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Multi Best Puppy in Show
UKC Champion
UKC Grand Champion

"Bijou's Gotta Lotta Faith"

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(Father : Valor x Mother : Paris)

"Faith" - Red Female
~ Click to meet Faith ~
Height: 26"
Weight: 54 lbs
10-generation COI = 14.78%
*Barn Hunt - BH-05550

Faith is out of our sweet Paris.
Paris is so ideal in temperament and ideal structure that it is difficult to not wish to
keep all her pups. However it was Faith that caught my eye and my heart.
Faith and her siblings survived food poisoning from the 2012 Costco Kirkland Chicken and Rice food
So we named the two girls Faith and Hope.
Faith has her mother's sweet adoring nature, always following me around the house
and when ever I stop she wants to come up and cuddle, nestling in, with sighs of contentment.
She also tells me when it is bed time (her bed time) and stands at the foot of my chair
Starring at me until I close my computer and head to bed with her.
Faith is awesome at watching movies as she will jump up on my lap stretch out
and won't move until the movie is over, which often puts me to sleep !
Faith has produced some amazing dark red pups for us such as:
CKC Champion - "Bijou's So Hot Alarm Bells R Ringing"
CKC Champion, CKC Grand Champion - "Bijou's Tickle My Fancy"
CKC's second red Grand Champion in history

~ Click to view all HEALTH TESTING COMPLETED ~
Faith is certified CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:

*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Dentition Database
*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia)

Grandmother "Paris", Mother "Faith" and daughter "Bell"
3 generations of Bijou Poodles

June 13, 2022
Faith enjoying retirement

Faith and daughter "Fancy"
Time sure flies, so I was glad to remember to take a photo of these two.

Faith at 9 years of age at a photo shoot

September 18, 2019
Faith says "I can only take so much"

June 2019
Fancy's family tree

July 2019

Christmas 2018
Ruby (12rs), Brightly, Faith

June 2017
Flame and Faith laying around

Ruby, Faith and Faith's mom, "Paris"

Faith and mother Paris lounging

Beautiful Faith enjoying the flowers

Video of our sweet Faith who just wants to cuddle and not take video

June 10/11 2017
Rockton, Ontario
Judge Deb Bean
Faith earns 97, 98, 99 (Second place in Class) to complete her URO1 Title !!

~ April 2, 2016 ~
Princeton, Ontario
Judge: Linda Zucker
Paris (Faith's mother) achieves her S.P.O.T. Title
Faith achieves her S.P.O.T. Title
proving what smart, amazing, sweet natures we have !

January 2015
Faith with her new toy

~ October 2014 ~
Faith just being cute

~ June 30, 2014 ~
Judge: Linda Ringle
Because of other conflicts poor Faith was only able to enter 1 Trial
However she did me proud by accomplishing her PT1 Title with limited training

~ May 17, 2014 ~
Faith earns her Barn Hunt Instinct Title - "RATI"

~ May 2014 ~
Beautiful Faith enjoying the lake views

~ April 10, 2014 ~
Faith wins Best of Breed
Judge: Roland Pelland

~ April 11, 2014 ~
Faith wins 2 Best of Breeds to finish her Grand Championship Title !!!
Under Judges: Antonio Raposo and Brenda Landers

Flash back !!
Faith as a puppy winning 2 BIS wins and Faith all grown up winning 3 Best of Breed wins

~ April 26, 2014 ~
Rockton, Ontario
Faith sitting pretty after winning 2 Reserve Females

~ April 2014 ~
Faith and her mother Paris

~ April 2014 ~
Faith sharing the couch with mom Paris and Ruby

November 1, 2013
Locke, NY
Finger Lakes American Eskimo Dog Association
Judge: Kathy Kellogg
Faith wins 1 Best Champion Classes needing 2 more for her Grand Championship

November 2013
Locke, NY
Finger Lakes American Eskimo Dog Association
Faith wins 1 Best Champion Classes needing 3 more for her Grand Championship

~ October 2013 ~
Rockton, Ontario
Grand River Kennel Club
Faith relaxing after a day of showing
Judge: Deb Beean - Best Champion
Faith's first win towards her Grand Championship

~ June 2013 ~
Princeton, Ontario
Faith is a new Champion, winning 2 Best Females
Thanks to Judges:
Deb Beean
Mary Meek

~ June 2013 ~
Faith Winning Best of Breed

Hershey Thumbnail
Kalamazoo, MI
~ May 2013 ~
Faith winning 2 best of winners, for 2 competition wins and 70 points towards her Championship
thanks to:
Judge: Kimberly Allison
Judge: Tami Hayden

~ February 2013 ~
Faith retrieving Ducks

~ August 2013 ~
Faith training for field work in Georgia

~ February 2013 ~

~ February 2013 ~
Faith having fun outside
*Video of Faith

~ January 2013 ~
Faith back from the local Trainers all fuzzy
Faith will be going down south with a new trainer who knows Poodles
and who hopefully will work well with our sweet Faith

~ October 2012 ~
Faith progressing through her retrieving training

September 2012
Faith is shaved down and nice and lean ready for her field training
It saddened me to loose her long show coat, but after spending hours combing
burs and knots out of her hair after her romps in the bush and through ponds we thought it best.
Faith will be shown again Fall 2013

~ July 2012 ~
Faith wins Best Puppy in Breed
and a Best Puppy in Show !!
Judge: Roland Pelland
23 lbs at 4 months
*Click to view show
*Click to view show 1

Faith playing with our Flair

~ July 2012 ~
Faith wins Best Puppy in Breed
and a Best Puppy in Show !!
Judge: Pennie Jackson

~ June 2012 ~
Faith wins Best Puppy in Show
her first time showing and at a dog show
Judge: Deb Beean

~ June 2012 ~
Faith enjoying her swimming pool

~ June 2012 ~
Faith beating up on her aunt Flair
Our adults are just so sweet and kind that they have fun playing with the young ones

Faith and sister Hope 8 weeks of age

Faith 5 weeks of age
shorter back, loads of rear angulation, shoulder lay back, higher tail set, colour, Personality

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Faith 4 weeks of age

Faith's litter just born
Red Collar, Blue Collar, Lavender Collar, Mint Collar, Pink Collar ("Faith")

Faith Videos:
Faith February 2013
Faith February 2013