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BPIS, Grand Champion "Bijou's Cherry Blossom"

Hershey Thumbnail... x ...Hershey Thumbnail
(Father: Razz x Mother: Paris)

"Blossom" - Dark Red Female
~ Click to meet Blossom ~
Height: 25"
Weight: 47.6 lbs
10-generation COI = 15.94%

~ Click to view all HEALTH TESTING COMPLETED ~
Blossom has tested CLEAR of the following Health Problems and Diseases:
*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Degenerative Myelopathy
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*OFA Full Dentition (all Teeth)
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*DNA Colour Tested ~DD~
(does not carry Dilute said to cause fading in Reds)

Blossom is a funny girl, very bubbly and is absolutely fearless.
She has Razz's sense of Joie de vivre combined with Paris's affectionate nature
Blossom is also VERY independent, creating her own games of play and equally content
being by herself chewing on a toy or bone, or having fun games of tag with her brothers and sisters.
As a puppy Blossom found great pleasure in tormenting the big dogs with her endless pranks of scaring them,
by hiding in the bushes or stalking them like a lion in the bushes and then jumping out
high in the air landing on them when they least expect a scare from the small red fur ball.
Blossom has now grown into a wonderful gentle sweet natured girl just like her mother.

Judge's have commented at every show about Blossom's excellent shoulder lay back,
high tail set and that she is a very square girl with plenty of rear angulation and of course that precious rich darkest of red coat.
Blossom is an amazing show quality girl who really enjoyed being in the show ring and hearing the clapping.
Blossom earned her Grand Championship at 8 months of age over adults, including her own mother and father !

It was a great disappointment to me when Blossom decided she didn't enjoy doing any Dog Sports, much preferring
to be left at home and going for walks and watching movies cuddled up on the couch.
I have had to make a big choice in Blossom's best interest, to find her a pet home.
Blossom is 100% healthy completing all her OFA and DNA health clearances.
Blossom has never been bred, as my goal is to only use Total Poodles in our breeding program.
Tough choice for us to make to find Blossom a new home, but we feel she will be well loved
and enjoyed and happiest just being a well cherished pet (just like her mother Paris)

Blossom with her new owner Margaret B. of St. Catharines, Ontario

~ April 2014 ~
Always sad for us to watch one of our Poodle family
leave with another to begin a new life, but we know Blossom will be cherished.

Blossom enjoying her chicken, a gift from a prospective home

"Aahhh now this is the life"

~ March 2014 ~
Blossom all tuckered out

"did you call dinner" ?

Blossom March 2014 at 3 years of age

Our little Blossom has "bloomed" into a beautiful adult
She looks like a clone of her daddy Razz here
*2012 video of Blossom with her daddy Razz
2012 Blossom and sisters

Blossom teasing Ula who is outside waiting to play with her.
*Video of Blossom
*Video of Blossom and Ula

November 2011
Blossom takes reserve
to her mother and new Grand Champion Paris !!

Paris and her daughter Blossom helping to cook spaghetti sauce
Well at least hoping for samples anyway

October 2011
Blossom dressed for Halloween as the "Devil"...what else ??

October 2011
Blossom wins 6 Champion Classes and Achieves her Grand Champion Title !!
and I found a fellow red head to pose with her for a photo

October 2011
Judge Marian Campbell
Judge Sally Davidson
Judge Steven Melgreen
Judge Richard Klatt
Judge Pamela Moore
Judge Marian Campbell
Judge Fred Bock

September 2011
Michigan American Pit Bull Terrier Club
Judge: Brenda Landers
Blossom won 1 Best of Champion Class
and her first win towards her Grand Championship Title !

September 2011
Carnation City Dog show
Judge: Diane Raymond
Best Female, New Champion

August 2011
Blossom's first CKC show where she placed 1st in her class
Always beautifully presented by hander Crystal A.
Judge's comments were "good feet, good head, good structure"
2nd Show
2nd Show

(Blossom and her buddy Cara)
This was Blossom's debut CKC dog show.
Blossom's handler, Crystal said "as you can see, Blossom was a nervous wreck".
Nothing phases this happy, fearless, little girl.

Blossom in 2011 enjoying a summer evening

August 2011
Blossom's second Dog show and she wins 2 Best Females, 2 competition wins
And of course she had the judges telling me how well she will be doing as she matures
they love her shoulder lay back, rear angulation, head and tail set

Blossom checking out the Lure Coursing

May 2011 Blossom learning how to Lure Course

May 2011
4 months of age weighing 22.6 lbs
Blossom took a Best Puppy In Show at her first dog show and appearance in Public
winning many hearts with her devilish antics and developed a ring side cheering section.

Judge's comments were: "I've shown Poodles before and wow, she has amazing shoulder lay back,
which is so hard to get, and is a nice square puppy. You should be pleased with your breeding"

Of course Blossom brings me back down to earth by promptly taring
a huge hole in my nylons which I had to wear the rest of the show.
(did I mention she is a bit of a "devil dog" ??LOL )

Standard Poodles never show on a table, however this was the last show in extreme heat
and sun and everyone had had enough of bending over, so we used the table.
Notice the Judge's expression when she feels Blossom's shoulders and tells me how VERY pleased she is to see this.

Blossom at 4 months of age

Blossom at 4 months of age

Blossom at 16 weeks of age

Blossom at 15 weeks of age

Blossom 10 weeks of age

8 weeks of age

7 Weeks of age

6 weeks of age

5 weeks of age

3 weeks of age

1 week of age

Just born

Hershey Thumbnail .... Hershey Thumbnail
Mom: Paris, Blossom and Daddy: Razz........... Blossom at 4 months and her Daddy Razz at 5.5 years of age

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail

Hershey Thumbnail Hershey Thumbnail