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Why are Poodle breeders so upset about "Poodle" crosses ?

You take two breeds of dogs that have health issues that should be screened for and that are not
and breed them together... what you get is huge potential for a mix breed, with a mixed bag of issues.
Just read what the Labradoodle creator Wally Conron has to say.
We do not do stud services to Goldens, Labs or any other breeds.
There are enough unwanted mutts in the shelters already.

There is nothing redeemable, about anyone that breeds mutts intentionally
and intentionally deceives the public that their mutts are a real breed.
There is nothing admirable about anyone purchasing a "designer" breed
because they are supporting a Puppy Mill or Backyard Breeder and what kind of person does that ?

Anyone buying a mutt is also basically telling ethical breeders that our
hard work and dedication doesn't matter
This is why eithical breeders do get upset when someone asks us
to do a stud service or want to buy a puppy for an "oodle" program.

!! However IF you still believe a "Goldendoodle"
or "labradoodle" is a real Breed,
You will LOVE this RARE BREED !!

Purebreds are breeds that are pure of breed and will have American Kennel Club registration papers
or Canadian Kennel Club registration papers, or United kennel Club registration papers to verify this.
No Papers, means NOT PUREBRED even if it has a gimic name to trick people into believing different and buying mutts.
No Papers = MUTT

Lab x Poodle , Golden x Poodle or any other "poodle" mixture is
NOT A PUREBRED DOG."oodle" dogs are just a mutt that is commonly found in the shelters.
If you wish to produce, or own a calm, affectionate bigger dog that does not shed, get a Standard Poodle.
There is enough breed diversity, that well bred Standard Poodles are not inbred.
I wish people would stop using Standard Poodles to attempt Fix negative traits in other breeds.
Breeds mixed with poodles DO shed and people with allergies WILL react to them.
No Standard Poodle Breed traits will be guaranteed with such a mix, such as height, calmness, coat and colour.
People that think other wise, are greatly mislead.

Also none of us Breeders want to see the Public ripped off or lied to.
"oodle" mixes are just that, a mixed breed or mutt that people are lead to believe are actual breeds.
I feel sorry for anyone that has bought an "oodle" cross, because they have been taken advantage of.
I know they will be later faced with future health issues and temperament issues (just ask any groomer) and no where to turn to.
I feel badly for the amount of money they paid for a mutt that they can find at any shelter for basically free.
And "oodle" breeders laugh all the way to the bank over selling mutts for huge bucks and with a Tailgate Guarantee
and no accountability to have healthy dogs as attested to by health testing, temperament testing or any legal proof of lineage.

Some "oodle" breeders even bought "pets" on non-breeding agreements and are violating those agreements to produce "oodles"
I know some Standard Poodles and Retrievers that have failed their health testing are then sold to "goldendoodle" or "labradoodle" Breeders to use.
Because "oodle" breeds are not registered some "oodle" breeders don't even use the "purebreds" that they say they do.
"oodle" breeders do not have a DNA data base to complete any health screening to have the best ensurance of healthy pups.
"oodle" breeders do not do anything to prove their breeding dogs have stable temperaments, good health or are worthy of being reproduced.
"oodle" breeders, breed for one purpose and one purpose only .... for pure Profit.
If their pups do not sell they just dump them off at a shelter, because there is no pedigree, or name attached to
those pups that are massed and irresponsibly produced, no reputation to maintain, as there is with purebred breeders.


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I know you have no idea of the horror the word
golden x poodle brings to the purebred poodle world
so I will explain and maybe you will be open hear it.

(Spice earning Best in Show Specialty BBE)

Purebred Poodle breeders like myself give our heart and soul to
bettering the breed. We have a breed standard to follow and maintain
so that our Poodles do not look like anything other than poodles.
And we prove that we are doing this correctly by achieving conformation titles
(show titles) which costs us around $10,000.00 a Poodle.

Then we need to prove that our Poodles have the brains and intelligence
that the breed standard requires us to have by achieving obedience, rally
titles and performance titles.. which costs us hours and hours of our time
and builds a strong relationship of mutual love and respect and relationship
with our poodles but does cost us around $10,000.00 per Poodle

Then we want to prove anything we are breeding is healthy by doing
breed specific health testing and DNA health testing.
Testing that we purebred Poodle breeders contributed to
financially to purebred breed clubs to have labs develop health screenings developed
Clubs also sent in DNA samples of all every breeder's poodles to help
develop even more health screening and or DNA tests.
Something mutt and mix breeds don't have available nor have, the desire to do.
This data aids us to know where our breed needs to be concerned
and develop further tests for. This does not mean purebreds are less healthy.
It means is that we have a resource with collected data that we make available.
Mutts are not healthier simply because there are no health screening tests available for them
and are not healthier because there is no data collected on them.
It means ignorance is bliss, and the public is guidable and mutt breeders are deceitful.
Matter of fact most poodles in a mix breeding program were sold with breeding rights to mutt breeders
when they failed OFA or failed DNA health clearances... you put two breeds together that
have a high incidence of health problems and that are not being tested for... well
plan for disaster. Just talk to any groomers how they find grooming a poodle mix is.
Our health testing that we complete costs us around $1000.00 and is ongoing as
we find and develop new health screening tests.

Then we want to prove our Poodles have the ability that they were bred to perform.
Which for poodles is retrieving, using their nose, using their athleticism, using their empathy
and we do this by achieving performance titles which will cost around $10,000.00 and again a ton
of training and working together as partners with our poodles.

Then with Bijou Standard Poodles, we add an extra criteria of colour. Which means we plan for
and hope for our Poodles to hold colour. If they fade or do not hold their colour
well they are not used in our program. Something other breeders don't concern
theirselves with, but is important for us and our reputation.

And lastly but not least...our Poodles also have to pass temperament titles of
AKC's CGC, CKC's CGN, or UKC's SPOT test. the cost of this is minimal but the skill and
ability level of passing this, is not.

Of course after spending all this money, time and energy and emotions...
some of our poodles do not meet all the criteria for us to breed them.
they are not worthy of being reproduced....so we find fabulous pet homes
and start our journey all over again. Which can mean trying different sires, dams
and of course has cost us $40,000.00 along the way or more.

No imagine the horror when people email or call and say, basically
yeah I want to buy one of your pups and breed to another breed and not
do any health testing, not do any trailing, not do any conformation
and just want to produce pups for $$$

Kind of a slap in the face to those that give so much to only produce
superior quality pups for themselves and the public and PROVE THIS
through titles and testing, not just the breeder's "word", which if that held any credibility
then we could all say "our poodles are all that" and expect the public
to trust and believe everyone that says anything, unrealistic and anticipating
and relying on the public to be gullible. You can read more here:

Our Poodles are none shedding. We can pretty much guarantee size, looks, colour
and temperament, ability through our diligent breeding practices.
We ensure diversity through not inbreeding and we also have computer programs
that generate a number, telling us how low our level of relationship is.
Which today is the equivalent of any mutt breeding, no reason to breed mutts
without any guarantees. There is no benefit, or any characteristic or skill that can't be
achieved by breeding a purebred quality Poodle and breeding responsibly.
We also take back any of our pups at any age and any time should they
need to be re-homed for any reason. We are accountable
for every puppy we bring into the world.

There is NOTHING redeemable or to achieve by breeding mix breeds deliberately
except profiting by breeding dogs like a puppy mill. Which is why responsible
poodle breeders will have nothing to do with mutt breedings.