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Lure Coursing                                                  Conformation
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Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

We don't just "say" we have Total Dogs
we have the UKC TOTAL DOG AWARDS to prove it !!

Bijou Poodles has an Obedience web page with lots of tips and tricks, however we have
had people ask about specific sports and how to start their puppy off correctly so we made this web page
to make it easier to zoom in on a specific sport and what books or videos we recommend.
For free advise on puppy raising check out our web page Obedience
Click here to read what you can do with your Bijou Poodle


Puppies For Dummies (Paperback)
by Sarah Hodgson (Author)
Never owned a puppy before ?
Check out this book at your library or get it cheap on
I have read it and it is great for beginners.

Raising Your Dog with the Monks of New Skete (2006)

I have not viewed this DVD or the book but puppy buyers of mine have and found this useful.

My Smart Puppy DVD (click to go to order page)
By Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
GREAT for beginners although I know it is a bit dry

"At the End of My Leash" star Brad Pattison
If you ever are able to buy or view his shows please do it. His common sense approach will not only
help you lean how your dog thinks, but will aid you in communicating with your Poodle and raising
a perfect family member, welcome everywhere.
Common training tips by Brad Pattison


*Click here have UKC Nosework explained for beginners


(Bijou's Tess retrieving one of many pheasants during her owner's hunting season)

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Training a Retriever Puppy
by Bill Hillmann
LOVE this video. Reccomended by top Ontario Retriever Trainer
Week by week clear steps, on how to start your puppy off from 12 weeks of age

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Retriever Training: The Wildrose Way
This video is a starter for someone new
Just helps explain what you will be doing and why
without creating a shivering bundle of nerves like what you sometimes see at trials

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Louter Creek

If you are considering sending your Poodle to be trained
then you will want to send them to Rich and Angie who have proven
without a doubt they know how to train Poodles for Field
Just beware that your dog can return home with Sarcoptic Mange
when you send them to Field Training Kennels so inject with Ivermectin prior and during training


The Pre-Sports Puppy with Rachel Sanders DVD
By Rachel Sanders
available at Clean Run$19.95
Sample video

by Deb of the Poodle Farm:
Silvia Trkman
Rachel Sanders
Jennifer Pinder
Linda Mecklenburg

Agility Performance Events, Inc.
  • Canuck Dogs: Canadian dog event info online.
  • Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)
  • Performance Dogs Canada: Trial services
  • United States Dog Agility Assoc.
  • World Canine Freestyle Organization Inc.


    (Bijou Poodles Valor in training for weight pulling

    * Weight Pull Training
    We start with a garden cart in summer and taboggon in winter.
    We have bought from each of the Harness makers below.
    We have found that when qualifying either harness will work well
    when going to the higher weights for competition then the rolled neck
    is my choice as does not get in the way of the dog's shoulder and leg motion.

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    CD Pits Harness

    CDpits Facebook page

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    Brown Dog Design Harness

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    Mighty Dog Harness

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    Lakeview Harnesses
    Lakeview's Facebook page
    (formerly Harness for less)


    You don't need anything special to compete in all breed Lure Coursing for a CA or CAX title.
    However we have found that the racing "coats" help our dogs know it is running time
    as well as help us follow our dog's progress around the distant 4 acre field.
    Dogs wearing coats in photos or videos will also look like they are competing and not just running around a field.
    ** Click here to learn all you need to about Lure Coursing **

    Sirus Dog Supply on Facebook
    (Official supplier of Bijou Poodles racing Poodles)

    Information on Carting
    Manufacture of Carting harnesses:
    Ivan B Martin
    6866 Yatton Side Road
    Drayton ON N0G 1P0
    (519) 669-2307

    Skijoring Information

    Skijoring Information
    Getting Started
    Ruff Wear Omnijore™ Joring System
    We also know that serious sled dogs use the cheaper cordura dog boots very effectively.

    The Buddy System Leash

    Hands free jogging or walking leash.
    Available at Amazon or buy direct at their web page. Buddy System
    I really love this product and I will be using it for Skijoring and sled pulling along with a harness


    Bijou's Olive learning Tracking

    Tracking Fundamentals DVD
    with Sandy Ganz©1992

    Tracking Dog: Theory & Methods
    by Glen R. Johnson

    Premier Surefit® Harness
    J & J dog supply Ray Allen
    Active Dogs
    keep in mind most items can be found on Amazon
    We prefer the lightest one possible that does not impede the dogs movement.
    Leather looks cool, however if it gets wet we have had ours mildew.
    You dont need a harness however we find our dogs that do multiple events
    that a change in collar or equipment helps them to know we are doing
    a different sport and what they will be doing. We also use survey flags
    as at the time they were cheaper at Home Depot than the tracking ones online.


    Pepper winning Best in Show
    Click here to view everything you could want to know about
    ~ Conformation ~

    Simplicity-Nylon Show Lead--3/8"
    I start my pups out with this leash/collar combination because it is light weight and will not "correct" your puppy.
    training for show is to be a happy experience with lots of treats.
    Available at: Breeder's Edge
    Leads and Needs

    parachute nylon snap lead
    Available at: Cherrybrook premium Pet supplies
    Leads and Needs
    Get a 24" to start off with
    As you gain experience you may wish to move up to a 36 or 48" lead
    They also have matching collars for those that don't like metal chains

    Fine (Medium) Hex-Link Chain Chokes
    From: Leads and Needs
    These jewelry style chokes lend dignity to any dog and reduces fur breakage.
    Usually for my Standard Poodle puppy 14" will be good to start and 16" will be good for adults.
    You can also use Nylon show collars that are less expensive.
    I prefer hex if a large dog and snake if more small refined dog

    The Winning Edge: Show Ring Secrets by George Alston

    New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling
    Mario Migliorini Peter Green (Author)


    Poodle specific breed Books

    The Complete Standard Poodle [Hardcover]
    Eileen Geeson
    Very informative about the Poodle and Structure

    The New Poodle [Hardcover]
    Mackey J. Irick Jr. (Author)
    Very informative about various lines and colour breeding

    Click to view AKC's Poodle Breed Video

    Can also be purchased at the AKC store

    Animal Planet's Dogs 101 "Poodle"
    View on Animal Planet in good quality


    Please keep in mind that if you buy from the USA you will have to pay exchange, shipping, duty and taxes.
    Jeffers Pet Supply

    Needs N Desires

    Cherrybrook show Supplies

    Pet Edge (cheapest place for clipper blades)

    Coscto Pet Supplies



    TSC Farm Supply Store

    le Pooch

    Four Paws Only