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CKC Champion
"K-Lar's I Believe in Miracles for Bijou"

"Mira" - Dark Brown Female
Height: 25"
Weight: 58 lbs
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Mira's mother is Cherub.
Or as we called affectionally her "Chubby Cherub".
Cherub was such a delight, always willing to try
anything and obviously gorgeous.
Cherub made Canadian Kennel Club history by being
only the 2nd Brown Female Grand Champion in history !

I was so excited when the time came to breed Cherub
because I knew I was going to get just the most incredible
larger, darker, stunning brown pups the world has ever seen
Mira is 4th generation of my breeding and is exactly what I strive to produce.

Judges seem to agree, as despite her clowning in the ring she finished
her Canadian Kennel Club Championship at 7 months of age, Owner Handled
Groomed by her Aunt Crystal. Mira has a deep brown, clear coat, that is super thick
and dark brown eyes so rare in brown Poodles, and is a fun loving, silly brown girl full of life.
She does shock the judges many exclaiming "wow she has muscle and moves".

Mira is one of the darkest browns you will ever see.
She also has the ideal tight, thick, curly coat, brown breeders dream of achieving.
She has dark brown eye color, rare to find today in browns and is thicker boned,
well muscled girl. I could go on and on as she really is the "ideal" brown girl physically.

But what is important is her sweet, loving temperament.
Mira lives to please. She has to have her 1 on 1 cuddle with mommy time
before she starts her day. She still has that clownish nature, really
getting happy when we are training and she receives praise for a job well done.
She does her "happy dance" big grin on her face as she bounces up and down.
She is also a horrible flirt, and when a boy comes to visit, she thinks he is there for her "play time".
By combining my best brown lines, Mira really is a dream come true.
Look for Mira in the performance ring in 2020 !!!

November 28, 2020
Mira with her new forever owners
Christine and Martin Buckley - Ottawa, ON

August 2019

May 21, 2019
Mira and Kona playing

May 21, 2019
Mira and Kona playing


Mira (Kahlua in the background) enjoying their RAW treats

(photo brightened) Mira finishes her CKC Championship as a puppy, so I shaved her down #7
I could not wait to see what was under that fur ball and I was very happy
as she is structurally my ideal. So dark brown she appears black.

Stretched way too far back.

sorry no photo
Nipissing Kennel Club Inc.
Trout Creek, Ontario
October 6 - 8, 2018
Judge Mark Johnston - 2 points for Best of Winners
Judge Bruce Owen - Australia - 2 points for Best of Winners
Mira is a New CKC Champion !!!
Judge Comments:
"amazing movement, lovely coat for this age, nice boning"

Pine Ridge Kennel Club
September 29-30, 2018
Judge Allan E. Pepper
Mira WF and Best of Winners
Judges Olga Gagne and Margaret Jones award Mira WF
Mira totals the weekend with 3 points
Mira has 8 points towards her CKC title

Sudbury and District Kennel Club Inc.
September 14 -15, 2018
Huge thank you to the gang in the photo (Left to Right)
Terry, Lindsay, Rachel and Chelsi.
Also Chris who was not around when I took the photo, unfortunately.
This team fluffed, puffed, cuddled and showed Mira & Mango
so that Crystal could stress & focus on preparing Oscar!!
Joy Lynne Huntley - ON
Lucie Paradis - QC
Cec Ringstrom - AB
Sandy Alexander - MB
Thomas Alexander - MB
Sandra Lex - ON (didn't award BOW)
Mira wins Best Female and
Best of Winners for total of 5 points !!

September 7-9, 2018
Oakville Kennel Club
Ms. J. Love - Anola MB - Best Puppy in Breed
Mrs. R. McCarry-Beattie - Dublin 6 Ireland -Best Puppy in Breed

July 28, 2018
Mira after Crystal had groomed her
at Allison Foley's grooming seminar
I think she did a FINE job !
Mira is ready for the ring

Mira at 12 weeks of age
She is so dark it is difficult to get a nice clear photo of her
even in the direct sunlight. Cloudy days seem to work the best.

May 7, 2018

Faith entertaining Mira all day every day
Mira was at the vet today and weighed 13 lbs

Mira @ 12 weeks her first stack

Mira 9 weeks of age and having her first hair cut

Mira getting handed off at the Vet office to me
She is going to miss her furball family !

Mira at 6 weeks of age with her foster family
I think we have another show kid !

Mira @ 2 weeks of age
Yup browns will have green or blue eyes
when young pups, just like human babies

Mira makes it through the first week

Mira and her foster family
She was being picked up by Amanda and her mom
and a nursing Keeshond

As breeders we do not usually share with the public our struggles or hardships.
They do not know of the many ups and downs, nightmares, hopes dashed
nor the hundreds of thousands of dollars reputable breeders spend chasing the breed's ideal.
The public just knows when we have an adorable puppy for them, easy breezy.

Mira's mother was Cherub.
Or as we called affectionally her "Chubby Cherub".
Cherub was such a delight, always willing to try anything and obviously gorgeous.
Cherub made CKC history by being only the 2nd Brown Female Grand Champion !
I was so excited when the time came to breed her
because I knew I was going to get just the most incredible
larger, darker, stunning brown pups the world has ever seen.
Unfortunately this is not the way, that day unfolded.
Mira was the only one to survive. My over $25,000.00 baby.

I sent out a plea to my friends on facebook hoping someone would have a nursing
mother and would be willing to take on a foster puppy to save her.
I knew things were not going well with Cherub and her delivery.
My good friend that responded, said that her mother was also septic and in Emergency
so she was unable to help me out.

Thankfully, Amanda L. responded that she could help me.
I raced back to Canada, with little Mira, who thankfully had already nursed from Cherub
Once notified, Amanda and her mother and her nursing female drove
2 hours to meet me half way so little Mira would get to nurse ASAP.
I don't know many people that would go this extra mile for anyone.
Keep in mind I only know Amanda from dog shows.
Amanda talked me through what to do, what to bring and where to meet her

I have to admit I was numb, just stunned by my loss ... 30 years of breeding
I have never experienced anything like this tragedy. I don't remember much now.
I have a coping strategy of memory loss, which helps me get through
so much I deal with at work each day.

However I wished to document this, so I would always remember there are good people
out there in the world and miracles do happen.
To remember the good, to celebrate people who are good and selfless.
Mira had a few bumpy days, Amanda went through some heroics to save her.
I never got my hopes up, to avoid disappointment, but Amanda kept saying
"She is not going to die on my watch" and she survived.

As Mira grows up I may shorten, or share less of her beginnings in her introduction
be less dramatic, or to not have people be sad, reading it.
But for now I want to share my "breeding experience" and how good people can be.
Either way Mira's name will be my reminder forever.
Amanda came up with Mira's name and I have to admit it was perfect !
Thank you Amanda for raising an honorary Keeshond "Mira".
Your selfless, kindness will not be forgotten.

Cherub still damp from her bath, getting ready for pups

I was very excited for this litter
Xray showed 7 pups !!

Mira being made in the cold of New York

Mira 18/04/13