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Champion - "BIJOU'S CORA"

"Cora" - Black Female
10 - Generation COI = 3.84%
Height: 26" inches
Weight: 73 lbs
*Hips, Elbows, Patella, Cardiac Good (preliminary exam)

You can see Cora's personality in this photo

sweet, calm and still ready for fun.
We imported Cora from USA
Cora is even BETTER than the breeder promised she would be.
If we thought Abby was sweet than Cora must be made of honey.
Cora is such a calm loving girl with a really quirky sense of humor.
Cora is a very LARGE standard poodle but she is also very much the lady with human friends
sitting to give you her paw and wait for permision to stand up and give you a kiss.
Cora does have a high prey drive and is a black streak running across the 1 acre property to catch a squirrel.
Within a few days she also discovered that she can easily leap over the hot tub and fences and enjoys the resulting attention.

Cora in her new home. I think she is fitting in just fine.

We had a fun 3 days at Lake Huron with Cora. She will absolutely love it when we go for a longer stretch.
Running on the rocky beach and playing at the water are her favourites. Here are a couple of pics.

In 2010 we decided that Cora was no longer suitable for our breeding program and we set out
to find her a new loving pet home. We had MANY interested homes, but we decided on Marlene
and her husband, who were honest and upfront about their desire not to go through the puppy stage
but were quick to point out the benefits of us placing one of our girls in their home, where someone was there
24/7 and had tons of love to give and many fun activities which Cora would enjoy doing.
After a week in their care, we received these wonderful photos of Cora and her new family.
Being a breeder that works a breeding program with goals in mind to improve the breed, not just to produce puppies
we can't just blindly repeat breedings that while produce AMAZING wonderful healthy puppies, we were not able to meet our goals.
It is always wonderful when we find homes like this, for our girls who is fully house trained a Champion (beautiful)
Obedience trailed (highly intelligent) and from Health tested parents (healthy). Our homes get the complete package
and we have the assurances that a Poodle we raised, is being loved and cherished as a family Companion.

Cora has the darkest black coat that we have ever seen.
What originally promted me to consider Cora for our program is that
her pedigree has the red gene with NO cream or white in her pedigree.
I am expecting this to help us keep producing dark reds that hold their colour and that jet black pigmentation.
While, what is behind the "individual" dog is paramount for me.... the judges just adore Cora's fluid movement and type

Cora enjoying the sun
(We had to lighten the photo to show her face)

May 2009
Cora takes Best Female, Best of Winners and a Competion Win (by beating out other poodles)
Under Judge: Beth Snedegar

Cora takes Best Female (by beating out other poodles)

May 2009
Cora takes Best Female and Best of Winners & is a NEW CHAMPION !!!
(by beating out other poodles)
Under judge: Patricia Young

November 2008
Cora's first show she wins Best Female ! (by beating out other poodles)
Cora now has 65 Championship points and 1 Competition win
Under Judge: William Orwin

Cora doing her first photo shoot.

I took myself and also the shadows out of the background so you could see Cora better.
Cora is practicing her stacking and will be at her first show in 2008.

Cora has a jet black tight dense curly coat.
(shade and shadows removed)

Cora learning to gaite on a lead for the first time

Cora is very dedicated to her family and goes everywhere with them.

Cora loves to fetch and will excel in obedience.

We are VERY excited to use Cora for our red program !

Cora gaiting November 5, 2009
Cora having fun November 5, 2009

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