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"Cocoa" - Light Brown Female

Height: 24: inches
Weight: 54 lbs
10-generation COI 0.07%
*vWD Clear
*OFA'd Hips PO-13024G47F-PI
*OFA'd Elbows PO-EL245F47-PI

January 30 2000 - June 15, 2011

My Best Friend died today.
It is with VERY heavy heart that we are sharing that our beloved Cocoa
was recently diagnosed and passed away because of a Cancer today at 11 years of age.
Cocoa was always there for me and helped me through so much of life's struggles
Never judging and always supportive, willing to cuddle and listen endlessly, wisely nodding.
Cocoa was my first Brown Standard Poodle and what a pleasant surprise the day that she was born.
Cocoa has been pleasantly surprising me continually since that day with how intelligent and empathetic she is.
I met my husband who was highly allergic to animals and who was determined no dogs would be
in the living room, no dogs eating off our plates and for sure no dog's in the bedroom
He was so amazed to discover he was not allergic to my poodles.
Cocoa soon won him over and she was sleeping in our bed (he bought a king size so she would have more room)
and she was sharing meals at the table with him slipping her food when he thought I was not looking.
He once said to me "these are not dogs, they are wise creatures" and how right he is.
My husband was also very amazed at how well he taught Cocoa to ask for treats
as when ever she wanted a special treat she would go look at the cupboard and sure enough "daddy"
would get up and give her a treat. Cocoa never let on that she was the one who taught him tricks.
~ Rest in Peace our precious Cocoa ~

Cocoa finishes her Rally Obedience Excellence Title
at 11 years of age !!
Judge: Laurie Souter

Cocoa did great, but the handler needs to read the signs...

Cocoa Summer of 2008
130 points and 2 competition wins under judges Debbi Orwin and Joseph Camp
Cocoa has lighted to the colour of chocolate milk that goes beige sparkle in the summer

2010 Cocoa earning two legs towards her Rally Excellent Title !!
Cocoa earned a 3rd Place Win ! (96/100)
Cocoa earns 4th Place win (91/100)
special thanks to judges: Harriet (Penny) A. Haynes

2010 Cocoa working hard despite my poor handling !
10 years of age this girl is in top shape physically and mentally and look how happy she is !

September 2010
Cocoa @ 10 years of age
She is not enjoying the 40 degree weather, but a nice candid shot anyway

Cocoa Spring 2010 (I did take myself out of the background)

June 2010 Cocoa Completes her Rally Obedience Level 2 with a Second High in Class !!!!!

Cocoa Completed her Rally Level 1 with 97/100
At the last minute we entered Rally Obedience Level 2
and Cocoa finished again with 97/100 But also won 2nd HIGH in CLASS !!!
At 10 years of age this is pretty incredible.
Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks ?

April 2010
Cocoa obtaining her Rally Obedience title and her Level 2 leg with a 2nd Place High In Class

January 2001
Cocoa winning High in Class 2x and obtaining her CD Title!!

Cocoa on December 2009

"oh that the paparazzi again"?

Cocoa doing a photo shoot for a Poodle Calender

Once in a life time you can be fortunate to own a perfect dog
This is our 3rd generation of perfect dogs!
Cocoa is a mild natured, calm dog that is willing to do anything if it makes you happy.
She excelled in obedience, enjoys Pet Therapy, loves agility
and is the best bed warmer you could ask for.
I decided to enter Cocoa in obedience after 2 weeks of training
thinking it would be "fun" to try
Cocoa took her "crash" training VERY seriously and not only
got her obedience title (3 seperate passing scores)
but she also beat all the other dogs in her class to get
Cocoa is the Queen of our house.

Cocoa caring for her puppies .... Cocoa making sure our work crew has enough water.

"OK boys you look like you need a hand".
A women's job is NEVER done.

Did someone call "Fire" ?


Cocoa doing Agility

Mom "Nikki" and father "Fergol"


... ...
This is "Cocoa" at 3.5 months of age.
Her coat has not been trimmed yet but you can see she is show quality!
Short backed, loads of rear angulation, great movement & sweet expression.

She shows, she retrieves...Yes she is "Cocoa"

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