innocent while she trips you.

Raven enjoying the dog days of summer.

Raven and her buddy "Brownie".

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