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We do not use Red European lines!

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In most breeds, when North American breeders have gone to Europe to buy some popular breeds of dogs,
the Breeders usually end up getting those dogs that the European breeder felt didn't meet the FCI breed standard
or those that the breeder found to be of inferior quality.

During the 1980's we found that this practice was RAMPANT in the Rottweiler breed
and then in the 2000's with the Cana Corso breed just to name a few breeds;
and now we see it happening in the Standard Poodle breed in 2013.

So why do some North American Breeders do it?
Burnt bridges or just inability to purchase breeding rights from North American Breeders.
Or just general lack of knowledge of proper Poodle Structure.
Some 'breeders' are just inexperienced breeders who are easily impressed
with their ability to purchase overseas and not because they have a real understanding
of their breed standard, or what quality they are getting.

Some just hope, to find other inexperienced Novice Breeders or Puppy People
to sell to, who are equally easily impressed, which will translate into Sales $$$

Also, because of the economy, some dogs can be obtained from Europe for VERY little money
by those that have no concern about the quality they are purchasing, or the impact on the breed that their
bargain basement choice might have on the breed in general down the road.

European titles earned within FCI are confusing and 'every' dog that is shown will receive a written critique and or rating.
Breeders (ie those that have not bred their own Champions or performance titled Poodles)
often are not aware of this fact and purchase a Poodle they think is quality from Europe because
the Poodle obtained some ratings and critiques and they believe this equals quality.
Sadly what they may receive, is what is commonly called pet quality here in North America.

European Breeders do little, if any, health testing on any of their breeding dogs
compared to what is common place, by North American breeders, that OFA screen for:
Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Patella Luxation, Thyroid Disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Degenerative Myelopathy
Congenital Cardiac Disease, Von Willebrand's Disease, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures Disorder, dentition
and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation ).

Therefore reputable and experienced Breeders will rarely use any European Poodles,
feeling such imports could potentially introduce a variety of unknown inherited health problems.
Of course to ensure you are buying from healthy parents you can check the OFA data base to ensure
your puppies parents health testing has been completed before you import.

Some European breeders do not maintain the same vaccination protocol that we do in North America
and as a result pups are being produced not having expected immunity to common ailments that North American
puppies will have. Adults are even dying of canine distemper, parvovirus or an upper respiratory infection
such as distemper associated pneumonia as a result. Before you import a puppy or buy from imported parents,
ask if the parents are still alive and healthy as you do not want to import a Poodle with immunodeficiency.

European Breeders often don't have the resources, Finances, access and/or the desire
that breeders in North America do to research and keep data bases to track health issues, Participate in health clinics
in order to maintain a healthy breeding program or to even keep track of any health issues
in a line like we do in North America to screen out potential health issues in certain lines.

European Breeders historically have not usually worked to accomplish any performance titles
with their Poodles and have not worked on any Temperament Testing in their Poodles because it is acceptable
in Europe to be only concerned about the "LOOKS" of their Poodles.
(which is not acceptable practice in North America)
This means when importing a Poodle there is no documentation or assurances to the intelligence,
ability or temperament of the lineage, only that they appear "pretty" in a show ring.

In 2013 we have seen dark apricot or what some are calling 'red' imported from Europe and sadly from FCI show homes
that have improper structure. It is pretty horrifying to see North American 'breeders' under the impression that their "flashy" imports are
exceptional, when their imports have paper feet, weak sloping pasterns and are sickle hocked and over angulated making them physically
incapable of moving out correctly, and introducing that into north American breeding programs

Last, but not least, European Standard Poodles are NOT TRUE red yet
because there have been apricot and cream infused into the lines.
As a result, they are still struggling to produce TRUE Red standard Poodles
continuing to just use the recessive color genes that are included in their pedigrees.
Anyone that understands genetics understands that it is impossible to accomplish a TRUE RED
from these diverse genetics because two recessives cannot produce a dominant TRUE red that lasts well beyond 6 years of age.

Bijou Poodles wants to work with and produce Poodles that have PROVEN Intelligence, Temperament, Conformation, Ability,
Size, and Health, while, of course, maintaining the Rich Dark Colors that we are so proud to produce,
along with the calm temperaments that we are famous for.

Bijou Poodles only want to use tested, healthy poodles with the TRUE red gene, that have a decent, proper size
(no 18" china boned Poodles, our Poodles perform!)
and Poodles who are calm, capable and have desire to work with their owners and not just a "pretty" face
with hyper, pacey or worse, aggressive natures.
It is NOT and easy process and has taken us years to accomplish our own true dark red pups.

Intelligent people know Poodles have amazing diversity, with low COI's and outcrosses achieved
within North America. We ourselves are producing poodles with a COI well below 0.06%.
There is no need to go to another country in order to achieve diversity for Poodle breeding
or to introduce other lines OR and Especially NOT, the need to infuse other breeds.

An Intelligent breeder and an intelligent buyer will NOT be blinded or impressed with the country
that the Poodle has come from, they will; however, be impressed with the quality of the form,
genetics and ability of their Poodle by the "variety" of accomplishments the Breeder has achieve with the Poodle
and with the Conformation of the Poodle, as outlined in our AKC Standard Poodle Breed Standard.

Of course Breeders can also purchase and breed inferrior dogs within North America as well.
There are a number of breeders breeding Poodles and especially red Standard Poodles that only just sit home and breed,
and feel totally justified in breeding just producing pups for profit and do not achieve anything with their poodles
to prove the quality or health of their Poodle program, but it is more difficult to hide the fact of
poor quality breedings and identify a poor quality Breeder in North America
when all available health testing, all available temperament testing, All available Conformation and Performance
testing that is available in North America, and is not being done by a Breeder.

We at Bijou Poodles feel that we must be doing something right,
because week after week we receive inquiries from show breeders located in England, Brazil, Australia
and all over Europe regarding the ability to purchase one of our puppies.
European Breeders and Pet Owners ALL want quality puppies with TRUE red color that
have passed ALL available conclusive health tests, wonderful sweet temperaments and of course
are sound comformationally as proven by their obtaining Championships or Grand Championships or
in our case, having our Poodles place in UKC's Top Ten Standard Poodles, world wide.

Unfortunately in order to send one of our precious pups overseas they must be 6 months of age.
All of our pups are always spoken for well before that age and if by chance we did keep them that long,
we would get too attached to be able to part with them.
We are more than happy; however, to provide quality pups to loving homes abroad,
IF someone wanted to fly directly to Canada and then return back home accompanying their puppy.
As a result of this practice, we have had people fly to us from all over the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea and Israel
to pick up their puppy. We are more than happy to help foreign breeders (who raise their pups the way we do)
who are also trying to bring in proper color and type and who have experience showing and breeding.

So can you buy quality dogs from other countries? SURE...
However, a breeder that has produced generations of Poodles with accomplishments
is going to stand the best chance of knowing a quality Poodle and knowing what they are getting.

It does take experience and it is always a gamble.
and of course a Breeder would research to make sure the "European" lines were not actually
North American lines living in Europe, which some North American breeders have been shocked to find out after purchase.

Also, you have to consider
that if European Breeders are coming to Bijou Poodles and North America for Quality,
why would any Red Poodle Breeders go to Europe ?

Continually striving to improve and prove our Poodles
Bijou Poodles "Our Poodles do stuff !"