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Grand Champion -
"Bijou's Valor Under Fire of Mithril"

Hershey Thumbnail... x ...Hershey Thumbnail
(Father: Sheldon x Mother: Demi)

"Valor" - Dark Red Male

Height: 27"
Weight: 65 lbs (18/06/04)
10 generation COI= 11.59%


*CERF (eyes)
*Hip Displasia
*Thyroid Disease
*Elbow Displasia
*Patellar Luxation
*Dentition Database
*DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)
*Congenital Cardiac Disease
*vWD (Von Willebrand's Disease)
*NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures)
*CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia)
(DOES NOT CARRY DILUTE, said to cause fading in reds)

Valor.. well it was Valor's father that I wanted, but the breeder refused to part with him.
Instead she offered me one of his amazing sons that was the darkest red and super calm and affectionate boy.
We often comment that Valor could be Razz's son as they share so many ideal qualities
such as their dark red coat, jet black nose and pigmentation and also wonderful personalities
but Valor being 2" taller and 15lbs heavier.
Valor is so very loving, eager to please and such sense of humor when he plays "keep away"
usually indulging the younger poodles with letting them win. Valor is a bigger boy with substantial boning
and muscle mass, which is what I was striving for in my red program.
Valor finished his Championship and Grand Championship very quickly so he will be
working on his Obedience, Weight Pulling and Lure Coursing titles in 2013.

Valor's lines will continue on through his Progeny:
UKC Champion, Bijou's Sienna Rosso Tramonto, CGC, Animal Assisted Therapy Dog
UKC Champion, Bijou's 24 Karat Gold, S.T.A.R. Puppy
UKC Champion, Bijou's Fiamma Picante
UKC/CKC Champion, Bijou's Set the World on FireURO1
Multi Best Puppy in Show, UKC Grand Champion, Bijou's Gotta Lotta Faith, S.P.O.T., RATI, PT1, PTN
CKC Grand Champion, Bijou's Red Poppy from Reva

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
Valor has the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

            Hershey Thumbnail
            Rally Obedience

Hershey Thumbnail      Hershey Thumbnail
Weight Pulling                                                                            Conformation
                  Hershey Thumbnail
                  Canine Good Citizen Title

June 2018
Valor retiring to his new home in Nova Scotia
heartbreaking as it is to say "goodbye", I am happy he will have
a poodle girl "Charlie" to play with and humans to love him.
UPDATE October 2021 Valor's owners emailed to tell me Valor has lung cancer

Daddy "Valor", Mother "Ula", daughter "Pyro"
!! I always love getting my Family Photos !!

~ Winter 2016 ~

~ Fall 2016 ~

~ March 19, 2016 ~
Valor earning his UKC Temperament Test Title
S.P.O.T. (Socialized Pet Obedience Test)

Valour, Reva and one of their gorgeous pups

~ Spring 2015 ~
Ula and Valor flying !

~ June 2014 ~
Valor earns his AKC - Canine Good Citizen Title !
Proving without a doubt that our big gentle giant has amazing temperament

~ October 2013 ~
Wine Country Dog Show Circuit

Onondaga Kennel Association
Judge: Ms. Laraine (Lori) Moffa
AKC Rally Advanced B - 77/100

Kanadasaga Kennel Club
Judge: Mrs. Linda Ferrullo
AKC Rally Advanced B - 86/100

~ October 2013 ~
Wine Country AKC dog show
Joy, Valor and Ruby taking Class placements

Finger Lakes Kennel Club
Judge Marilou McCloakey
AKC Rally Advanced B - 86/100

Elmira Kennel Club
Judge: Phyflia Broderick
AKC Rally Advanced B - 84/100

~ August 2013 ~
Valor finished his URO3 Title !!
Judge: Paul Oslach

~ August 2013 ~
Paris, Ontario
United Greyhound Club
Judge: Marilyn Tomaszewski
Valor earns another URO3 Leg with 2nd Place in Class

~ April 2013 ~
Rally Judges: Paul Oslach, Heidi Kadoke
Valor accomplishes his URO 2 Title with 100% Score and Class placements

Valor earns his AKC Rally Novice Title with a 2nd place win
Kennel Club of Niagara Falls - Locke, NY
Judge: Mrs. C Mett - Rally Novice

Valor earns Best Champion, Best of Breed, Group 2nd
Special thanks to Judge: Joy Leiskau
Valor earns Best Champion, Best of Breed, Group 2nd
Special thanks to Judge: Sunday Miles
Valor earns Best Champion, Best of Breed, Group 2nd
Special thanks to Judge: Lori Sargent

Valor earns Best Champion, Best of Breed, Group 1st
Special thanks to Judge: Linda Philp
Valor earns a qualifying leg in Rally Obedience and 1st Place in Class
Valor earns a 2nd qualifying leg in Rally Obedience and 1st Place in Class
*Video of Valor working
Special thanks to Judge: Penny Haynes
Valor earns his URO1 Title !!!
Special Thanks to Judge: Heidi Kadoke

~ August 2012 ~
Valor and Rose winning Total Dog Awards !!
To earn a Total Dog Award a dog must qualify in Conformation as well as Performance
Because of the degree of difficulty in doing this, very few dogs will ever earn a Total Dog Award
My Dream is to have a Total Dog Award on every Bijou Poodle
Because this would illustrate how intelligent and beautiful our Poodles truly are and
also the vast amount of time we share one on one with our Poodle family

~ August 2012 ~
Razz placing 2nd and Valor Placing 1st in Class

~ July 2012 ~
Valor accomplishes 2 Champion Class wins
towards his Grand Championship and a Group 4th win
Judge: Tony Raposo
Judge: Maureen Hauch

~ 2012 ~

~ 2012 ~

~ Valor 2012 ~

January 2012
My poodles are "real" dogs and so I thought
I better put up some casual shots of Valor playing, to reflect this.

So here is our beautiful Valor relaxing and enjoying a winter day.

Valor ready for show

Valor enjoying life with his short hair cut, after finishing his Championship
Valor's favorite toys is the JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toys

Valor training for Weight Pulling

May 2011 - Lure Coursing
Well Valor needs a bit more practice...

Valor's first time practicing Lure Coursing 2011

March 2011
Valor wins 1st in Class and Best Male !! NEW CHAMPION !!
Special thanks to Judge: Patricia Young

January 2011
Valor winning Best Male
Special thanks to Judge: Pam Moore

Valor April 2011

Valor practicing for the 2011 show season

Valor at 20 weeks (5 months) of age and 40 lbs

Valor winning Best Male
Under Judge: Anna Baughn

Valor's first dog show
Valor wins Best Male !!
Under Judge: Anna Baughn

Video of Valor at 16 weeks (4 months) of age

Valor at 12 weeks of age

Valor at 8 weeks of age

Valor at 16 weeks (4 months) of age

Sweet Valor enjoying his summer.Valor is always smiling.

Valor at 16 weeks (4 months) of age and 35 lbs

Valor's pedigree is a blend of the lines most successful in producing dark red puppies.
Valor hoped off the plane and instantly strutted around the airport acting like he owned the place.
Valor has a huge sense of humor and is always looking at ways to get us to laugh at his antics.
He is gentle, very affectionate and is comfortable in all new situations.
Valor is also exceptionally intelligent and quickly learned how to do tricks to earn treats
from each of his unknowing parents when they are in separate rooms (wise puppy)

This is a typical "Valor" expression, right before he decides to do something tricky

Look at that face ! Yes this puppy gets away with a LOT !!

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