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"K-Lar's German Chocolate Bark", CGC, RN, RA, RATI
~ Iron Dog 2012 ~
~ Iron Dog 2013 ~

aka "Niko" - Brown Male

Niko and some of his awards
Owner: Mary Daum

Hershey Thumbnail... x ...Hershey Thumbnail
(Father : Hershey x Mother : Java)

Burlington Obedience Training Club show
Niko earns his Rally Advanced Title
Earning his last leg with Judge Janet Induni

November 2014
The Champlain Valley Kennel Club
Judge Loraine Moffa and Judge Michael Calhoun
Niko's awards for earning legs towards his AKC Rally Advanced Title

~ October 2014 ~
Niko first time Lure coursing

~ July 2014 ~
Niko doing Barn Hunt and getting his title !!
and one leg towards his RATN

~ July 2014 ~

~ February 2014 ~

~ Fall 2013 ~

Dad and Niko run
~ Iron Dog 2013 ~

The A-Frame
Iron Dog, 2013

The Tunnel
Iron Dog, 2013

Jump through this window
Iron Dog, 2013 (human and dog jump through)

Niko's favorite -- running with your human, Iron Dog, 2013

The final yards, Carry your dog
Iron Dog 2013

~ September 2013 ~
Niko's doing well. He just won the UKC's Facebook Camping Fan of the week contest.

~ December 2012 ~
Niko with friends after his CGC test success

November 2012
Niko with Judge Janet Induni accomplishing his Rally Title

~September 2012 ~
Green Mountain Iron Dog Competition
by the Vermont Police Canine Association
We did tracking the day before and I went to a seminar given by a Police Dog Canine Specialist (animal behaviorist) the day after.
This was after the jumps, smoke house, swamp and other obstacles, but before the lake crossing
crawling under a house, the hill climb, the barn run
(Niko was surprised when we went out through the bottom opening of a horse stall)
more obstacles and the dog carry - yeah, I carried his 78-pound body for 50-feet;
he enjoyed this much more than I did.

~September 2012 ~
Niko with his "Iron Dog Medal"

~ May 2012 ~
Niko at an Agility Match

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